well that was a wonderful wednesday. how was yours?

hello darlings

everyone else seemed to be in a somewhat festive mood.

and it was sort of contagious in a very nice way.


we went to a lovely party (yes, we edited out the people as someone pointed out – but there were lots there – we just prefer “atmosphere” to generate a mood unless one is lighting a face properly and doing a headshot or two and it wasn’t that sort of a gathering)c2c36b626cf511e380301215423c68e1_8

the boarding school (one of two, the other one went bankrupt so it would be unlikely to send out a Christmas Message) was very Modern and sent an email which was delightful. c94264d46da411e3861d0e55fd92b12f_8

then there was lots of taking-the-long-road home after (see below) a delicious Wednesday morning breakfast-with-friends.

(does anyone know why the house on Lookout Mountain has a giant publicity shot from The Women? Mr. google hadn’t a clue but we thought you might). f25a5c446d9711e385e012ed285b77e9_8moments from breakfast.

always especially wonderful when Mr. Diego-the-dog is present.

and despite not being interested in actually celebrating christmas, we have to say we Do enjoy watching other people do it.

especially in French.

so now we’re off to watch this:

because, a little earlier today, we already watched this:


hb-lobby1come to think of it, there are lots of things we like to Watch others do but not necessarily do in RL.

houseboat-end-title-screenof course we’re Itching to get back to writing and who-we-are-in-RL is eager to start the new consulting term and there are photographs to take and deadlines to meet – but only when everyone has finished doing this Christmas thing.


when the weather looks like this:

e6c0fabe6ced11e38e6612704970d118_8it’s sort of hard to take the whole “Holidays” thing seriously.

and don’t even get us started on the “New Year Celebration”.

we’ll be in a convent for that.

did we not tell you?


not under orders or taking orders but quite voluntarily – and yes, we’ll be in black – it’s a habit one finds hard to break.

plus our British Publicist at the UK Publishers (such a delicious word) agreed it would be a good “talking point” to say that one had spent the last night of 2013 in contemplative silence when one is promoting the book.


what’s that?

oh yes!

good idea.

we haven’t seen That for a while.

the last time we got to sing the Nuns Chorus was when we were staying with a friend somewhere (*saidvaguely*) near the Hudson river in, what was it? 2005? yes, NYC. and we both watched the film and found we could harmonize rather brilliantly – but we let him do Mother Superior’s solo – we were the Guest after all – it’s only Polite.

actually, we heard that they don’t dress like this anymore.

The-Sound-of-Music-the-sound-of-mussince Vatican 2 there was a move to more poly-blend-jump-suits in pastel shades in this sunny southern california for the Sisters of Mercy (not the band, although they prefer wearing black too)


actually, if you take off the wimple, you’re right – we dress Exactly like that.


how delicious.

did you have a lovely Christmas?

many mince pies?


that’s the best solution for too-many-mince-pies.

and an early night.

breakfast chez george with @missjulesberlin


@missjulesberlin was slightly surprised when we said the time we’d like to pick her up in the perfectly-silver-Prius this morning.

das ist 7?

well, ok, we said – let’s make it 7.30AM –


because we’re going to visit George for breakfast so we need to get there early (George gets up very Early to Write).


and then she smiled and was reassured – a breakfast encounter is always delicious.


and we had also made a Plan with George to do a little cinematic-moment-about-his-books (his own books that he writes as well as the ones he owns).OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

doesn’t Spengler always remind you of the Waugh (that would be Evelyn) quote?

so I packed up all my clothes and two or three solemn books, such as Spengler’s Decline of the West, and a great many drawing materials, for two of the many unfulfilled resolutions which I made about this trip were that I was going to do some serious reading and drawing. Then I got into an aeroplane and went to Paris, where I spent the night with some kind, generous, and wholly delightful Americans.
when the going was good


we   a d o r e   Mary Wesley and Plum Wodehouse too. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

as well as naughty Truman and earnestly-earnest Ish.

it was a Lovely Morning.

and yes, we did make a little movie.

