an ocean, a cashmere blanket and light refracted through trees.


happy monday!

is that an oxymoron for you? or are you happy to be Back in the general Swing of things?

we have been thinking about Needs (as opposed to desires) today.

not all day.

but, you know, intermittently.

de temps en temps as they might say in la belle france.

Mr. Einstein (didn’t see that coming did you?) said that a (wo)man just needed the following to be completely at ease and inside the comfort-ness-of-life:

a table, a chair, a bowl of fruit and a violin; what else does a man need to be happy?



it’s the Violin that really makes that sentence sing, doesn’t it?

well, let’s see:


we have a (lovely farmhouse) table, two chairs (and a sofa and a bench that matches the lovely farmhouse table), no fruit in a bowl today (we’ve eaten the fruit up before we go on our Trip To Europe) and, nope, oh that is disappointing, no actual Violin.

oh – WAIT!

we *do* have a virtual violin – there are, in fact, plenty on mr. soundcloud.

then we started to think (not always a good idea but fine as the sun is going down) – what’s our Equivalent of Mr. Einstein’s small yet beautiful requirements?

let’s see….


quiet contemplation and supper with friends. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

visiting splendid ladies in the canyon who have Scavullo coffee table books and soft cashmere blankets and feeling useful and inspired. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

surrounded by tea lights and soft inspirational pictures in wooden frames.

pulling over on the side of the road and standing on the cliffs above the ocean and feeling the breeze ripple through the (freshly bobbed) hair.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAbreathing deep in beverly hills as the road winds through the verdant streets.



and taking to the o p e n r o a d with the windows rolled down while listening to Ms. J. Joplin.


that’s it.

the open road, music, cashmere blankets, tea lights, ocean breezes and a regular dose of Doris Day movies, of course.

what’s your list?

do. tell.


comic books and cashmere sweaters


lots going on.

who-we-are-in-RL is Very Busy.

but we managed to sneak a few moments here just to say hello to you.


a full month as you can see – and a new moleskine (#155 if you’re curious) begins…..what will sept Bring? *shivers*

much driving and Meeting people and wearing the sunglasses and shiny shoes. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and drinking tea (naturally)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and starting Very Early in the morning (who-we-are-in-RL is juggling several projects but everything is nicely paced and there’s Absolutely No Drama which is delicious). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

our Publisher in New York (such a lovely sentence) called us to talk through some of the pictures in the Book (we’re almost at Final Designed Layout stage – so e x c i t i n g) and Terribly Gently and Kindly suggested we might want to swap out a couple and pop some new ones in.

we absolutely agreed and even did a quick “re-shoot” of two – the pile of t-shirts and cashmere will make sense when you see the finished product.

and this one was to illustrate the sentence “Thank goodness for the health insurance”.*

*yes, we thought the juxtaposition of Buddha and Meds summed that sentence up rather well too.

and we made time to visit the Comic Book and Graphic Novels store and meet Mr. Dan Kusunoki – such fun! 6fba39fe15a311e3a19522000a9f126b_7


you guessed it.

we DID write an article about our Visit. Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 8.54.15 PM

we’ve been thinking (not always a suggested activity) about William James (yes, the philosopher and brother of Mr. Henry James) and how he said:

To change one’s life: Start immediately. Do it flamboyantly.

now we’re not Entirely sure that William would have got on with Cecil (Beaton) but they had Rather similar life philosophies:

exhibit A, milord:

Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary.

it’s all about the Action, you see.

as long as one takes time to take naps in between, otherwise it would be Exhausting.

that’s what cashmere wraps are for – naps.

and large brimmed hats are for getting out there and being all Action-Orientated.

a combination of cashmere wrap and large brimmed hat and you’re unstoppable, darling.

mad about madeline. tea at the carlyle.


just a quick note before we turn in for the night.

we had tea at the divine Carlyle today with someone Very Glam (we can’t tell you who because we didn’t ask permission – but they have a blog and if they upload their pictures from our tea, perhaps they’ll let us link there. watch this space).

it’s such a glorious place.

And – we almost forgot – it’s Madeline’s place. did you know?

she also was a character with a real(ish) person behind her.



his name was Ludwig Bemelmans.

Madeline inherited her spunky personality from her creator, Ludwig Bemelmans. Like Madeline, Bemelmans was a free spirit and a man of strong opinions. His list of creative talents was considerable—a novelist, muralist, nonfiction writer, screenwriter, and oil painter. He was a regular contributor to The New Yorker, Vogue, Holiday, and Town & Country magazines. He painted murals in a bar named for him at the Carlyle Hotel and sold a screenplay to MGM. Austrian-born Bemelmans lived in New York and surrounded himself with a rich variety of people, places, and personalities.

we feel sure that we would have ADORED Ludwig.

how could one not?

he did such Lovely Murals of Madeline in the bar at the Carlyle.

and anyone who surrounded himself with a “rich variety of people, places and personalities” – well – they deserve to be adored. non?

as does the divine personage that we had tea with (and may we say once more that a Vintage Hermes watch is so beautifully off-set by the palest of cashmere – a clever choice).

yes, we’re Mad about Madeline.

craZY for tea at the Carlyle.

and a bit scared about the future.

but that’s another story.

and if we only got to sleep early enough, we might not get so apprehensive about moving-and-new-lives-to-come.

you think?

(that was our Joan Rivers impression – did you pick that up?)

night, love.




gentle morning: cashmere, Chanel No. 5 and slow cab ride to a (secret) conference

shhhh, secretly incognito at a Day Job conference……..will share lovely moments as they occur…..

as we weren’t going to the Office, we had a Nice Slow start to the day.


Laying out cashmere, Chanel No. 5, and letting the windows steam up from the shower running in the ensuite.


Executive Life alert: our housekeeper (Mario) is coming today, so we pulled out fresh linens and thought you’d enjoy a shot of the wall of decoupage (aka/”spells”).


#sigh. Isn’t life just delicious?

on a lighter note ;-)

we did feel that last post was Rather Dark and brooding.

so here’s how we spent our day when Not sobbing over medical bills ;-)

the rest of our activities were Delicious.

we got up super early – headed to the swimming pool (after some anger releasing writing) and then to therapy (to read the anger releasing writing and – triumphant with some deep and meaningful insight – tear it up and throw it, carefully actually, in the therapist’s wastepaper basket/trash can/receptacle of pain) and took a delicious walk in the sunshine (a tiny bit chilly so we are swathed in cashmere – yes, it’s black) to have brunch with the chaps.

they were so lovely and let us sit at the head of the table so nobody would accidentally bump our poor scar.

we loved it at the head of the table ;-)

as you might have guessed…..

then home to do some Art Projects (some of which are going to be businesses…….yes, plotting, darlings)

art project drying…

and this is going to be the First Ever Prototype for our Kindness Kit.

it’s now painted a bright soothing blue hue and drying at home while we sauntered out to a cafe – and bumped into some Very Glamorous colleagues freshly back from Paris.

quelle CHIC!