@BklynQly publishes our picture of the chandelier tree #weadoreachandelier


firstly those lovely post-grads in Capote-esque scarves have published one of our photographs. 

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 1.47.47 PMdo you remember they sent us a lovely note Requesting Permission?

because the Author of the story – A. Shields – had seen our photograph of the Chandelier Tree (#weadoreachandelier as you know, love)

it’s a gripping story.

and weirdly one of the lead characters is called……..well……read on

My sister said once that knowing who we’re capable of betraying—and who we’re not capable of betraying—revealed the aim of our purest desire. Sophia entered this world equipped with a finely tuned lie detector, and she believed that too much pretense was as deadly to that desire as a clear, poisonous gas was to our lives. When we were children, she was the only person I knew who was entirely alive. Because of her, I was too, when I was a boy.

yes, curious.

who-we-are-in-RL did not inspire this tale, as far as we know.

although we cannot find anything on A. Shields in the contributors’ page so perhaps tis a pseudonym (how exciting).

and In Other News as they used to say on the British Broadcasting Corporation:

what have we been up to?

well – there has been some Deeply Interesting Work which who-we-are-in-RL said we’re Not allowed to Talk About


and – well – you know – OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

a Lot of reading (and research)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

taking time (very important) to admire a rose

or an entire bouquet


a lovely old newspaper office in Pasadena.


and brunch at The Ivy.



tis a Very Good Life indeed.

if one plans, works hard and then just gets to see-what-transpires.

jolly exciting stuff.

east coast portraits: lisa and brian: and waiting for the storm part 1


we just returned from a Very Breezy walk around the block to meet up with twenty-five fellow Hardy Souls at the 24 hour diner for a spot of breakfast and companionship.

not many leaves left on the ground from last night’s storm part 1 (or more of a pre-storm, from what we understand with 70mph – whatever that is in old money – off-shore and heading this way) but we could not take photographs as it’s just Too Wet out there for the grown-up camera.

however we Did take photographs at the weekend on a sunny day in Brooklyn after a Splendid Brunch at Lisa and Brian’s house (with actual garden – we adore having friends with gardens and books and Pez dispenser collections).

sunny afternoons in Brooklyn are very important memories when one is Hunkering down against the Storm just a few days later.

of course, cueing up an Observation or two – the most interesting thing about storms is how they bring out not only a sense of impending doom but a need to make Soup (and tea, if you happened to have any british blood) and also a renewed excitement about meeting-someone-before-the-Holidays.

we cannot Tell you how much flirting there is going on right now in the tri-borough-ness of NYC – a fRenZY indeed – most amusing……..with some very snappy dialogue (this is, of course, the Place that brought you Nick and Nora Charles.)

we like to think of Lisa and Brian as our Nick and Nora (we know So Few married couples it seems, of the once-traditional M/F situation, that is) so we like to go round to their house and Observe from a small expanding kitchen stool by the fridge and listen to their dialogue and occasionally accept a cup of tea or a glass of grapefruit juice and a pancake made from an eminent French doctor’s Lifestyle Regime.

returning to the Storm for one moment, we’d like to turn to Louisa May Alcott (don’t you?) for her homespun American philosophy:

I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning to sail my ship
Louise May Alcott

ah yes.

tis true.

navigating Very Nicely over here at the moment thanks, in great part, to Lisa* – of Lisa and Brian, featured here.

*she’s our Literary Agent (isn’t that a fabulous thing to be able to say? gosh, yes.)

a remarkably social sunday.

firstly, darlings, a Find in Chelsea, in an arts and antiques emporium (we used our Very special modulated Mitford sister voice and twinkly blue eyes to great effect with gentlemen of a certain life experience in such a part of town).




Isn’t it Just Glorious?!

Let’s go.

Imagine. A round the world trip, leaving NYC on January (brrrr, in a post-hols stupor no doubt, 16th (precisely) 1928.

Yes. 1928.

We said it was a Find.

The trip’s highlights included India – China – Italy – France – Los Angeles

We Do hate to be déclassé but if you’ve read la vie jet set section – top navigation menu here on team gloria – then you’ll know we’ve been to all these places in the past 18 months for the Day Job – but not on one super duper trip. Come to think of it, it would have been So Much nicer to have slipped into one’s state cabin and drift between Continents than doing long haul flights every time and returning with trusty samsonite to the bloody airport for each leg of one’s journey.

We digress.

It sounds like a marvelous/marvellous/delicious Adventure. And we do Adore an adventure.

Back to Sunday – a few pictures.


There was lots of walking. Mainly because we like to stroll around. But also because we are desperately trying to wake up our sluggish pituitary gland which is feeling lost without the thyroid and so we are left feeling like a spent human being morning noon and night :(

Due to the physical challenges we are also rather “sleepless in manhattan” right now but Very Productive. (writing and decoupage)



We gave one we made earlier (well done England for getting the blue peter ref!) to mP whom we met for brunch. And we completely forgot to take a pix to denote brunch so here’s our current morning coffee choice.

