tales of scary movies, an homage to #LALaw and the 1st extract of #HowToStaySaneInACrazyWorld

well, darlings

who-we-are-in-RL has been Very busy.

lots of consulting *shhhh* – no details available there, we’re sorry to say.

but she did whip up a very nice EXTRACT for How To Stay Sane In A Crazy World as the pages came winging their way from manhattan via a hi-speed telecommunications line (or was it 802.11ac?)

and worked as a Production Notes Writer for a HORROR movie (if you’re squeamish, do NOT, repeat, do NOT watch the trailer – and we suspect you’re deeply sensitive souls so best avoid any scariness).

which one?

oh – well – the one that was directed by Eli Roth (he was in that movie with Mr. Pitt) and just did splendidly at Toronto, as described by our friends at The Hollywood Reporter

what’s that?

gosh, no. Production Notes Writers don’t get IMDB credits. But it was ever so much fun (even if we did watch the footage with our hands over our eyes).

what else?



we had lunch with Mr. Keanu Reeves’ lady-lawyer – Melanie Cook – a deeply impressive individual (and such a delicious luncheon companion) and Wrote about It (because she said we could).

also just delivered the 1st Draft of a story about the Future for a magazine – more on That when we’re allowed to tell you about it.

and that’s about it.

we think.

now you must excuse us – we need to go and *sigh* gently over our 1st extract of the BOOK and then head to Mr. Fedex who has a parcel for us apparently (most exciting).

hint: you don’t need to put your reading glasses on to see the words if you click on the picture as you’ll get a bigger version then.

you’re welcome, darlings.


we have an ISBN number…and an artistic crush on Mr. Neil Jordan


we are “Mid-Edit” with The Publisher of the forthcoming (can February 2014 be counted as forthcoming? or far off? so hard to tell in this fast-paced-interweb-world) BOOK and it’s a thrilling back and forth conversation with learned copy editors and design chiefs – a whirl of loveliness about “what did you mean here?” and “can you expand?” and “Andrew McCarthy wasn’t in About Last Night” (we got our Movies mixed up in the List section of books-we-read and movies-we-watched while on medical leave!)

it’s delicious.

but the Most Glorious moment happened when we went through all the bumpf that that they use to Make A Book – like copyright line and so on.

we stopped dead in our tracks with our fingers poised over the keyboard.

there. it. was.



we must return to our Notes but we just wanted to visit you Here and leave a few pictures from yesterday.

*wavingfromlosangeles* (we’re lying back on the vast pillow-y-pillows as it feels very Lady Author to edit chez one’s boudoir ;-)

a few notes between pictures and then we Really must Dash…….


yes, the sky turned pink the other evening – like a night in a small Tuscan village. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

we’ve been sleeping badly as it’s Just So Hot at night (not hot flashes – as yet – although those will be exciting when they arrive but it was 90 degrees whatever that is in old money last night) – the air conditioning unit is Very Loud so we avoid it – but needs must – hot milk with a cinnamon stick is a good pre-sleep-soother. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

as is a satin throw and soft white cotton sheets and something small and sprigged in the flower department on a pillowcase, darlings. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

in MALIBU yesterday for an appointment with destiny.

beautiful pink roses. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


and lamps as if from a carriage house in a grand country Pile In Sussex. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

softly blowing lavender in the side verges along the roadside. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and Bougainvillea everywhere! 


and now to our newest passion.

neil jordan.

we watched Breakfast on Pluto – how had we MISSED THIS BEFORE?

it was unbelievable – joyful, painful, glorious and oh-so-wickedly-funny and then heart-breaking……

here’s the trailer (hope you can see it in NZ or do ask Mr. Google for a local version!)

so we decided we needed to learn more about Mr. Jordan’s work (yes, yes, we had heard of him – The Crying Game was ELECTRIFYING when we first sat in that darkened cinema in brighton and wept at the screen – but we didn’t know whether we’d read his novels……..we’ve read a Lot as you know so sometimes we forget….)

so we went to a bookshop and there it was – a copy of Neil Jordan.



it’s a sign.

we’ve decided we need to work on his next film.

so we’re going to Write To Him.

of course we’ll let you know, love.

we tell you everything.

