the author returns home a little wan and ready for something on a tray.

hello darlings

Author Here.


we made a little movie.

will you Indulge us?

did you like it?

it took HOURS (so deceptive, just sixty seconds of actual completed footage, you have No Idea – or maybe you’re as obsessive compulsive about your Tasks too and so you Do).

yesterday was an Overwhelmingly good experience.

thank goodness there were all the attributes that we need in order to feel balanced again.


actually several.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAa painted ceiling.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAlook at the DATE….. *shivers*


a nice english porcelain tea service.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand the set of Many A Movie

we had a lovely day of driving to Century City and interviewing someone special for a Where Shall We Meet (here’s this week’s one before we Forget) then getting back-into-the-perfectly-prius to drive all the way Downtown to wait (at the Biltmore, above) until a parcel we needed to pick up was Prepared (it’s all to do with something exciting that who-we-are-in-RL is writing for ELLE China if you can imagine That) and then back-into-the-car again (this being Los Angeles) and stopping at the Grove to admire the Twinkle lights…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand wait for our good friend Richard…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAvery near the Fountain


and then *blushing_furiously* go inside Barnes & Noble to visit the lovely freshly launched book.

by that time we were Rather Exhausted and so, like the Master, Mr. Noel Coward, we drove (again) home for something on a Tray.

Something on a Tray

by Noël Coward

Advancing years may bring about
A rather sweet nostalgia
In spite of rheumatism and gout
And, certainly, neuralgia.
And so, when we have churned our way
Through luncheon and a matinée,
We gratefully to bed retire
To rest our aching, creaking vertebrae
And have a little something on a tray.

Some ageing ladies with a groan
Renounce all beauty lotions,
They dab their brows with eau-de-Cologne
And turn to their devotions,
We face the process of decay
Attired in a négligé
And with hot bottles at our toes
We cosily in bed repose
Enjoying, in a rather languid way,
A little ‘eggy’ something on a tray.

Advancing years that many dread
Still have their compensations,
We turn when youth and passion have fled
To more sedate sensations,
And when we’ve fought our weary way
Through some exhausting social day
We thankfully to bed retire
With pleasant book and crackling fire
And, like Salome in a bygone day,
Enjoy a little something on a tray.

When weary from the fray
Something on a tray
Sends weariness away,
Something on a tray,
Thank God, thank God we say,
For something on a tray.

it’s Rather fun being an Author.

we highly recommend it, darlings.

to tea with the duke at el royale.


such a delightful treat.

our friend – whom we must only refer obliquely to as the duke – has moved into rooms-at-the-El-Royale!


well – we *sighed* (prettily and deeply) upon hearing this – we could not Resist the invitation to tea while taking in the sunset (all 360-degrees of it, from the roof terrace) – over los angeles.


as you may know, the El Royale has an illustrious history dating from 1927 (Clark Gable was a resident) and even the taps (faucets) are similar to those at Chateau Marmont for twas the same architect we are reliably informed.

and yes, we took the grown-up camera to capture it for You.


all this – chandeliers, art deco faucets/taps, and sunset over the Hollywood Sign.

the duke is most happily in Residence now.

we did a little digging on the history.

apparently – according to this article in the Los Angeles Times – the famous neon sign was dark for many years due to the energy shortage in the 70s (not an easy time for many and very challenging in terms of fashion) and got switched on again as the money flowed into Town in the mid 80s.

also (our source here is again the L.A. Times):

There used to be a library where a fireplace glowed on chilly afternoons and a tea-and-reception room for the ladies to enjoy after an afternoon’s shopping.

in other sources we found that there were many Agents from CAA (like Mr. Huvane and Mr. Lourd) and moviestars (such as Ms. Uma Thurman) who moved in after the once-bright starlets and stage decorators from nearby Paramount, who had lived there since 1929 when it opened, had transitioned into other forms, glittering still, on the Sound Stage of beyond….

of course it is these people that we dreamed of as we drifted down the corridors under the chandeliers, past the service entrance (yes! each apartment had a separate service door so your Jeeves could slip into the kitchen quietly to make the coffee piping hot before rousing you from slumber in the boudoir beyond) and through the apartment door (a nice dark heavy wood).