you are so Terribly Kind to ask *MGMsmiletocamera*

estee, chloe, boudoir – and opium.



so we had a very glamorous breakfast this morning – we were both in Large Dark Glasses (it was bloody early) and no, darlings, we can’t say with whom we ate (well, neither of us actually ate, ’twas a fashionable breakfast – food? non. coffee, mais oui, and keep-it-coming).

but the Best dialogue ever overheard as we left.

your fragrance is divine.

thank you.

it’s…….? (leans in for an elegant neck moment)




since…..(insert year – and no we’re not saying)





yes, since (ahem – no year mentioned again but we all had Big hair that year)

isn’t that divine?

and then we overheard.

off to the tents, now.

we were a Tiny bit confused and then remembered what’s on at the lincoln center, and it’s not a Cher revival.

such delicately perfumed dialogue got us thinking about all the fragrances one has worn over the years……..too many to count…..Chanel No. 5, of course, a perennial (and initially stolen from a lover’s ex-lover’s supply in a bathroom cabinet Late one night in North London – a Very complicated story for another time, er blog ;-)


and there was That relationship where we attempted to get all grown up and into Armani (Gio?) (the relationship of the pale mini skirt suits with paler contrasting silk shell tops, what Were we thinking?).

ah! the spritz of l’air du temps and we’re straight back at boarding school envying the Nordic girls who had long straight hair (with no kicky bit on the right that refused to stay inside the elastic band) that was held back by a simple tortoiseshell clip.

and the one that reminds us of one of our (sadly no longer with us) mentors is Estee – whenever a glorious woman of about 80, wearing a simple Grecian shift and Large glasses and fabulous cropped hair, walks into a restaurant she’s Always in Estee by Estee.


we feel you leaning in to our neck with a questioning look…..


ah. yes.


what are you wearing?

yes, we want to hear from the chaps too.

do tell.

do. tell.





en route once more: Madrid to Lisboa

after a Most delicious desayuno and a quick teaching-someone-Very-glam-and-Spanish-to-set-up-a-blog (welcome to the interweb new Clandestine Columnist!) and a swift’ish walk in the (surprising but sadly covering Much of Western Europe or The Continent right Now) rain – we set off for the airport and for the Next country (literally – turn Left for Portugal – if one is facing North, of course, and one Often doesn’t have a Clue which direction one Is facing and we Rather enjoy it, darlings).

beyond Tired.

and rather grumpy and feeling non-body-love (the new word for fat, apparently) or Rather generously curvy due to sitting on bottom for DAYS and not swimming and………


Eating cake.

got to get off the sugar again.

Oh god.

we just don’t have the energy to detox.

Maybe (once we return to the USA) we’ll slip some Ridiculous amount of cash to the juice people and they can have those bizarre re-fridge-a-rate-Or bags at the ready so we can weep and wail in the comfort of our own apartment while Reducing.

This is turning into one of those Lady’s blogs about increasing/decreasing bottom size.

Not Happy.

We’d prefer to go back to the Scar.

Which says hello, by the way.

It’s an awfully polite scar.

Unlike its Disgruntled owner today.

And we Must get a better attitude because – at the other end of This Flight – members of our Family of Origin will be waiting.


As our colleagues from the New New world might say.

One must Be Prepared.*

*we were never a scout. But we did get asked to leave the Brownies for an incident involving our jealousy and apparently unwarranted accusations of nepotism – yes – we had a Large and vibrant vocab even at 8 – of Brown Owl’s daughter’s amassing of Badges at a more Rapid pace than teamgloria. There were insults thrown (guilty) and perhaps a Tantrum Thrown (not much change there then). We resolved never to submit to Wardrobe Inspection again – outside of a dimly lit nightclub in Sarf’ London or was it the East end of the East End? No matter. You get the idea, darlings ;)

when in doubt…..Le Caprice, darlings.

an odd day – full of Missed Connections and Misinformation – but alleviated by breakfast at Le Caprice, a walk across the FREEZING manhattan morning across central park, the Day Job achievements (many, said modestly) and a vigorous Swim at lunchtime, followed by a Raw Juice (who have we Become?!) before returning to work for Very important stuff.