(actually that’s not True – we leave a Lot Out – but the basic Plot is here).

then we drove up to Hollywoodland to meet with Miss Jules Berlin as it was her last day in Los Angeles *sighs* and brought her a copy of Mr. Raymond Chandler‘s quotes.

some of the quotes were So Good that we had to photograph them in our car before we meet up with Julia.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand there you have it.

we are in possession of our first ISBN number.

a letter is forming in our head to write to Mr. Neil Jordan because we want to work for him.

and Raymond Chandler’s Los Angeles is still very much extant.


and sort of shivery at the same time.

happy monday, btw (as the young people say).

how’s it going so far?


nice hat.


have you been working out?

shoulder pads?

they’re back?


a convertible, a celebration and the oldest restaurant in hollywood.


quelle delicious evening!

our most Excellent friend Eric Shaw Quinn picked us up in a convertible (Terribly Tinseltown) and we drove down Hollywood Boulevard to have supper at Musso and Franks (since 1919).


we went to Musso and Franks (since 1919) because we were celebrating the arrival of the first part of the Advance (such a lovely word) for the book.

eric was the perfect Companion to celebrate such abundance as he is also an Author (and a New York Times Best-selling Author at that) and so we talked a lot about characters-that-take-over-the-plot and curious feats of imagination and the sheer grind of writing-everyday (but also how delicious it is to live in one’s head much of the time).


while we were eating the thursday special (chicken pot pie) and sipping our tea, Eric said a very funny line – and then picked up his digital recording device and through the miracle of Technology sent it to his cohort on The Dinner Party Show and it will undoubtedly appear in this sunday’s show (do listen, it’s extremely witty). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

And then we drove back down Hollywood Boulevards and felt so special to be in an open top car with the lights of tinseltown (and modified-to-look-vaguely-glam chain stores) beaming down like kleig lights making Jean Harlow’s blonde hair into a shimmering crown – we’re pretty sure we spotted a super trooper left over from the most recent Premiere at the Chinese Theatre too.

just like the one ABBA sang about. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwe really love this whole writing-life.

to brooklyn for breakfast with eleanor then a boat trip down the east river #eastcoastportraits


a splendid piece of devil-may-care-nes yesterday – we went on the East River and felt glorious – the sun trying to peek through the december gloom (occasionally it did and we Captured it instantly on the grown-up camera while trying not to fall Off the Boat) and the wind blowing hard on our Agnes B cloche hat (why yes, the one we bought in Paris during our Travels there).

but first we went to Brooklyn, again (we have gone so rarely during our time in Manhattan because we were Always leaving Town for the day job but now we are there Quite Regularly which is lovely).

and yesterday our Trip to Brooklyn was to have breakfast with Eleanor.


Eleanor ALSO has a book coming out in 2013.

isn’t that delicious?

we will be writing about it instantly it comes out (and probably being Very Clever and linking to it from this post in-retro-ness – we adore the interweb and its confluence of hyperlinking and permanence in a world of Change).



as you can see – Brooklyn was in Fine protesting form again – we do find the place Exhilarating in the extreme.

and then we went on a boat on the East River!

an extreme way of “taking the long way home” – because we can – everything is Wrapping up now for the Holidays and we’re off on Monday to find a new home on the Other Coast.


so it felt appropriate and also glorious to get on the boat and say goodbye and thank you to Manhattan on a beautiful winter’s day. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

we then slipped into manhattan proper (on the East Side which is Very Proper) and did our last two meetings to close loops and perform endings (tiny bit hard but we bit our lip and moved gently on). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

then SUDDENLY there were BUBBLES.

on park avenue (what would the Vanderbilts think?).


how perfectly delicious.

east coast portraits: strawberry fields and late night conversations in diners forever

as you know, darlings, we like to Obtain Picture Approval before posting any of our east coast portraits and our friend NmP does not Do Email (which we Adore as a stand-out against the world of cruel distraction and late night meanderings on the Interweb) so we had to wait until our next movie occasion so we could ask him to Review the Work in a red plush seat in a large auditorium (which was so pleasurable a picture approval opportunity that we may well have to ask Everyone to do that in the future, if at all possible).