people like, for instance, Virginia Fox, who appeared in silent pictures (with Mr. Buster Keaton), Mr. Clark Gable, Marian Nixon and the lovely Loretta Young.

couldn’t you just IMAGINE them all gathering over a soothing cup of cocoa on a winter’s night (or what passes for a winter’s night over on This Coast)?




we *knew* we’d seen that picture of the lovely Loretta Young (with Mr. David Niven and Mr. Cary Grant) before – that’s because we just bought a ticket to a Special Screening that’s coming up here in Los Angeles.

just in case it’s not showing near you – here’s the trailer (or non-trailer as they amusingly might call it these days).


isn’t that delicious?

we bet the lovely Loretta Young went home to her apartment in the El Royale after making the Bishop’s Wife and had a nice cup of tea and loosened her corsets and starting to read scripts that her agent had sent over by Messenger for her consideration.

wonder if the duke has a script or two lying around……it’s entirely possible.

living at the El Royale inspires one to be simply gloriously Hollywood you see.

well, hello Portland – feeling Rather gorgeous @hotel_deluxe


our first 60 minutes in Portland (Oregon) has gone extremely well so far! we are most pleased. And we haven’t even gone outside to Explore yet.

we got a taxi cab from the international airport and our driver was swift yet-not-silent but we just pretended not to understand because getting up at 4.30AM (our clothes were laid out ready or that would not have been possible as the driver in Los Angeles arrived promptly at 5AM) is rather wearing.

and usually taxi drivers are the first people to ask if one is Married or has Children and they Completely neglect to ask if one has had a Deeply Interesting International career-in-digital and has a book coming out in Feb (most remiss). As we have neither of the former and a lot of the latter, we generally stay silent.

not everyone understands a Career Girl.

the flight?

bless you for asking.


despite getting to check-in Awfully Early we found that our seat assignment could not be changed and 13B (which sounded very near the front of the plane) turned out to be right at the end near the bathroom facilities.


because the plane was a terribly small one – the sort of plane one imagined that Elizabeth Taylor would have commandeered and installed therein a large bed and on flights to Aspen watched her old movies (the good ones – especially this one – because she clearly had somewhat fuzzy memories during the making of it) and ate chocolates while Mr. Burton (if this was a Mr. Burton period) scowled and read scripts by the far window.

would you like to see it?

our plane – not Elizabeth’s.



very small.

but the hotel?



glorious 1930s style bathroom accoutrements (the curtain has a pale satin strip – we adore a pale satin strip, as you know). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

exquisitely made light fixtures. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

a soft glow (don’t you Appreciate a soft glow in a hotel room? we certainly do)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and we’re sharing it with Gregory and Ingrid (above the bed – we’ll get a better shot later) as well as Cary Grant and (darlings – who is that? Miss Simmons? movie reference please!)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

lovely touch. 7bf069be3a7911e3826f22000a9f13e9_8


a CHANDELIER in the lobby. Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 11.29.56 AMand a Very Smart Social Media team who welcomed us most warmly.

so – we’ve been here just over an hour (because we just had to write to you and let you know about the artwork and light fixtures) – we’re Bathed (deep tub, delicious) and in a few moments, we’re going to head downstairs and eat something light yet nutritious and then head out INTO PORTLAND.

yes, yes, there’s work ahead.

but we only have thoroughly good thoughts about Work so that’s a Joy too.

quick note: we *do* appreciate the fact that there was just a telephone directory in the drawer next to the bed – you know we welcome all and everyone’s spiritual Paths but it was particularly Refreshing that one has to call down to Reception and order whichever book-that-guides-one you might like – isn’t that lovely?

one could be Hindu or even Tom Cruise and feel at home here, put it that way.

most impressively open-minded.

a bit like us.

and You, of course.

see you later.

and may say that robe looks very fetching on you – an excellent shade for your complexion.

sunsets, barry lyndon and listening to radio new zealand.


thanks to Gallivanta, we’ve been Transported to New Zealand (which is so far away it feels magical and it’s clear that Mr. Peter Jackson thinks so too – and Ms. Jane Campion, of course) and listening to the most popular Radio Programmes from Radio New Zealand and we particularly loved This One which is for the “short wave listener enthusiast” which we didn’t Actually know we Were until transfixed to the digital device here in Los Angeles and listening to transmission Expert Kevin Hands twiddle the knobs in the Southern Hemisphere and pick up faint crackly and somewhat mid-wartime-much-needed-bulletin-type-feel radio waves from inside ASIA and beyond.


