hello 4.35AM.


after gazing at One Too Many departure boards (two red eye flights in 3 days and yes, the eyes are a tiny bit red – going lightly on the mascara and wearing Big Dark Glasses) we Woke Up early but rather rested this morning.


Although This Morning we woke up about *looksvaguelytofindaclock* about 4.30AM for several reasons:

1. we’re on East Coast Time (glam but exhausting to recover from)

2. a drive of 100 miles south needs to start by at least 7AM as who-we-are-in-RL has a Consulting Engagement there today (and no, she’s still not letting us drive so we’ll read a Nancy Mitford novel in the back stretched out admiring the blue-blue sky and ask her perhaps testily to Turn Down the Depeche Mode)

3. we went to a marvel(l)ous dinner party last night and we need to write our Thank you letters to the Host and Hostess

but it’s so yummy to be back.


in the middle of Tasks and Meetings yesterday, we took a trip to what looked like Indonesia….


but was actually an outdoor Mall at Century City (near where they keep the agents) – they call it Westfield – but we couldn’t see a Field nearby at all (didn’t this place used to be Desert or at least Orange Groves?)

the dinner party last night?

we’re not allowed to say Anything.

but we will tell you that there were actual Crests on the pepper grinder – and we don’t think they got them from the flea market in Pasadena on a sunday morning (just before one stops into a quiet cafe to read all the sunday papers).

and it was in a Very Lovely part of town that we Never go to (usually)


full of grand houses and quiet hushed cars prowling the avenues with security firm logos on the side.

Very Fancy.

and such fun.

yes we wore the pearls.

and hell yes we wore the Dr. Martens (the black patent ones, just to be respectful and a bit festive).