(we adore Proust but that was an Awfully long sentence, we do hope you didn’t attempt to read it out loud).

but there was success! and some pictures were duly Liked and here they are – yes that is Strawberry Fields and we met outside the Dakota to gather up our thoughts and conversation before heading over to Central Park to take photographs.

a most elegant man – and isn’t that a splendid waistcoat (english friends) or vest (english friends – yes, that’s what the Americans call a waistcoat – it took us such a Long time to understand that they weren’t talking about an unmentionable undergarment, darlings).

the book* prop is our own – we always have a prop in our photo-session-bag – either a book or some bubbles (and not just for children to blow – it often gets Grown-up People to relax and giggle which we enjoy – especially when shooting couples when one might be a Little bit Serious or wondering why on Earth they are doing this tom-foolery).

we often carry a blue-blue-cashmere scarf too – just to bring out people’s eyes (and we get very over-heated for some reason doing photographs – the concentration and element of Performance therein, perhaps, so it always gets stuffed into a bag with the rest of the props).

now our friend NmP is a Movie Fan, like us (in fact he can quote many of the movies we adore and so we have Quite a riff going back and forth during our late night conversations post-Movie in the Diner).

the Diner is an important feature of many of our movie nights – it’s where we dissect (in a positive way – never cruel in manner) the movie and the Plot and the various attributes of leading Stars and they way they light up the screen.

on that note – did Ben Whishaw completely steal Cloud Atlas? we think he did. And so beautifully – well, he is British Trained and if one can compete against the Talent in The Hour (we talk about the BBC program/programme/serial here, amongst other things, scroll down to see That Segment, it’s a long post) one can probably act brilliantly in whatever situation, even if it entails what happens Post-Fall after Neo Korea collapses (you have to see it for this – a Good Twist and we’re not spoiling anything by telling you that).

oh. wait.

Ben isn’t in the Post-Korea-Fall scenes.

we digress. but he’s Very good.

*just in case you’re curious, the book prop is the slim and Utterly Affecting and Sad and Beautiful memoir: The Diving Bell and the Butterfly which was made into an Incredible movie, which we saw with NmP and so has special resonance for us both. A most deep sigh inducing tale indeed.

NmP and teamgloria spent a long time in quiet contemplation in a late-night diner after that one.

having a delicious effect.


not everyone has an effect.

you know – on other people.

we Thought we did, once.

and then we forgot and became all Self-Involved (not pretty) and sort of scared and looking-behind-us and protecting-our-back and, we became – we hate to admit it, but here it is –  Not especially Kind.

and then we – you know – we found ourselves lying on a gurney waiting to be operated-on (who knew there were That many people Needed in an Operating Theatre for one poor throat and three Tumors – we sort of miss Tobias and-his-sisters, as weird as that is to say) and Everything Changed.

and it’s not who we are in RL (although from time to time SHE has been pretty fabulous, we have to admit), but our GLORIA-ous-ness has started to have Quite an Effect.

in the past few days we’ve had Lovely people say things to us (via the clever Interweb) like this:

do you remember when we had tea last year and you said “when’s your next massage and when’s your next vacation?” and we couldn’t answer you?

yes. (gulp) hope we weren’t Mean-n-pushy about it.

not at all. well, the thing is – we thought about what you said and we booked a Road Trip with a jeep so we could Ride with the Top Down and everything and, well, thank you.


here’s another one – someone we love Very Much is in Vegas (don’t judge, lady – they have to – for business purposes) and they emailed us to say this:

you know how you really take care of yourself? well we just had a 90 minute massage and the best roast beef sandwich ever.