what else?

let’s see.


a selection of reading/viewing material from the library.

the movies are actually Relevant to the Research (something about Love, Virtual Worlds and Artificial Intelligence – good grief) according to who-we-are-in-RLOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

admiring the soft light of an evening (while reading and Making Lots of Notes from what we could see from the bathroom as we sunk into bubbles and dreamed of Paris – comme toujours, darlings) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

a lot of research (*shhhhhh* – one has to be Very Quiet around here – no loud music unless one wears headphones – those big “cans” from the 70s are our favo(u)rite)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and Making Phonecalls (the notepad came from BERLIN from a lovely friendOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and sunrises (or was that sunset?)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

oh. right. This is a Sunset (in santa monica). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


and we climbed over a fence – naughty – to get this shot (can you see the twinkle lights on the beach? #divine!)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

we went to see Barry Lyndon last night (the film, not a person called Barry Lyndon) and it was glorious – alas – very, very long – and so we snuck out at the Intermission but we know how it ends anyway……can’t stay out too late… know how it is.

as we don’t have Time to write a review we looked for someone else’s opinion and found this – which we really enjoyed and hope you do too.

you could have guessed we adored the movie from the decor alone – the chandeliers, the candelabra, the gowns, the wigs, the flirting….



can you see the lovely light on the workbench in the bottom window?

we just noticed it as we passed by and had to take a photograph instantly. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand here’s how we’ve spent much of Sunday………addressing Cards To Editors of Magazines, people-who-own-gorgeous-shops-that-sell-books and People We Admire (yes, all about the book – *innerSqueal*)

we also sent one to William because he likes Post almost as much as we do.

would you like one? email us with your snail mail address: teamgloria(at)

back to NZ – (isn’t the interweb a glorious place?) – we’re listening to this programme now – perhaps you’d like to join us?

see. you. there.


a tiny moment of parisian heaven in studio city.


we were in Studio City at teatime, interviewing a very glamorous person for an upcoming column (you may have guessed, yes, we’re stockpiling articles because we’re about to start on a New Project as who-we-are-in-RL and get Terribly Busy) and There it was – – – –

– beauteousness


and about five chandeliers.

in a shop called “swag”.

we stopped dead in our tracks and slipped inside and in a reverie sought out the owner (a certain Diane Peiffer, interiors expert/designer/collector/genius for the last thirty years in this Tinseltown) and said (in a hushed whisper so we didn’t disturb the chandeliers)

may we take pictures?

and she said yes.

so here they are – isn’t it a GORGEOUS place?!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwhite and creme floaty fabric roses for a Décolletage on a sumptuous ballgown.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAsoft linen wraps and bijou-bijoux.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAah, notes for a billet-doux.

so – we asked Diane – as we floated around the shop taking photographs –

how often do you go to Paris on purchasing trips?

there was a pause.

Diane smiled.

I’ve never actually been to Paris.


but everything in here is so-very-Parisian!

we said, with delicate confusion, and surprise – the entire shop was a tiny corner of Parisian late 18th century boudoir-gloriousness.

my grandmother was French……..

said Diane.

clearly it’s in your blood

we smiled.

and it Is.

there’s no way someone without French blood could put together that particular combination of glittering lustre, gilt mirrors, cherubs, crosses-be-jewel(l)ed and a low glow as if from candlelight behind a Chinoiserie screen a la Madame Chanel.







there was even this adorable glimpse into 1930s english “gels”. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

now this made us *shiver*

do you know why?

it’s a shop in the very town where We Are From in RL..


which is (according to mr. google) 5437 miles (or 8750.35 kilometres if you’re european) away.

how did it get HERE?

and it is over one hundred years old (all the prints are at witch ball print shop)

so there must be a story.

or at least a story.

for some reason we didn’t buy the print.

not sure why.

perhaps because we knew someone will be in soon and it’s theirs to buy (yes, we think like That).


now you can’t go On the interweb and look at swag because, well, there’s not an interweb site per se (as yet) but Diane has some Pinteresting Items for swag Here.

and if you want to visit swag in RL – here’s the address and a helpful map.

