the quiet pleasure of reading pre-publication uncorrected manuscripts, after more blood tests.

for some reason, we didn’t post – or tell anyone – or even snap a picture to share – that we were back at the hospital yesterday (yes! On our anniversary of a Year of Blogging no less).

it was just the routine blood tests before we see the surgeon (yes! the one that slit-our-throat) Next Week to “see how we’re Doing” (just about the Scar – he probably doesn’t want to know about the-other-stuff-like-Day-Job-and-immigration – that’s for the Other Professionals in our Life – we had No idea when we were small how Many it would Take to support our existence later on ;)

anyway – we went – back to the Hospital – yesterday.

and it was Weird.

weird in that we know exactly what to do – which arm, where to sit, make-a-fist (we have the Nicest translucent skin with Quite lovely clear veins, just to give you a visual), the slight dizziness after, the not-quite-right-blue of the “scrubs” – a deeper French Navy would be more flattering we think……..

Talking of French – we Happen to have a Connection to pre-publication manuscripts and so took a new friend (for thus we describe authors) with us to the Hospital while we sat and waited for our Blood to be drawn.

It was the Perfect book – for the author had decided to change her life following a bout of Hospital and surgeryness herself and swept herself off to Paris for a year.

Of course we were transfixed.

Not just by Paris – which is an Awfully Splendid place, of course (and we were Just There) – but by the gloria-ous nature of sweeping oneself to Paris, gripped by the notion of one’s mortality and the Utter joy of Requiring a Year to fully luxuriate in the Pleasures and silk-y-ness of a Dream of a different life.

we’re not allowed to review it here (we got into a Tiny Bit of trouble doing that with someone else’s book – thank goodness their publisher doesn’t know who we are in Real Life ;) so we promise to be good this time.

In 7 days, we’ll share our favorite/favourite/mostDelicious bits of this (shhhhh) pre-publication manuscript, when you can buy it in the Shops.

For now – we’re just grateful to have taken the author with us to the hospital yesterday as they would have Understood the low-lying fears surrounding blood test Results and surgeons Pushing on Scars to check the healing (ow? Why?) process that ensues.

as someone lovely said the other day – 2013 is the Year.

so this is all Delicious Preparation and rest and healing and writing and planning and Plotting and Meeting People and enjoying the new (tailored – so grown-up to have done That) black jackets with the flirty tunic and thick stretchy black fabric fashionable executive outfits and yes, the Dr. Martens (give a girl-from-london-some-credit-for-style) and the lovely pearl bangles (looks like Dior – actually from one of those shops that teen girls frequent – don’t tell anyone ;)

And Lots of Lovely pre-publication manuscripts to read…………….


which books do You have at your bedside (no naughty ones, please – high art, a Folio of Shakespeare or Milton, perhaps a large Biography?) – Do Tell, darlings…….