into deeper water by George Snyder – book 3 has arrived!


it’s HERE!!!



and having been a Faithful Fan of The Author for over a decade now (before he became 1904 and we became teamgloria) we know it’s going to be a breathless naughty and Deeply Witty oeuvre.

It reminds us of the writing retreat that we did at a Monastery one new year’s eve when we suddenly heard light scratching on the door of our spare and Quiet candlelight cell and, upon opening the door, George stood there and said:

Of course light scratching is how they attracted attention in Versailles……

and at that moment we thought:

We can’t wait to read the novels that this man will write.

And here’s book 3. Into Deeper Water (quelle splendid title if we do say so).


*just hoping that a certain Chic british woman called Celia is a pivotal character once more – we did enjoy her plot points in book 1…….