Vivaldi, blue skies and Dr. Martens.

hello darlings

happy sunday!

time for Mr. Vivaldi!


and a Quick recap of Saturday before we Dash out (merrily) into the brightness of a sunday to be very sociable (surprisingly so – we seemed to have booked a breakfast, morning coffee, walk in the park, drive to somewhere-to-be-helpful, tea and some Diego-time, then another meeting-up-with-friends – blimey)


last night we happened to be in Los Feliz and saw a large pair (too large, actually) of retro circular blue glass in white frames sunglasses in the window of a Vintage Store and Popped in to say hello, try them on, sadly reject them, but make a new Instagram friend. 296ee804b78e11e3b9060e0eee734f32_8

just before that we had a lovely long Telephone call with william in england when, suddenly, there was a VAST SHUDDERING and we interrupted him talking about the new garden turf over at the Essex Street Pleasure Gardens to say in a small voice:

um, gosh, william – there’s another earthquake.

and it was ever so nice to be on the phone with someone (with a reassuringly deep basso profundo voice) until the shaking passed.

the pleasures and pains of living in paradise darlings ;-)


the constant sunlight delights – and yet there are movements beneath the earth’s crust that tell us very Clearly that we Live ON A Fault Line. eek.

moving swiftly on.

we popped in to skylight books to visit their copies of the book and *giggled* with a tiny blush to the (apple) cheeks to see it is reclining lusciously next to the naughty section. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

a fresh pair of DMs was bought.

the other daywear pair (as opposed to special occasion patent leather one for night-time and Interview purposes) were a Disgrace and we are heading back to England on Thursday (red-eye – the gods protect us from crazy jet-lag) and Must be Suitably Shod. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

the sky has been resplendent thus far this weekend. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

admiring the buildings off the shore that resemble 1930s Ocean-Going-Liners. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAsurfboards on road warrior sales VP vehicles abound as soon as the weekend hits Town.

are you enjoying the Vivaldi?

it just says SUNDAY, doesn’t it?


must apply mascara (lightly) and get into the car (no surfboard but plenty of writing paper in the console between the driver’s seat and the passenger seat where the messenger bag rides nestled with a small sandwich bag of grapes for the journey – that’s for us, not the messenger bag – it prefers plums).



#laChapter to laurel canyon and a blue-blue sky.


a truly Tremendous pinky-blue then blue-blue-blue sky here in Los Angeles today.


and most specifically, the words of Mr. Tennessee Williams from August 13th, 1950 about Writers and their search for a place to write (where the sky is blue).

Perhaps you might find the Italian islands to be your place to write. You could go to Capri but it is too much of a picture postcard for my taste and it is the only place I know where the human male manages to out-dress the female. Ischia has equally fine bathing at more accessible beaches and the vacationers do not put on such highfalutin airs and outrageous plumage! W.H. Auden lives there, and if you’re an American or British writer, you may have to apply to him for your visa.

I have not yet been to Sicily this year. Truman Capote has unfurled his Bronzini scarf above the fashionable resort of Taormina. He is supposedly in D.H. Lawrence’s old house.

more blue-blue Hues, we think……..


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand Quite by surprise, there’s a new place to eat breakfast in downtown Los Angeles (or #dtla as the young people and those-in-marketing-with-interesting-glasses-and-shoes call it) and it’s called the Ace Hotel.



you’re absolutely right – the “Ace” is in the old United Artists building where Ms. M. Pickford and Mr. C. Chaplin had a THEATRE.

the Original opening was on December 26, 1927 with “My Best Girl,” a silent film starring Mary Pickford and Buddy Rogers (more details here on

we’re sure you Already know this but Ms. M. Pickford and Mr. C. Chaplin started United Artists in 1919 to exit, hopefully gracefully, the large Corporations of Hollywood and start anew with their own Talents (and profits) at the helm.


where were we?

oh yes.

fancy a quick Trip down memory lane?

sit back and *sigh_happily*

00071989 00013682 Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 3.08.28 PMand – here’s the best bit – the THEATRE is still THERE.

sadly it’s currently a “construction site” (translation for the Brits: the builders are In) so we could not see it but, naturally, we Requested the Telephone Number of the Person in Charge (we always do this) and we will be Making An Appointment to view the THEATRE shortly.

but it was a delicious place to spend time this morning.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAhowever, and we would be Very remiss in not taking a moment to tell you this – #dtla – despite the Hype – is still a pretty dangerous place In Parts.

which might give one a *shiver* of anticipation.

or not.

depending on your upbringing and desire to run away to the Big Smoke (of wherever the Big City was of your own hopefully mis-spent-Youth).

there is, in fact, a decay and yet a decadence in downtown L.A – a despair and yet a divine sense of Renewal – and if you’re looking for something Authentic (or a lot like NYC in the early to mid 1970s) – it’s all there.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAtalking of the 1970s (as we just were) – who-we-are-in-RL was getting a tiny bit Nostalgic for the days of Joni Mitchell and slightly flared *shudder* trousers (she was a child – but it still didn’t suit her as a Look and most especially not in Ecru or Beige but we digress).

here’s today’s piece in Los Angeles, I’m Yours, from a very different part of town.

but with the same blue-blue-blue Sky, darlings.


Unfinished Song, the beautiful gardens @NHMLA and writing in a car park in culver city


do you recall when we went to visit Richard at the Natural History Museum gardens?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwell who-we-are-in-RL wrote a piece for the lovely Los Angeles, I’m Yours which just went live a few hours ago (not a Column – this was more of a deliciously expanded News Piece – which in Newspaper speak used to be called NIB – news in brief – but we – well – it’s Not Brief, put it that way but it is News-y)

Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 10.26.53 PM

the rest of our day?

oh it was lovely.

plenty of blue skies and palm trees and feeling Uplifted

and then we went to see Unfinished Song (which is called Song for Marion outside the USA – not sure why the Americans wanted to be all metaphysical about it – they usually like a nice direct title – maybe Marion, the name, didn’t “test well”, love)

if you can see this transmission in your territory it’s very affecting (not affected – affecting – as in Engendering Feelings – yes – we W E P T in the cinema, in a very good way).

and may we say how beautiful Mr. Terence Stamp still looks? – his performance is wondrous. truly.

1357206878_song7 UnfinishedSong-tease

why yes – we Did write about it more Fully – for the Huffington Post in fact –

isn’t life delicious?

especially on days that look like this………… *sighs*


how was YOUR monday?


Is Mercury Still Retrograde?

that explains a Lot.