early morning sunshine peeking over the trees and sky-scape of Gotham beyond the Park (yes, we were on the upper east side again – strangely enough)

the ante-room between the Pierre hotel and Le Caprice is Ever so Versailles, non?

as we waited in the prime position of the central booth (hair must be working today, we thought as we shrugged off our winter layers and pulled the cashmere blonde cardigan closer around our shoulders and felt Terribly Glam) for our guest, we perused the wide selection of International Newsprint so generously offered.

and waited.

and waited.

and called our guest:

everything ok, lovely person?

it went to voicemail so we left the message above and then got an email a few moments later.

oh gawd. NEXT friday!


a Bonus breakfast at Le Caprice. we ordered, hastily.

and then virtually Ran (so COLD!) across the park and down into the sniper fire of midtown manhattan to our first meeting of the day.

starting with a lovely breakfast, tout seul, was actually Rather Nice.

especially as it’s Friday.

note to self: too early to wear a turtleneck. the scar from you-know-what was not happy. it got a little itchy and cross.

or maybe it was annoyed that the turtleneck obscured its vision.

yes. that’s exactly how we think…….

don’t you, darlings?


shhhh……at the Algonquin

Oh bliss.

We Do adore a (very grown up) Business Breakfast at a proper hotel.

Bonus move – we’re at the Algonquin.

*yes! Dorothy Parker and the round table chaps (sigh, of course she was practically the only woman/lady/hard-drinkin’ broad to be withtheboys )

The best thing about breakfast is that it was not only thought-provoking and a Decent Discussion but our guest turned out to be a like-minded feisty spirit and we were Tickled Pink.

More later, darlings.

a glamorous breakfast at Le Caprice.

oh we do love a good business breakfast.

especially with someone charming and accomplished and a little naughty and very beautiful.

no. not telling who it was.

but here’s where we ate. (not that eating is what we do at these sort of occasions – just the berries and tea and lots to talk about)

we are Terribly Chic today.

oatmeal and old hollywood gossip at nate’ n al

good morning darlings – from the Other Coast.

always good to start the day at nate’ n al – where, a few years ago, we were here for a hollywood business breakfast meeting over denver omelet and plentyofcoffee and it was the morning of the Academy Awards and all the lovely waitresses of a uncertain age were decked out by Harry Winston in celebration of the Oscars – isn’t that darling! as little debbie reynolds might have said………

GLORIAous to be here.

slept beautifully after a gathering of friends by candlelight by the lake-of-silver to catch up and slip into the L.A. vibe – all elegant-yet-slouchy in flip flops and a loose celestial blue pashmina around the team gloria lightly bronzed (a bit of beijing sunshine and yet mostly jergens firming if you know what we mean ;) shoulders.

drive, baby – off to disney (yes, we’ll take a sneaky pix on the lot if we don’t get caught!)

later, dude.

scrapbooking (in a Cecil Beaton way) danny la rue and meg ryan

whenever team gloria feels a bit freaked out, we scrapbook.

not in that martha-stewart-special-satiny-pens-and-stuck-on-flower-decals-midwest-momma-way.

although there’s nothing wrong with that. we’d love to be in a cozy kitchen outside michigan with some ladies from the local coffee klatch talking about school gossip and what-doreen-did-last-night.

rather than eating raw vegetables (yeah, the greek salad/jet lag meal again), reducing, and mentally steeling ourselves for another day in the sniper zone of midtown manhattan.

William and Danny La Rue sent us a DELICIOUS card.

which completely deserved its own fresh page.

you see we have scrapbooks galore.

two a year, on average, since Feb 1998. an auspicious date in the team gloria calendar.

they are a way to not only record but look back at marvel at where we’ve been, what we’ve seen, and who we’ve met……………

like meg ryan yesterday*

*she was walking towards us on houston and sullivan in soho with that unmistakable jaunty loping walk, head to toe in black, cute round dark glasses and a cap. sort of japanese combat chic.

we smiled. and so did she.

we rock, seriously.