(darling, if you’re reading this – we do hope you don’t mind us quoting you – tell us if you do and we’ll SNIP instantly and re-publish – it just really affected us in a beautiful way).

which is all Rather Delicious and lovely.

and someone else Very Glam sent a small note to say that as-soon-as-they-can they’re going to book-something-lovely for themselves (and DO, dear one, you know how crAZy that place is ;-)

so there you go.

nice effects all round.

which brings us to the book. 

now – if you’re a Writer – and several of you (that we know) Are.

especially George.

can we digress a tiny bit?

this is the Postcard/flyer for George’s new book (which he’s Almost Finished and we seriously hope that Celia saves the day – fingers Crossed).

isn’t it delicious (and rather sexy if we do say so…..blush)?

so back to us (grin).

the book. our book.

here’s the bit we wrote about Looking After Yourself (well, the whole book is about finding the beautiful in small things and self-care) but here are the two questions we always ask people………ready?

Tip #8: Answer Two Questions: every time I saw a co-worker by the coffee/tea/hot chocolate/strange soda machine at the office look tired and frazzled, I’d say, “answer two questions: when is your next massage and when is your next vacation?” Sometimes people would look annoyed (hey, their problem, not mine – if you stopped me by the coffee machine I could always tell you – Tuesday and Los Angeles in February) but it got around and people started to anticipate me. And those that never had a massage booked or a holiday planned? Yeah, I gave them a wide berth after a while. You need to plan things to make you feel good. Martyrdom is so unattractive.

so – go on – answer those two questions for yourself – and write us a note in the bit below, you know, for Comments (we adore comments).

did we tell you that Our Book is Being Read Right Now by a Publisher (they have an Exclusive Window – which apparently doesn’t mean a Very Special View but a period of time to consider……you knew that, didn’t you?)


and a bit shivery.

and Someone Else (rather splendid in themselves and in the Movie Industry) is reading gloria. the movie.

oh yes, there’s a gloria-movie – didn’t we mention that?

Gloria |

Gloria is a trainee angel, who hasn’t done her homework.

So when she arrives in Manhattan to rescue her first assignment, things go terribly wrong.

would you like a Sneak Preview?


just don’t tell anyone…..

it’s from Near the End….

a bit from the beginning?

sure (as the Americans say).

can’t you just picture Elle Fanning as gloria?

and Anna Kendrick for Anna (won’t be hard for her to picture herself as an Anna, non?) and plus she is VERY funny (and smart and thoughtful and meaningful) in Pitch Perfect – please go and see it – it’s delicious.

George has been thinking about casting (it’s Rather Fun) for his book.

so there you have it.

gloria is a blog, a book and a movie.

and she’s having a wonderful effect on people.

including us.

(that was a bit post-irony but you know what we mean, non?)

so – 2 Questions – please answer in the bit below, darlings……

1. When is your next massage? (and we mean at a Spa type facility, not a guy-that-pops-round that you-might-be-dating – thank you..)

2. When is your next vacation/holiday/mini-break?

answers on a postcard.

(actually we really love getting post so do, if you know us, in RL)

or, you know, in the bit below.


bill blass – the clothes, the mordant wit, the genius for life (and decor)

good morning, darlings

did you sleep well?

was it warm enough? did you see the other continental quilt/soft_blanket/textiles-inspired-by-Sissinghurst in the wardrobe/closet/receptacle?


milk, sugar, cream – a side of salted caramels?

chef is making pancakes – do you do syrup or are we strictly half-a-grapefruit today, love?

we’d be the Loveliest host if you were visiting.

once we had a house (actually a 4 bedroom apartment in the airy upper floors of a Very Tall building in London – my, how times have changed……) where there was a study for us each and a spare room and Many people came to stay (there were two bathrooms – both startlingly 1960s still in decor and blindingly white but with Lovely accessories from the bathing department at somewhere chic like Liberty of London, we believe).


