zippy, the movie.


this. just. in.

zippy, the movie.


as we mentioned before, we went to palm springs to make a movie about zippy (and see GB of course, too, which was lovely).

zippy and teamgloria conferred out by the (delicious) pool about Theme and Music and Concept.

we were Pretty surprised (he’s very mellow you see) to find out that zippy’s Idea was more of the classic Bond movie (classic as in Mr. Connery).


well, we said.

that’s a Splendid shorthand-for-a-short (or “the high concept” as they call it in movieland where one says “Classic Bond, as in Connery” and everyone nods as if they “get it instantly” which not everyone Does but one must Never Admit That in a Pitch Meeting you see).

then we turned the camera on and zippy Flew (not literally, we just mean Fast) around the delicious palm springs property and was very Active.

until he wasn’t.

and then he slept for reels and reels and reels (if we were shooting Film that’s what we would say – sadly we are not on celluloid but we try to Light as if we were) but we continued to shoot that too.

finally there were some Tricks (also known as “structured play”) done (the final Action Shot of the water squirting scene – we did Several Takes to get that right).

and then it was a Wrap.

we must share zippy’s video with sparky to get his input too – such different visual styles (Sparky loves Godard more than Mr. Connery) – but both Great To Work With (as actors always say when they do the DVD extras).



DVD extras?

now there’s a thought….

star strewn comforter and english roses fabric at the window

And so our work event ended, at last and we got our spirit attended to (friends, conversation and a walk in the sunshine between cloud bursts) and our poor tired body back into the swimming costume and Into The Pool (our concierge found us a hotel about 30 mins away with a delicious spa set-up.) We winced slightly at the amount it cost, considering we’re paying for the high end corporate warrior place back in NYC too, but heigh ho, needs must and the curves were bursting and Not Happy until Several Lengths had been achieved, after three nights of Dinners and hours sitting on a clear Perspex chair For-three-whole-Days! (apart from our speech giving moments when we stood behind a podium (also Perspex).



We’re outside the centre of Madrid, in a lovely tranquil spot, with our friends L & m at Their House, under a star strewn comforter next to the window softly draped with English roses fabric and an old-fashioned atomizer/room fragrance (fig, in case you’re curious, darlings) on top of a Balenciaga monograph, the paper lantern diffusing happy light spots on the tartan/plaid blanket.




More pictures from our day?

Why, of course (and thank You for the lovely text from the Other Coast saying how much you were enjoying such Spanish scenes ;)





Waving from Spain!

Off to Lisbon tomorrow………