hello frankfurt! hello new zealand! hello cross continental flight! and *shhh* OM to the sighting on a meditation cushion in berlin


we are so very VERY grateful for all the delicious sightings.

here are today’s.



darlings – oh look……..*proud_smile*……doesn’t the book look so very Pretty in New Zealand at Gallivanta’s house wearing two simple (and very beautiful) strands of pearls, on a soft cushion, fragrantly lounging next to some best-wishes-from-bay-leaves?


and here it is again – this time on a cross-continental (the Americas, we believe, although we Could be wrong) with the inspirational design guru Ms. Gretchen Anderson


this is Mr. Tom in Frankfurt enjoying the book while listening to some deep grooves.

beautycalypseand here’s the book in Digital Format (so modern, as William would say) on a m e d i t a t i o n cushion (speak softly for this one) at the house (yoga studio annex/rooftop aerie?) of Ms. Beautycalypse

glorious sightings all!

and in other news:


we caught up on lots of work – sending out 50 handwritten (of the 500 ordered so quite a few to go!) cards promoting The Digital Check Up c667f1a4a6ff11e3b79212c22f46ab0d_8yes, those Are special edition Harry Potter stamps (and why not – we like to keep a British theme whenever possible) and yes, we did work, even though it was a saturday but we generally work 7 days a week if you have not already noticed that but we love what we do and there are Lots of gaps during time zones where our Editors from Abroad are asleep, when we go to the movies……

d37c143ca72811e3a50e128da8721583_8or ride around in floral delivery vans for an hour or two (more on that on Wednesday when the Column comes out in Los Angeles, I’m Yours)!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand sit in the car in an outdoor parking lot for a while just to admire the sun as it sets in blazing glory over east los angeles – before driving West again and singing to suitably rousing radio stations playing stuff like This on an intensely glorious rotation.

dogs in portugal, flowers in berlin and the hollywood prom.

hello darlings!

the sightings are coming in thick and Fast now!

here are our (furry) siblings in Portugal.


you see – the last time who-we-are-in-RL was there she could not mention the name gloria so we are always touched with a little sadness – and hope – but we did our Best while going through the whole Tobias-and-his-sisters time…….

you know how it is..


IMG_0026 IMG_0028our (furry) siblings look like they are slightly bemused by the book (well they mostly speak Portuguese or “dog”)

but Toby really got into the “inspiration” section because, in a former life, he was a world travel(l)er and did the Grand Tour, you see.

IMG_0025AND 1726.6 miles to the East – Maggie in Berlin got her copy and sent pictures of the Book enjoying the scent of freshly cut flowers:

Processed with VSCOcam with se1 presetartfully arranged (well, tis Berlin – Art is Sustenance over there).

and she also wanted to express her deepest affection for the book – and her choice in chic turtlenecks (isn’t aubergine a striking shade?)ca390eb4a22511e3ab8c0e26c82a83f6_8and some of her friends (also in Berlin – and one in Austria who is still waiting for her copy to arrive as mr. Amazon hasn’t got over the Alps yet) made some nice comments:

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 4.25.16 PMgosh.

we Are feeling Terribly Continental all of a sudden.

what else?

let’s see…..

ah yes.


we went to El Royale to see Le Duc yesterday for a cup of tea and an elegant bowl of mixed berries and we *giggled* at his fireplace (apparently Miss. Netflix has an eternal looping virtual fire “screensaver” one can transmit on one’s largescale television unit). 793782faa22211e3be7a1240bc19271b_8

back at home, it’s been Raining (we didn’t take photographs because we’re certainly Not going to dash your image of Los Angeles – it only happens once a decade).

so we curled up with a new find – the Autobiography of Audrey Withers (yes, darlings, the Editor in Chief of Vogue – “brogue” – the British one during the 1940s and on into the 60s). – more from Miss Withers when we’ve finished the book – it’s a delightful read. d558b246a19d11e38bd40e22c5f7ee48_8as was the Financial Times yesterday (not the front section, that was awfully depressing, but the interiors and arts coverage and fashion and the rest of it).


so there you go.

DO send word as soon as your copy comes up the garden path wrapped up in brown paper and string with the cheery postman.



gosh, how modern, good for the Royal Mail in your part of the world!

what’s that?

