manhattan moments and brilliant bits of brooklyn too.


a lovely day!

pictures first.

actually only pictures.

s o   t i r e d.

we must sip ginger tea and get ready for meetings tomorrow morning (at our Publishers – such a lovely Prospect).


and more manhattan tomorrow.

then plane ride 2 in the 10 flights there and back on the Voyage Out To South Africa.


it’s all going rather well.

maple trees, madonna and movies in the afternoon.

we got the most delicious email earlier today –

do you want to go to the movies today – late afternoon?

it was at Exactly the right moment because we got up Very Early and met up with some friends for a breakfast meeting – then walked all the way to the Village to Swim and Steam (gently) and generally feel very good about oneself – and then we were at the Library (which we adore) after reading the Italian newspapers (we studied Latin) at a bistro and doing Lots of Important Work and giving special advice, when asked, and doing a copy-edit-digital-device consultancy job (fun!) and so the email just popped in and we said:

gosh – yes – what shall we see and where and when?

just like that.

who knew Life could be this Full and yet flexible? – delicious.

so after what was a full day of work squeezed into some not too Long Hours, we headed uptown and had a very deep and meaningful Movie Experience.

have you seen the sessions?

an absolutely Remarkable film – full of gentle humanity and agonizing choices and what-has-life-wrought and how to get-through-it with grace and lots of humo(u)r and yet some scenes are So painful that you just have to look away – or lean forward and into the feelings and sip tea and just let it all inside your soul.


do see it, darlings.

we were so blown away that we turned to our movie-companion – we didn’t ask permission so we can’t say who it was – but we hesitated over the choice of movies and this could have been a tough one but we’re both writers – oops, let that one slip – so we can handle anything by talking about Life, love and writing (in some particular order, maybe not that one…..) and said:

shall we go to the park and talk about life, love and writing?


and so we did – and it was a Park in full Autumnal deliciousness!


apparently it’s a maple tree.

we had to walk across the road to check.

isn’t it lovely to take time to cross the road to check on the shape of leaves so you can see if they look like the symbol for Canada?

(it was – and it is lovely).

then we took the subway back downtown, checking emails/voicemails while on-the-move and then had a few moments before our supper with a friend so we slipped into Bleecker Street Records – a symphony of Vinyl-with-disco-ball-a-shimmering like a slip of 1978 tucked into a rainy-day-in-the-city.

we hesitate to admit this – but you probably guessed it from the title – non?

here’s what we bought – it looked so disco-ball-memories of frosty-pink lipstick, lace gloves, temptation in the back alleys and a Sense of Vast Intense possibility (these sensations really do depend on how old one was in 1985, we are aware – but it was a Very Formative Year for us).

plus “dress you up” is a very misunderstood track – it really has a splendid beat – brings back memories of dark walled bedrooms, multiple bangles-pearls-vintage-crucifix on an old dressmaker’s dummy ready to adorn a bunch of teen girls heading Into the Night and out towards the Future.

You’ve got style, that’s what all the girls say
Satin sheets and luxuries so fine
All your suits are custom made in London
But I’ve got something that you’ll really like


do you have a secretly-memory-bound Madonna track?

go. on. do. tell.




a red letter day.


today was a red letter day.

do you know the origin of the term?

we just checked – just to be sure – well, in the medieval calendars a holy, or special (most probably holy, it being medieval and all that) day was marked with a red letter (by the monks – solitary or perhaps a team of monks in the Larger Monasteries – transcribing).

the whole day just felt as if it unfolded in a way that left us no impulse (strange, but true, and Rare) to control or plan or get-anywhere-quickly (we walked for several hours between appointments across the park and back, in fact – it’s amazing to relax into a day instead of ticking-off-a-list).

a glorious day. indeed.

may we share some pictures?

here’s sort of the order of our red letter day, today.

and no – we don’t have a telephoto lens – the birds just seemed to pause and perhaps preen a little, waiting for us to take the shot – isn’t that amazing?

we felt so calm and peaceful and in-admiration watching them there, just hanging out with a “yes, our feathers are particularly fine today, on your red letter day, go ahead, take the shot, dear” sort of a birdlike smile. (do birds smile? ours did).

and then we made our way downtown because, while standing on Lexington in the 30s, at about 4.40PM – after leaving an Event of some import – we picked up a voicemail.

they made an offer!


a delicious Publisher is interested in making the teamgloria book Real.


we always wondered what it would be like to get offered a book deal.

and now we know.

it feels Rather Similar to when we Very Young (about 4, maybe 5-and-a-half) and we were in France (in Nancy, not Paris, on that occasion), and we were given red grenadine syrup with fizzy water and it went up our nose and gave us giggles and a feeling of Utter Wonder and Excitement at Life.

that’s how it feels.

like we just tasted grenadine syrup with bubbles and the whole world is Utterly delicious.

so we celebrated by telling friends and meeting-up-with-them just off Houston street (alas, no grenadine, but some excellent Tea) and some hugs and then home to mount the latest decoupage onto the wall and write to You.

smiling at you via the Interweb.

and saying a thank you to everyone that helped us get Here.

to the grenadine-feeling.