4332 Tujunga Ave, Studio City, CA 91604

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 6.44.02 PM

and if you Do visit – let us know and we’ll drive over the hill and meet you and we’ll have a cafe creme here – it’s just down the road from swag.


not the only spot of parisian paradise in studio city as you can see – the whole street is full of frivolous delicious beauty and the aroma of chicory-laden sweet embrace of caffeine.

who knew?


the glamorous person we were interviewing today for an upcoming column, that’s who.

it help to know people who know where the chandeliers are kept in this town.

just saying.


and now if you’ll excuse us, we must retire with a suitably naughty companion to tell us scurrilous tales of the louche life (and, coincidentally, we’ve just got to the chapter on Paris……)


we shall return tomorrow with an Extract.

either from Rupert’s book – or from one of our (forthcoming) tales.

goodnight, darlings

let’s all dream about Paris tonight.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAhere’s a little night music to soothe you into the slumbering hours……..

[just in case Your Country doesn’t allow you to see this clip – it’s the glorious Cecilia Bartoli singing “Ombra mai fu” is the opening aria from the 1738 opera Serse by Maestro Handel.]

un cadeau from france!


we returned on the i-210 freeway (remarkably not much traffic at all) and used the key (the smallest one) to open the mailbox in the lobby chez teamgloria towers and……


a Parcel from France!!

when we saw the postmark of ARLES we gasped and said “thank you Heather!

carefully unwrapping the blue (we adore blue) blue tissue paper we saw many gifts. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

a sea-shell, a rose-scented soap and a lustre (from a CHANDELIER!)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

instantly (well, after photographing of course) we Thought Carefully about Where to Put Everything.

the shell joined the shell collection (can one say collection if it’s two? we think one can).

and the soap went into the bathroom (alas, not a very photogenic area of the apartment so you’ll have to imagine that)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand the lustre?

we found some blue-blue ribbon and made a few stitches and clasped a tiny gold safety pin around the hook where the glass would have been attached to a chandelier (we adore a chandelier) and made The Divers (Paris 1930) print suitably adorned in a somewhat République française manner.

n’est ce pas?

Merci, Heather!

it is possible to get a Tiny bit down when one has returned from a Trip.

but not when one has a parcel from france containing gifts.

Petites douceurs à offrir en cadeau


as one might say if one was in the mid-to-late-eighteenth-century and wearing a very full gown of satin with many layers of tulle and suitably restrictive corsetry and sheltering behind a large fan (from Venice – the souvenir of yesteryear type travel) with a buckle-on-the-satin-shoe peeping out from beneath the full skirts and – oh – one can dream…….

although it is equally delicious to have a light tan and a long black t-shirt cotton soft dress and flip flops and hair-tied-back-in-a-messy-bun after a lovely weekend in Palm Springs. 

just saying.

thank you Heather.

tres gentile.

roses and sunrises and migraines but more marion.


we write to you from within a darkened room.

we awoke early – very early – with the sunrise – and realized the whole of the right side of our head was compressed and tight and painful – tis a headache – possibly a Migraine *sighs*

so we went back to sleep after drinking a large glass of water from the jug in the fridge with the slices of blood red oranges (we do like to live well) and hoped it would pass.

it is – slowly.

why is it here?

we have been Thinking too Much, we fear.

never a good idea.

a little action, some tasks, a few goals and then Whoosh! the whole thing tumbles into What Now? and What if That doesn’t Happen? and Panic ensues.

when actually all in good Time, of course.

migraines are a pause button.

as are roses and sunrises.

both of which we enjoyed this weekend – – – – – – – –

and we present for your humble inspection right now.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwe did a tiny Art Project this weekend.

in one of the vintage magazines we saw a car advertisement with, bizarrely, a vast chandelier, so we cut it out carefully, painted a small canvas frame with gilt/bronze paint (which we Just happened to have lying around) and then mounted it with decoupage paste.

not sure where to put it but it will do nicely while we wait for the future purchase of our very own chandelier….


we need Much higher ceilings for a chandelier.

perhaps the novel will manifest a chandelier.

here’s hoping:

a little more?

you are Too Kind *blush*


On Sunday mornings, Hampstead was divided into those who got up early and went to church (wearing hats and gloves and matching patent leather handbags and polished shoes) and those who lay in bed and then sleepily walked up to the high street to buy the papers and croissants and doze away the afternoon listening to a play on BBC Radio 4.