we did enjoy breakfasts with guests on the small terrace with Treated (england – damp – rain) Outdoor furniture from somewhere like Heals (since 1810) or a Conran contraption in sturdy teak with fine lines that was built for a Tall man (which we’re Not) and so we could happily curl into its strong back and pull our knees up to our chin and balance a coffee cup on top while still looking at the View and dreaming of a future in America – where, of course, we write to you from Now – isn’t that GLORIAous?.

in our hostess duties (which often we were just too overwrought to do very well – we were, after all, Young and Inexperienced) we were very much inspired by Bill Blass.


who better, darlings?


terribly arch and-witty.



achingly Chic.

Oh! darlings – couldn’t you imagine walking through his house in Connecticut with a handful of raw cashews, a grenadine with fizzy Italian water and picking up a book about architecture in the late 18th century and spending an entire afternoon with Bill on the soft smooth chaise, gossiping wildly about Goings On on the Upper East Side?

the urbane genius –

(sadly we Never met him before he passed through the veil that separates this world from the next but sometimes we are Sure he finds a spare terminal in the celestial lending library and logs on, late at night, and might Occasionally type our address just to shake his head and have a small deep chuckle at our sheer nerve at talking about him)

so powerfully There in his stance – and aren’t those models Magnificent?

but the greatest thing about Bill Blass – for us – is the book he left – for it is the words and ideas and amusements and poignancy (heavily hidden behind a take it or leave-it attitude from the no nonsense Indiana upbringing) of a man who got sick and finally decided to look at his legacy – what he believed (or didn’t) – how he got where he was, by then, and what It All Was For (if anything).

of course we identify (the you-know-what experience) but it such a Moving Book (and very funny and sometimes quite almost snort-through-the-nose naughty revelations about Some People) and beautifully co-written with the fabulous fashion empress Cathy Horyn who – today – writes tweets-like-haiku – So Modern (as William would say)



so – in no particular order (as they lie on TV because Everyone knows that’s the First thing you ask for in a Contract – Above the Title or first-on-the-stiff-paper-card at the Academy Awards, love) – our moments-of-Blass:

In this stiff-upper-lip wholesomeness there was surely somewhere a budding genius for avoiding anything unpleasant or ugly (what else am I to make of a drawing I did at the age of six showing a butler serving drinks in a Manhattan penthouse, other than, perhaps, an advanced knowledge of where the better customers lodged?)
Bare Blass P. 3

have you EVER seen anyone wear a denim jacket (or is that moleskine or finely woven cord?) so insouciantly? genius.

Needless to say, I’ve had a lot of time to think about the people in my life and the people who are no longer here. My father, of course. And my reach has widened. This has been the strange, unexpected blessing of a disease that would have killed me if I had not, for once, let my friends into my life. It has made me more open.
Bare Blass P. 15

I’m often asked how I got to know so many people, especially when I was first coming along in the early fifties and didn’t have any social connections to speak of. The answer was simple: I was interested in what they had to say.
Bare Blass P. 50

back to this ad again for a second for some deeper background information (well, deeper is a relative word, we gave absolutely none before, darlings ;-)

this ad was written by the GREAT Jane Trahey (whom we shall we covering shortly as we simply adore her mordant wit and genius too) to highlight the awful practice of copying.

here is her full text:

They can’t knock off Bill Blass.
Seventh Avenue gets away with murder. Somebody creates a hot design and bang, before he even gets it in the stores they knock it off. That’s why Bill Blass got himself some protection. The protection of exclusive fabrics nobody else can have. Of subtle nuances or cut, of shaping and draping. Of thousands of details so tiny nobody but Bill Blass even knows they’re there. Next time you want something knockout that won’t be knocked off, get yourself some protection. Invest in Bill Blass.

her use of words and phrasing and meaning is just divine, isn’t it? so inspiring.

and the way she set up Her Own Agency – sigh – a dream – one of white walls, swingy chairs, a hot pink background to some huge print (perhaps a Norman Parkinson 1950 or a Swinging London shot later on – but no later than 1967) –

so sorry – we digress – again.