New York in the Fall: the shoes, sunsets and sequins.

it was a delicious autumnal day in New York yesterday – were you here? Or was it also glorious where You were?

the view over the park in the (early-ish – ok, not so early to be honest) morning was crisp, green and dewy.

it’s an odd weather time – one needs a little cashmere (just a very light one) for the evening – perhaps just over the shoulder – especially if one has been swimming (hurrah!) and is heading up to the Upper East Side to meet up with friends.

isn’t the upper East side different?

even the typography on the buildings is from a different era and the hair – don’t get us started – there’s shades of blonde up there that haven’t been seen anywhere outside of 1930s Hollywood – the creamy waves-set-into-a-fall – amazing and inspiring –

you know – we do believe we feel a Set At Kenneth’s coming on:


so the cashmere was also useful when enjoying the Tremendously beautiful sunsets over the Park – at 90th (we Rarely go up this far – quelle adventurous)

talking of textiles and draping and fun stuff – we almost felt ready to shimmy up the look (post Corporate America) when, during a Very Lovely meeting we looked down at the shoes and saw darling 1920s sort of t-bar (the line is called Joy Chen, apparently, but the designer’s name in RL is – Glory – almost the same – isn’t that splendid? and even more splendiferous that she’s a designer from the Other Coast)

and the sequins – there were lots of tiny sequins in palest cream, lemon and chiffon around yesterday from (another West Coast Designer) Maria Bianca Nero.

so that’s decided:

1. a set by Kenneth

2. some tip-tap-shoes

3. tiny sequins

feeling all Rather Modern like Julie Andrews doing-the-tap-tap-i-oca

shall we?

so – for autumn – hair, shoes, sequins and a Lot of Sunsets.

Fall sounds lovely. Or Autumn for our English friends and – Rather Confusingly – Not in the Southern Hemisphere where they’re starting to choose athletic swimwear and stock up on Factor Whatever.






Willoughbys (since 1898) and the grown-up camera.

after the day job – and the vigorous swim at the Pool – we took a leisurely stroll through central park with a dream in our heart and a song through the slim white cord from the iTouch into our ears (ok, ok, it wasn’t Doris Day it was the Scorpions Still Loving You – a rousing ballad to get pepped up on a late afternoon in the sniper fire of midtown manhattan darlings but not, we know, exactly our usual Fare ;-)

the dream was a grown-up camera.

we’ve had a (pink) point-and-shoot (sounds vaguely menacing but it was a very sweet machine) and has been around the world with us – twice – china, INDIA, paris, milan, madrid, taiwan, london – oh, the places we’ve been!

but we knew – for our new chapter – we needed a grown-up machine – but a light bodied one – as most of the cameras would make our (very narrow) shoulders ache for the carrying and our lady-sized hands find it hard to reach the buttons on the Very Large cameras.

yet it’s an “outlay” as the Americans call it (a ton-a-dosh for our british friends and, if one is Spanish and Italian, that adorable rubbing of the thumb and forefinger with the seductive smile denoting a larger price than one might have expected – we don’t have an asian equivalent – actually our Friends in China just tell you the amount utterly-sans-blushing and we sort of admire their bravery – although not the amount of credit card advertisements with lovely young and free 20 something women shopping their hearts out so maybe it’s a matter of time)

we digress (as usual).


we have procrastinated for a while now.

and we did so again yesterday – by having tea at the St. Regis….

finally – the sun having set a while ago and time marching on – we emerged, soothed by the pot of Eros tea (black tea with mandarin orange and warm vanilla – divine) – and caught a bus down Fifth Avenue to Willoughbys (since 1898).

this is a Vintage picture – isn’t it Achingly glamorous? Look at that neon, the font on the words “Movie Equipment”, a swooning phrase in itself, and the dashing hat and tailored three piece suits on the chaps. Do you see the lady in the white? Perhaps she’s a shop assistant or a Lab Technician. Willoughbys are Very Forward Thinking – they have had women working at their Photography Emporium since the very beginning – look below.

the lady on the left (behind the chap with the bowler hat and in front of the man on-the-ladder) – wonder what her life was like: while we were waiting to pay (and there was some special deal about a lens cap so we waited patiently, even though they were shutting up shop, it was late and we probably should have been going home) we looked a while at this photograph (it’s still there, inside Willoughbys, behind the counter where one pays).

we came up with a story:

Mabel Jones had just arrived from Michigan the prior year, her parents had forbade her to move to New York, but when her brother, Frank, got a job at the newspaper plant, and she had turned down most of the local boys – I’m not the marrying kind, Father! she had cried, and, eventually, they all went away. The day she packed her small cream case (the one with the pale shell pink satin lining she had been saving for this day), her younger siblings cried and clung to her at the train station. Once on the train, she cleared the piece of soot from her eye and convinced herself she was doing the Right Thing. Of course she was terrified. But Frank was living high in the big city and his letters home of sailors and bars and Broadway had captured her imagination and no mistake. Her letters to him had been carefully phrased to avoid scaring him and, slowly but surely, the idea of her living with him, just for a while, had been raised and discussed and warmly received. After many, many hours, the train pulled into Manhattan and she stepped down onto the platform. The noise was incredible. People rushing here and there and so many excited women carrying parcels and flowers and holding their hats down with one hand, with a newspaper under their arm. Women who read newspapers! The idea was thrilling. She resolved to become one of those new-fangled photo-journalists and looked around for a place to get experience. While buying stockings one day, she saw the shimmering neon sign of Willoughbys and walked right in, up to the counter, and asked for a job. Just like that! She was bold and fearless and ready for adventure. It had been a year now. She loved her life. The photography equipment was theirs to use so they could be fully helpful to the customers and she had become an expert in no time. Nestled beneath her winter coat, in the ladies’ locker room, was her new portfolio, that she had paid for on layaway for the past few months. Inside were all her photographs and she had an appointment at the New York Herald at 4PM with Mr. Charles, the photo editor. She could feel it in her bones. He was going to hire her. She was going to work on the newspaper and then, in a year or so, make her way across the country on the long train west and go to that new place they called Hollywood. Moving pictures were making it big and she was going to take all the stills on set for the celluloid palaces. It was a wonderful life. Truly.


We’re never without a moment to make up a story every time we see a picture that inspires us ;-)

the camera is here, next to us as we write.

something from Olympus.


(frowns prettily) oh yes, Lots of Them.

and it has a very nice body (small, black, light) and a Super Lens (for portraits – we have a list of people we want to “shoot” before we leave NYC at the end of the year) and some darling “caps” to go on the lens and a memory card (we need one of those for our head somedays, it feels Awfully Full up there) and a battery charger and something in velvet, a pouch, that we Think is to carry the flash that you insert on a little “foot” thing on the top.


it’s divine.


how was your day darlings?

any vintage dreams?

ancestors, shoes, fireflies and two questions.

have you met teamgloria’s ancestors, darling?

aren’t they Just MAGNIFICENT?

we hooted with joy upon seeing them in a Vintage Magazine recently.


how’s your day?

we had a lovely meeting with someone in some Very Spiffy Shoes:

rather 30s spats, non? lovely.

then there was a Lot of Work (am quite creaky in the shoulders from the typing and the phone-holding-under-the-ear-ness)….a Lot Today.

including some deeply interesting stuff we can’t talk about but will definitely be included in an autobiography at some Juncture, we imagine.

the day we met……

that sort of thing.

and the day started Very Early.

hello, dawn, basically.

then this was a magical moment a Bit Later on.

as we looked over from the desk, we kept seeing flashes of light – it was the sunlight quickly reflecting on the metallic tops of automobiles as they sped under the trees and on and up through the park. For a second it felt like there were fireflies darting through the leaves, letting themselves bask in the light.

see. we almost get a tiny bit, you know, poetic.

which isn’t easy in the sniper fire of midtown manhattan, lady.


two questions for You.

  1. when is your next vacation? Give dates and tell us it’s booked. Not that “I’m thinking of Venice” type response. Dates. And a confirmation email notification from your online booker (or private secretary if you’re that Smart). 
  2. when is your next massage booked? And come back to leave us a note here when you wake up the next day to thank us.

no arguments.

it’s hard work out there.

you Deserve It.

answers in the little box below, darlings.

go on.

you’ll feel better.

and it’ll make us smile prettily.


a walk in the park.

we are Much Revived.

a walk in the Park with a smart friend will change one’s mood entirely.


and spotting a delicious hat.

Sunshine piercing forbidding metal in a gleaming embrace.

today started early (in the Pool at 0755 hours!)

we adore the inspirational screens at Equinox.

Hard abs equals penthouse apartment, apparently.

This just in: teamgloria will be Reporting at the glorification of a certain French movie star and fashion icon.

Oh Yes.

Life is delicious.

Especially when manhattan manages to produce sunset evenings like these from Sunday night….



embracing the european lunch concept once more.

when team gloria first saw this advertisement, sometime last summer, we laughed uproariously.

but not now.

15 minute lunchbreaks lead to confused afternoons, acid-y stomach, growly brains not fed by literature for too long a time and a lack of connection.

so today, we’re going to eat properly – white china plate, proper silverware, and read something deeply satisfying. like janet flanner’s “paris was yesterday” (because paris is not-next-wednesday-but-the-one-after for us ;-)

and then, mid-afternoon, we’re going to ask a lovely person (apologies to Ch_f for having to cancel at the last moment on friday!) at work if they’d enjoy the cooler temperature of the park. and perhaps sit here (see pix) and talk about business, inspiration and the travel to glorious lands…..