The Jones family used to be the former sort of Hampstead residents until Libby reached the screaming-in-church nightmare toddler stage. Gratefully they succumbed to the family that drifted around the house most of the weekend until Mark became sports-mad. Now Sunday mornings were precious, but the afternoons saw Annabelle getting mud-spattered or rained on at the side of a football or hockey pitch. She didn’t mind. Her family had been sports-crazy growing up so it was rather nice.

At the corner shop, Annabelle looked at the odd mix of tins of vegetables, small bottles of milk with silver tops or blue and silver stripped tops for skim. Shelves of women’s magazines promised new lives or modern updates to Greek dramas in the lives of the famous and the infamous. Lydia was there in the corner thumbing through the classified advertising section of The Lady, looking for gossip from the Shires.

“Hello, Lydia,” said Annabelle.

Lydia peeked over the top of the magazine. “Shall I tell you your fortune?”

Annabelle looked nervously around the empty shop. “Alright, go on then.”

“What’s your star sign?”


Lydia looked carefully at the magazine. “Pick another. Gemini is having a better week.”

“But I can’t pick Gemini if I’m a Pisces,” Annabelle was disappointed. She really thought Lydia could tell her what to do about her future, such as it was.

“You need to expand your concept of the universe, Annabelle.”

Annabelle, disappointed, fussed with the magazine shelves, straightening them and wondering whether to buy a copy of the glossy interiors title featuring a French country farmhouse. “I thought you meant you could really tell my fortune.”

“I can,” said Lydia “but not in the local corner shop. You never know who might burst in.”

At that moment Libby burst in through the door. “Mum!” she said, irritated that her mother drifted through Sunday mornings when there was important clothes shopping to be done.

“Libby, what’s your star-sign?” said Lydia.

Libby sighed when she saw her mother was talking to the weird lady. And then she remembered the weird lady had seen her smoking so she better be nice.


“Excellent!” said Lydia, handing her the magazine. Libby stared at the portrait of the late Duchess of Windsor on the front and gave it, doubtfully, to her mother.

“Are you really a witch?”

“Libby!” said Annabelle, putting The Lady back on the shelf and trying to hustle her daughter out of the shop before they got excommunicated from Hampstead.

“I’m a high priestess,” said Lydia, a bit too loudly for the comfort of the nice Hampstead mummies doing their weekend magazine browsing.

“Isn’t that the same thing?” asked Libby, by now quite interested in the distinction.

“I wish I had the Gift, but I don’t,” explained Lydia, sneaking a bar of Cadbury’s fruit and nut chocolate and slipping it into Libby’s hand and putting a pound coin on the counter. Libby knew she was being bought but chocolate was chocolate. The shop door opened and the bell at the top tinkled merrily. Marion was standing there, wearing large dark glasses and a drop dead gorgeous chocolate brown floor length coat. Libby stared.

Annabelle looked sideways at Libby and checked her watch theatrically. “Gosh! Is that the time?” she said and tried to get safely past Marion who would not budge. Libby looked between her mother and this vision and worked out it was the new neighbor.

“Do you live next door to us?” Libby said.

“Depends on where you live, sweetheart,” said Marion, smiling behind her dark glasses.

Libby had been trained never to give out her address so she did not know what to say. She appealed to her mother silently for help. Annabelle was waiting for Marion to move and was very distracted by the whole situation. Lydia came to the rescue. She pulled the door open wider, thrust a copy of The Lady into Marion’s hands and pushed Libby out into Hampstead High Street. Annabelle slipped through gratefully and rushed off in the direction of Louis, Libby rushing to keep up, unwrapping her chocolate bar hastily before her mother told her to save it until after lunch.

Marion wordlessly gave back the magazine to Lydia and slipped the dark glasses down over her nose, looking at the tiny newsagent –slash-grocery store with amusement.

“Quite taken with your lovely neighbor, Marion?” said Lydia, dying for gossip. Marion took a bottle of Evian water from the fridge, looked at how much it cost and put some coins down on the counter. As she went to exit the shop she smiled from behind her glasses at Lydia, “That way madness lies, Lydia,” she said.