Bill Blass.


more quotes?

are you enjoying this?

we are.

One day I was in my boutique in Bonwit’s and I saw this black lady in her cloth coat and worn shoes. She looked like somebody’s cook. Not a salesman would wait on her. All these grand fags and they were all fussing over whatever celebrities were there. So I went over to the lady and I said, “Miss Fitzgerald, can I help you?” She said, “Yeah, I’m closing tonight at the Waldorf and I want twenty six blazers, twenty-six pairs of pants, twenty-six shirts, and twenty-six ties. Do you think you can get someone to help me?” I said, “I think I can,” and I went over to one of the salesmen. I said, “Get your ass over there, you son of a bitch. That’s Ella Fitzgerald and she’ll give you the biggest order you’ve had all week.” She wanted the clothes as gifts for the guys in her orchestra, but nobody knew who she was.

some stronger language than we Usually allow in teamgloria but Oh! isn’t he Splendid the way he Sorts it All Out?

we admire that.

PAT BUCKLEY: Bill and I had a thing that we would do two or three times a year. It took the planning of D-Day. We’d see five movies a day. We’d start out at nine o’clock in the morning to catch the ten o’clock show. Very often we’d catch lunch from an umbrella cart on the corner. Then we’d drag ourselves home around midnight. It was so much fun and we’d laugh ourselves sick.

isn’t that utterly delicious?


we’ve done three (maybe four during jet lag/sleeplessness when we popped on a DVD in the early hours) movies in a day……..might be time, soon, to try a Ms. Buckley and Mr. Bass day-out. divine.

which umbrella cart did they get their hot dogs from?

and was it safer to eat a cart-bought-hot-dog in 1979?


it always looked so Possible in Woody Allen movies.

Back to Blass – he is most generous in the book with witty asides – like this one:

Mention of Truman brings to mind the late and hilarious Patrick O’Higgins, a half-French, half-Irish journalist who was secretary to Helena Rubenstein. He was working on a book about her life when Truman came out with In Cold Blood. Patrick wanted to call her book In Cold Cream. Miss Rubenstein was not amused. But I’d hate for it to get away.
Bare Blass P.110

another naughty insider moment?

bien sur, cheri.

In 1975, I went to China at the invitation of the Chinese government. Halston had been their first choice. But when the Chinese emissaries came to see him in New York, he kept his dark glasses on. I guess that was considered very bad manners, and a very bad omen. They thought Halston was the devil. So they said, “He won’t do.” I was next on the list.
Bare Blass P.119

we feel an illustrative shot here might help give texture to the anecdote and we found this great shot (isn’t the interweb a helpful place?)



go back to the search results a moment darlings……


there – the clearly-Instagram-ed-shot bottom left (near the Plaza) – that’s from teamgloria!

that’s the first time that’s happened – blimey.

seen-by-google (without doing any Dark Art of the SEO consultancy-ness – how amusing.)


the post was from January 19, 2012: and it is called “7.50AM: talk of Courrèges and dreaming of Halston.”


we can see why Google liked it.

that was a Very special morning.

and we do believe we talked about Bill Blass during that breakfast because the esteemed personage who had taken us to drink coffee and chat was a Fashion Executive from years-gone-by who had known Blass.


you see – there are no coincidences if one lives a big and glorious life.

it does appear to be some sort of cosmic celestial and Rather amusingly splendid pattern emerging.

this (very early example of our collage – pre-decoupage-days) notebook (Nancy Mitford probably shuddered at the word notebook but it was indeed a book-for-recording-notes) is a pre-teamgloria-workbook where we were trying to Sort Out Our Head and inventory ideas and what-went-wrong and how we’d like to Live in the future.

