it is awfully hard to feel hopeful on a cold winter rainy day

………but we do our best.

even when it is POURING down in manhattan and Pretty Depressing.

still – on the bright side:

there’s always coffee shops and early morning conversations with one’s agent (always such a lovely word to say)….

and talking about novels that made us Thrilled to be alive when we were Much Younger than now.

after our breakfast meeting with our agent we decided to pop into The Strand to see if we could find an escapist novel to keep us warm during this sodden day of rain.

but then we remembered the Vast Pile at home which really ought to be Read First (before it goes to Housing Works as a largescale donation because we’re going to try not to take Everything to Los Angeles – we live in hope that this is possible. It might. not. be).

and, en route to our next appointment, we stopped to gaze at people tenderly parting after what was probably an extended weekend thanksgiving Romance:

there’s a Story taking place, don’t you think?

and we remembered to feel grateful for Rainy Day Television – the BBC is glorious for putting out a 2nd season of The Hour (we adore The Hour – and – ahem – we just happened to get our hands on a DVD of Episode 1 – #thanksDad)

and we had some Consulting to do and things to Say and Places to Be and plans to make for the #moveWest

which requires clippings for research and ink pad stamps and good pens and decent 1960s cards (with the hope that the recipients of our Letters like the cards so much – and thus us – that they pin them up on noticeboards – do people still have noticeboards? *thinksforamoment* maybe not – oh well, we hope the kind of people We write to Do)

and then we became Very Despondent about the Rain and sunk into a Tiny Despair (when we really don’t have time to indulge in such an overwhelming depressing nature of Emotion).

but then, just when the soaking-coat-and-wilting-hat-under-pouring-rain gets to us…..someone has a Delicious heartfelt and meaningful response to something we’ve done/said/photographed and the sun (metaphorically) comes out again.


isn’t the interweb and connecting via blogs and friendship and tea and novels and Everything just the best counteraction to feeling blue with the Rain?

we think so.

what do you do when it rains, darlings?

starting a revolution…….

darlings – we just got back from a cocktail hour (no, just evian, for us, sweet people ;) and found ourselves talking with some Lovely friends about revolution.

No! In new york – not some far-off land with burgeoning insurgency – new york – and not occupy wall st (although we Did pick up a Most Interesting “free sheet” from the aforementioned movement while at Think coffee shop en route for chez teamgloria for a small skim decaf beverage – and shall quote passages later – actually a well put together publication) but a revolution of the fairer sex (actually, we live Awfully Close to Chelsea so fairer is a not exactly true adjective for ladies in This Part of Town).

we’ll be direct (ED: “for once” ;)

In 1996 (ok, give us a Tiny leeway for a backStory!) we had a business – a side one – but deeply useful for building contacts – of teaching Very Accomplished (mostly female) Executives in hidden cafes in central london nowhere near their places of business:

how to use the INTERWEB

It was something we felt passionate about – and lead to some very interesting consultancy work later on………..

the main passion came from giving tools to people to whom these tools had been either denied (lower ranks trained but not C suite) or dismissed (“why would they need this?” – er, because it’s the future, love?)

but these were the days when many people felt the Interweb was a Passing Fad.

we gave a speech at the LSE in 1997 (yes, we were Very Young and precocious, darlings) and someone actually said:

“but WOMEN are Never going to put their credit card details onto the internet To Shop!”

we swear this is what people used to say.

Our (clever and witty) response was thus:

“clearly you haven’t attempted to shop on the high street with two children under five on a saturday”

the Truth was – neither had We.

but we observed that it looked Very Hard and if one could shop in one’s PJs, with the small people tucked up tight beneath their Laura Ashley comforters, it might be somewhat kinder to parents everywhere.

*btw, yes, LSE where Mick Jagger studied. Alas, he didn’t attend Our speech :(

so back to the revolution – this time it’s about the land-of-blogging (of which, you can see, we are Terribly Fond).

You see – if you teach a woman how to blog – you give her the tools to share her Voice with the World.
a blog is an independently published product.

which is another way of saying there are no gatekeepers saying “this is good” or “this is bad”.

she (or he, of course) can be read by the whole Planet (well, the bits that don’t block wordpress et al).

and That means their Voice Matters.

Because it does.

and that, darlings, is Delicious.

the world needs more voices.

especially Yours.

hello from seat 30 e (yeah, the middle one)

hello friends.

team gloria is a little squished.

but there’s wifi.

and we charged it to the day job as (periodically) we ARE picking up work email to stop the deluge.

not a lot else to do in the middle seat except not drink too much mineral water. and read. and blog. OH! and visit lots of nice blogs.

might be posting quite a lot here……..what fun.