noel coward at the savoy.

we were a tiny bit disappointed by the clientele (but we suppose it IS too much to expect bias cut satin and black tie at breakfast – still) but the “re-fit” (or “re-theming” as they say in Vegas – yes, we’ve been. no, we’re not going back) is delicious. and noel was there (in the “museum” – all four mirrored cabinets – we adore the english for their understatement).

overheard at the mercer

too funny. am at the mercer for a lovely breakfast (however clearly the only NY resident – the rest of the city seems to have headed out of town – shudder – teamgloria hates slow-moving traffic) – and spotted this unmistakable evidence someone staying upstairs at the hotel is “on a cleanse” (see picture bottom left).

was the person on a cleanse somebody famous? or just rich (and male, if they are also paying for the two young chaps running through the hotel all bleary eyed and sniffing of noses in clothing from a thrift store that has posters of Bowie* circa 72)

the rest of the mercer (kitchen) was full of visitors from abroad making vacation pastry choices:

“don’t look to me for permission to have a pain au chocolat, darling”

and clothed in expensive italian linens, an insouciant approach to the humidity (lots of bouffant hair which will not survive the morning outside of a strongly air-conditioned town car).

team gloria is searching for a foreign movie to hide from the heat. possibly landmark sunshine over at east houston?

and then another possible party tonight – quite possibly on another rooftop (so happy we know a few people-who-love-people-who-own-penthouses)

grabbing a loose cotton shift and big Jackie O’s and heading outside…..

*Bowie and Iman live near the Mercer but we’ve never seen them here for breakfast. Perhaps they only come here after late night art shows and drink Earl Grey and eat caviar…….