The Californians call this “inner work” which is just a delightful expression – in New York people would ask “Oh yeah, who’s your Internist? We know this great guy up at Kettering. We could call him for you.” because people in New York are always offering to call doctors for you, that they know. It’s a “social capital thing” apparently. We find it a tiny bit disconcerting.

The English of course would greet you with a slightly worrying expression but then, after a few glasses of the potent liquid, slyly slip over to you and start to pry details on what this inner work is, because, they’re sort of fascinated but couldn’t possible admit to it.

Other friends from Other lands would light incense and ask the ancestors to clear away the bad karma.

Being teamgloria, of course, and being Widely Travel(l)ed –

we do it all.

The point of this rather rambling moment is just to draw your attention to the picture of Bill Blass to the left.

because when a dog loves you That Much you must be a truly lovely person.

last anecdote: the middle picture is Cher’s house in Malibu and yes, there is a Cher moment coming up: we were once on a date in Los Angeles – nope, you’re not getting any details apart from this one: Our date picked up their cellphone – we were driving, not they at the time, thank goodness, and said “Oh, it’s CHER, I better get it.” We tried not to crash the car and look sort of nonchalant as we turned Left on Laurel but it was impossible not to eavesdrop – Cher has a Very distinctive voice……….yes, darlings, We Have Lived many lives.

the final words must belong to Bill.

here’s his recipe for meat loaf:

1 cup chopped celery, I cup chopped onion, 2 pounds ground sirloin, 1/2 pound ground pork, 1/2 pound ground veal, (ask your butcher to grind the meats fresh) 1/2 cup minced parsley, 1 1/2 cups fresh bread crumbs, 1 egg beaten with 1 tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper, pinch of thyme and marjoram, 1 12-ounce bottle Heinz Chili Sauce, 5 strips bacon.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Saute celery and onion in butter. Combine with the meats, parsley, bread crumbs, and egg with Worcestershire sauce, add seasonings, and form loaf. Top with chili sauce and then bacon. Bake 1 hour. Remove from oven and rest – not you, silly, the meat loaf.

serves six.

Bare Blass P.168

thank you Bill Blass.

waving from manhattan to wherever you are.







The London.

Darlings – such a glam last day of the Year (and not quite over).

Driving into the sunset again (heading west, lilac rose pink skies).

After a Delicious tea with a new friend – the goddess-like Erica Moore-Burton


we talked about life and books and spirit and chance and bravery and England.


And an excellent choice – The London hotel in west Hollywood.

Isn’t it glorious?






Yes. Well-spotted. All of our Favorite/favourite/choicest Things!

chandeliers, mosaic floors, quiet ballrooms, creme and butterscotch shade scheme and Tea. And quirky English idiom diffused by southern California sunshine.

Erica Moore-Burton (our tea guest) is an author and a gifted speaker – in the great tradition of inspirational LA speakers (but with a lovely British accent – all her own).

we read it and did all the Exercises (we are nothing if not a terrible Overachiever as You Know, darlings ;)

If you’d like to start 2012 off with a boost and a new direction, here’s where you can find a copy: P. I. N. K.

tuesday: 1st proof of our book arrives! “how to stay sane: when it all gets too much”

we are Beside ourselves with excitement, darlings, because the 1st proof of our book about Tobias and his sisters and medical leave and What We Learned is Here!






we are going to read diligently, obtain guidance from lady-of-letters (who has already been super helpful) and meet with various Interested parties and if we are not with Publisher by year’s end we shall self-publish and be glorious under the steam of media-that-is-social.

Secretly we want to get our green card Months early (#bigwish) so we can tell the world who we really are and embark on a new life as an inspirational speaker, traveling by first class, wrapped in a tartan wool blanket on the night train to Geneva to talk at events across the Continent (all of them) and share what we now know about Life.

wouldn’t that be delicious?

In the meantime, the lovely Michele recommended a rousing punch-the-air-woman and be uplifted by the flame haired siren Florence. Tis AMAZING.


The world is changing – can you sense it too?