Lydia was not that easily defeated. She followed Marion out of the shop. “Did she ask you about the full moon ceremony?”

Marion did not need to ask what a full moon ceremony was. She knew what Lydia was dabbling in. Early stage magic, clearly. But she was tempted to get into the life of the community.

“Why do you want to use my house?”

“Because there’s a direct view of the moon through your oak trees.”

“Of course there is. I can’t believe I even bothered asking.”


a chandelier tree sparkles in silver lake.


we went to visit the chandelier tree last night at 2811 W Silver Lake Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90027 (just in case you want to send it a postcard).


it’s in Silver Lake so you need to drive down Rowena – past the lithe types carrying yoga mats who have not brushed their hair today because they didn’t have an audition so didn’t need to unloose the braid (this is both genders – or all 3.5 genders, being Los Angeles) – and the spirit-filled statues and pendulous hanging lamps from India (or Cost Plus in the Farmers Market where you can also purchase Cafe Du Monde chicory-laced sweet dreams of caffeine cans in orange).



there’s an old-fashioned Parking Meter (metre) installed just outside for donations (we did, indeed, always important to reward Art and Whimsy) because the City of Los Angeles has (seemingly overnight) taken out 30,000 of them to bring in new-fangled ones that also take cards (helpful because one Never Used to carry enough Quarters in the old days).

isn’t the Chandelier Tree Most magical?

we paused outside with a look on our face akin to a small child in Mary Poppins-land and someone emerged (with yoga mat and unbrushed hair) and slipped into their hybrid-chic-vehicle and suddenly stopped and said, “Isn’t it great?”

“It’s delicious,” we said.

which rather surprised them (the accent does, sometimes, and because we thought we were in Mary Poppins-land, we did a Very Crisp English accent indeed).


if you don’t succeed at first…..


We were Mortified at the department of motor vehicles today.

You failed the written test, please try again


We got so confused by having a Picture taken (as you’ve probably noticed, we are Terribly photo shy) and the different windows and the clicking numbers and the Forms and everyone was So.Nice because we had gone on the interweb to make an appointment First (actually there was a long line/queue of people who didn’t look so friendly because they had Not gone online to make an appointment and nor did they seem to be Carrying a Book like we were, ready for a long wait.)


We were WHISKED through and suddenly given a Written Test which had So many Questions that we had Not thought about (situations involving questions regarding carpool lanes and whether people in convertibles can use them if they have an adult and two children but Not – trick question if there’s a carpool Driver with no passengers Or an adult, a small person and the family Pet – clearly confusing to an English person as we consider animals most definitely fully fledged family members if not actually Human).

So – ahem – there were a few we got wrong and we had to Take the Test again (we have Never had to do this – even with A Level Latin).


But now the owner of a California driving license (they renewed our original one from when we lived here before but sadly needed a new picture.)


Luckily there was a bookshop en route to our next appointment so we could realign our chakras again and had the lovely experience of seeing the owner go a little Pink when neighbor popped in to give him a pie to say thank you for something.

Of course it was an Angeleno pie so the neighbor made sure to tell him that it was gluten and sugar free.

The owner appeared to be from the Continent – most probably from France – so looked a little bemused at the Tarte tatin sans tout.



We found a Treasure.

M. Cendrars and his visit to Hollywood for Paris-Soir in 1936.

A splendid translation.

Excerpts soon.

Rest of the Day?


Let’s see.

Some special advisory work.

A lot of driving.


Buying roses for the vases we inherited from lovely Alexia’s aunt. 


A most excellent chandelier was spotted.


And we spotted a Landmark while heading West – this bank with the oddest mural at 26th and wilshire was once the site of an apartment building…….where Frances Marion lived.



Frances was the sine qua non of screenwriters of her day – along with our other gem lady scribe extraordinaire Ms. Loos.

Who would probably have appreciated all the twinkle lights strung between apartment buildings in los angeles today.



It certainly took the Sting out of the embarrassment at the department of motor vehicles earlier in the Day, darlings. 

Did you have a seriously delicious Thursday dear?


Any twinkle lights in your ‘hood?

Pictures please!