happy birthday to who-we-are-in-RL!


you’ll never guess who just became “une femme d’un certain age”..




maybe you would because, well, you’re Here.



how did That happen?


thank goodness for Ponds Cold Cream and that nice soft pink tin of moisture morning cream from Boots The Chemist.

and a delicious wicked card from Mr. William Godwin featuring the cast of The Good Life from the BBC 1970s-era programme.

williambirthdaycardand some gorgeous blooms that we met yesterday while driving around in an urban farm flower grower’s van talking about Eastbourne (true story – we both went to school in the same town in England and here we are – the grower and who-we-are-in-RL – both in Los Angeles – isn’t the world completely magical?)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAnow there are many Deeply interesting people born on March 9th.

we wrote about some of them Last Year

while in 2012 who-we-are-in-RL was in PARIS, on very important Business.

what about March 2011?

you know we’re not Entirely sure what we were doing then.

it was (just) before we started to write here, as teamgloria.

which is when it all began…….

to be correct, for who-we-are-in-RL, it all began in 1969.

and That was a fine year for many others who also now live here (very near) to the Hollywood Studios to pack their celestial accoutrements, chose a set of parents (or more than one set, that happens too), a place to Start (and not, for us, to stay), and set out on the journey to becoming who-They-are this time around (doesn’t everyone think like this? it’s Delicious).


we’ll say it again: GLORIAous.

so she’s getting ready as we’re taking her for Brunch and then there’ll be a small supper with friends later and perhaps a walk and generally a lot of lying around feeling glorious and Of A Certain Age.

because tomorrow in our role as a Foreign Correspondent we shall be Reporting at the Los Angeles Fashion Week so who-we-are-in-RL needs her beauty sleep for that.

and the dark glasses and probably the pearls too.


open for business.


we gave up with the PayPal button (in geek speak: “there’s an interoperability issue between the divergent code types of wordpress and paypal) *yawns*

and then we thought – gosh – what happens if our stuff becomes Terribly Popular and we end up spending a Lot of time at FedEx doing ground shipment and answering customer service email about printings and manufacturing and we got Quite Exhausted.

so we went to visit our friends-down-under (in Australia, not the people who live on the 1st floor in our Melrose Place type apartment building here in Los Angeles) at Redbubble and they said “we’ll do it, possum!” (because we imagine everyone Australian sounds like Dame Edna even though we know that’s not true).


a shop.

Screen shot 2013-04-13 at 10.11.37 PM

Screen shot 2013-04-13 at 10.11.09 PM

and we Also updated our teamgloriapictures site with a Lot of new stuff in some helpful categories – do let us know which is your favo(u)rite shot, darlings.

teamgloria pictures.

it feels Awfully good being all expressing-oneself and yet also commercially-minded and self-supporting and all that good stuff.


and Terribly grown-up if we do say so.

but some of us are looking at the stars………

we are feeling So Much Better today – all that scary stuff has been dissolved by lots of pure mineral water, Tons of Sleep and a large pot of weak tea and novels and – curiously affecting – Being There from 1979 with Peter Sellers and Shirley MacLaine (whom we once sat Awfully Nearby in a Hollywood restaurant and – blimey – a Ribald sense of fun and a Very wide and deep vocab, darlings ;)

and the Lovely George sent us a delicious card with his elegant penmanship tracing out immortal words from the great Oscar.

the card is perched whimsically by the windows where we sit, right now, eating half a grapefruit, very slowly, and watching the tiny birds Frolic on the newly sprung canopy of leaves.

continuing on the Oscar note, another friend just sent us a “txt” from Paris!

where – due to our recommendations, he is staying at the Hotel La Sorbonne! ah – memories of Paris.

No, twas not the Very Same hotel that Oscar met his demise……….but it Does have Very distinct wallpaper (in our room it was a dusky red, almost bordello-like) – so we felt somewhat attuned.

Packing awaits us today, in fact.

as we shall gather up our various pashminas (pashminae?) and medications and the Comme Des Garcons long black dress that we wore to the Gala for La Divine Deneuve and snatch the European adaptors from the cupboard with various black stretchy NY executive apparel and a couple of Tailored jackets and Fly to Espana tomorrow night…………..

after a week of Work, we are staying with a Very glorious friend for an evening and then heading to Lisbon until May 2nd.

Oscar would approve, we are sure – especially of our clandestine and covert nature of La Vie Double as we live it – can you Just picture Wilde on the internet, darlings? Multiple personas, an Official site curated by Some young chap in Bosie’s employ and numerous witticisms throughout art blogs and curated cultural delights…………

delicious, we’re sure ;)

did we tell you we like to buy cards?

we once read something – we’re pretty sure it was written by Martha – that said:

keep spare cards on hand for special occasions.

so every time we travel, we browse with some excitement at stationery shops.

we know, it’s not exactly retail therapy as we give them away (mostly – sometimes we do frame them, it’s true).

but we do so enjoy it.

here’s some we bought in LOS ANGELES this week…..some at Yolk, naturally.

aren’t they darling?