And while we are completely Off the Point, here’s a little moment or two from last night’s movie watching while decoupaging.


Yes! Thank you from the upper west side it IS a Noel Coward play turned film (with Gary Cooper) Design for Living.

Favorite/favourite/choicest line.

well it was a gentlemen’s agreement. But thankfully I’m not a gentleman.

Reminds us of another Noel line.

the trouble with girls who would be boys is they so rarely act like gentlemen


No comment.

Back to our day (ed: swiftly, love)

Lady of letters invited us round for a spot of tea. And there was the Most Adorable sprite on hand to “be mother” and add the milk.


A spot on the terrace.

Then a swift stroll back downtown; admiring the low autumnal light on tall buildings.


All in all, a delicious day.

And we also just exchanged numbers with a charming person who just moved here from the Other Coast (oh dear, winter is going to be A Shock for them.)

New friends. Delightful.

Wonder if they are the Sort of person who dreams of a state room onboard a luxurious floating palace.


Luckily we know You Do.

Or you wouldn’t be here, darlings.

Because we’ve told a few people about team gloria but we know that they don’t always get us.

But you do.

And we wanted you to know that we are Terribly Grateful.

Have a pleasant slumber.

Can you hear the piano in the Forward Lounge and the waves lapping the aft?


on a lighter note ;-)

we did feel that last post was Rather Dark and brooding.

so here’s how we spent our day when Not sobbing over medical bills ;-)

the rest of our activities were Delicious.

we got up super early – headed to the swimming pool (after some anger releasing writing) and then to therapy (to read the anger releasing writing and – triumphant with some deep and meaningful insight – tear it up and throw it, carefully actually, in the therapist’s wastepaper basket/trash can/receptacle of pain) and took a delicious walk in the sunshine (a tiny bit chilly so we are swathed in cashmere – yes, it’s black) to have brunch with the chaps.

they were so lovely and let us sit at the head of the table so nobody would accidentally bump our poor scar.

we loved it at the head of the table ;-)

as you might have guessed…..

then home to do some Art Projects (some of which are going to be businesses…….yes, plotting, darlings)

art project drying…

and this is going to be the First Ever Prototype for our Kindness Kit.

it’s now painted a bright soothing blue hue and drying at home while we sauntered out to a cafe – and bumped into some Very Glamorous colleagues freshly back from Paris.

quelle CHIC!


easy like a sunday morning: walk to the river (first 4 miles since surgery), newspapers and brunch.

felt like a huge milestone – four mile walk to the river – first real trek since surgery.







dropped in on the #occupywallst camp but most people were still snug as a bug in their sleeping bags.


kinda creepy watching the major tv network vans laying in wait at four corners of the camp. and comical to watch them trying to avoid each other’s crews in shot.


Then there was the alt. news media.

and finally, exhausted, we got a cab back (after a free copy of the new york times from Carlos the nice concierge at the ritz carlton) to have brunch – and a long sunday nap.


saturday brunch


team gloria is at brunch – FT, eggs, tea and beautiful people.

naturally ;)

*btw, we were freaked out yesterday due to yet another waiting room in yet another medical office in yet another hospital-style gown (such a misuse of the word gownwe feel. although it was in a rather flattering shade of what some people might call taupe but we prefer “biscuit” with a lovely slim stripe in heavy cream)

and we’ve only just begun (go on, you know you want to……..TO LIVE)

bravo, darlings. lovely harmonies from the west coast.

crossing paths – paris to 6th avenue

god, i love it when stuff like this happens – when everything is a sign (or not, but who cares, makes life so much more interesting, non?)…….just walked past a very striking individual on 6th avenue and realized the last time I saw this divine androgyne, we were both in Paris.

yes, Paris, France.

it was one of those moments when i thought “my life is truly delicious” (even though it’s been raining). i think it’s been a particularly magical day because i left the island of manhattan. i didn’t go far (williamsburg, when they keep the young people), but it helped shake things up. which is what i needed.

btw, my lovely friend m_P and I had brunch here: at Juliette – all bistro tabac zinc bar, mosaic floors and brooklyn hipster wait staff with occasionally surprising piercings.

Vogue | November 1968

stopped by the flea-market in chelsea after brunch with friends nearby and found this rather battered (but wonderful) copy of Vogue Nov 1968 (in those days Vogue was a bi-monthly so this is the Nov 1st issue).

Curious fact: there are three women called Gloria on the masthead:

1. Gloria Schiff, Special Projects Editor

2. Gloria Gersh, Art Department

3. Gloria Lister, Public Relations Director

Those in the know will recognize the name Gloria Schiff as one of Slim Aarons beautiful people. Here’s a snippet of the picture below (the birds in cages made me too sad in the full shot but you can see it here.)