Tranquil afternoon tea in a canyon.


We crashed at nursery-supper-time (1830 hours) and drifted in and out while listening to the BBC and the next thing we knew it was 01.44AM!

Not sure what time zone we’re on.

But 2AM *can* be a “call-time” in this Town if one is on a movie (while on Location to catch the Light).

We’re not in a movie (but we have been – one time we Must tell you more about working with the Talented Mr. Greenaway) but we might as well be; tis awfully cinematic.


From the dawn chorus…..


To driving by the Ocean (this one is for Julia in Berlin by special Request).


And lunch in malibu with our Friends the Franciscans (who make their beautiful place on the bluffs available for quiet contemplation and a Pause on a bench overlooking the Pacific).

Before heading back down the 101 (a mistake – it took simply Hours – note to self – audiobooks for the rental).

To Tea with bumble ward and her scrumptious canine companions!


This was a Most magical spot nestled high in one of the canyons near the once beloved lair of a silent movie star…………

We sipped tea as the breezes tickled the treetops and spoke of England and los angeles and movie studios and Life and tickled under the chin of an obliging pup and smiled a Lot at the notion of building a Future here on the West Coast once more.


And we (almost) forgot to Mention that we did get approved for a Car!

More on that on Monday when we go to pick her (?) up.


So now it’s 2.47AM and we are still awake so clearly the twinkling candlelight will greet the dawn.


Until our belongings arrive on the Truck, we have no lamps.

But we do have movies on-the-laptop so all is not lost.

Do you have a special film that you love to watch if awake in the early hours?

Or a re-run television show?

Off to check out our digital library – so Modern as William would say.