Not Royal?

you live in a place without a Monarchy?


we DO?

no, no, no darlings.

we have Royals.

it’s called Hollywood.

and they’re having their prom tonightfc724170-4bb5-0131-d459-5a526f42d8c1gosh.


we’re not going to the Prom tonight.

although we are going to see some friends not far away, up in the Hollywood Hills actually.

one day we’ll go to the Hollywood Prom.

but not in a dress.

at least we don’t think so.

and we’ll be there because they’ll have made the movie about us which who-we-are-in-RL spent Ever such a Long Time Writing (and it’s very good, and we don’t say that JUST because it’s about us, we’re not on every s i n g l e page).

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 4.43.04 PM


of course we can dream.

dreaming (and a vast amount of obsessive work) gets us into ever such interesting places.


and the Book is seeing the World.

unverified reports say that it has reached ASIA!

isn’t life delicious?






1st sightings in Continental Europe!



the book has made it to La Belle France!

Heather sent us glorious photographs (and boy, aren’t those glorious? – Tres Chic!).

Francesighting1 francesighting2 francesighting3the book does look very happy….

thank you dear Heather!

and further into Continental Europe we had a virtual congratulatory wave from Beautycalypse who lives in Berlin (but is originally from much further East in Russia – isn’t that amazing) – the book reached her in its Virtual “ebook” form – so there’s no picture to show but we whipped up a visual of her Very Nice Quote.

HTSSIACWbeautycalypsepraisethis is so very moving, hearing from people all over the world as the book in its various forms (cloned at last!), encased in brown paper and string is brought up the garden path to the kitchen door by the Postman (clearly that’s in our imagination, mr. amazon goes in for the firm corrugated cardboard option, no string, but we do recommend adding a Ribbon to your copy, it likes that).


and now, in hono(u)r of our Friends on the Continent, a little musical interlude.

lie back on those pillows, pull on the satin mask over the eyes, sink into her voice and turn it up LOUD.

your book is a bonbon….and other delicious things people are saying about #howtostaysaneinacrazyworld

oh darlings

look at what the lovely Ms Vickie Lester said about the book!



and there was a 1st Sighting in Whitstable which was Very Exciting.


we are hoping for a weekend sighting at the essex pleasure gardens on the newly laid patio and shall report back.

AND there was an Electronic Sighting in BERLIN! Thanks ever so much to Ms. Beautycalypse for her kindness.

berlinbeautycalypsecan you see the original postcard on this Deeply Creative desk at the Atelier of the divinely talented photographer Mr. Martyn Thompson?

and here are two quotes from other wonderful Readers (and we didn’t ask permission to quote from Private Emails so they’re remaining behind the large cloak and Venetian masks….unless they’re reading this and would Like to be Named, which would be utterly delicious).

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 9.06.49 PM Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 9.08.10 PM

isn’t this FUN?!

we think so.


thank you ever so much for sharing the joy.



notes from friday: 1844 californian adobe, #HuffPo, message sent to berlin and received from JAPAN #glorious


we are so very excited – who-we-are-in-RL is writing film reviews for our good friend Arianna – isn’t that splendid?

not many know, of course, that she (RL, not our good friend Arianna) started writing film reviews as a young (and so very deeply naive) student at the London University newspaper which is (still!) rather aptly named – London Student.

ah yes.

the years in the dark, looking up at the silver screen……..




on another note.

our writing research for next week’s column in Los Angeles, I’m Yours took us to Calabasas and back in 90-degree burning sunshine (whatever that is in old money) yesterday.

we weren’t writing about the Leonis Adobe per se but we can’t resist popping into a museum when there are a few moments free on the calendar.

why yes!

we *did* take pictures.

you are most kind for asking.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA so as we cut down from the extreme heat of Calabasas through Topanga Canyon (cue 60s music) and down to the Pacific Ocean we paused at the red lights (befitting all traffic regulations) and this is the picture we took for our friend miss jules who is Heading HERE from Berlin on Monday!

we posted the picture on Instagram (how modern, as William would say)

and then one of our virtual friends from JAPAN


yes, JAPAN!

left us a billet doux on the photograph to tell us that the blue we had captured (we adore blue-blue-blue) reminded him of Kitano.

well, this was a cultural reference we did not hitherto know (which is very exciting – we love new knowledge pod moments).



don’t open a new browser window and visit mr. google – we’ve done it for you….

and an article here



isn’t that amazing?

a european-Living-in-LosAngeles visits an adobe structure built in 1844 and drives to the Pacific Ocean – takes a photograph for a friend in Berlin and someone in Japan tells us about a whole cultural movement around the shade blue-blue-of-LA-Ocean_and-sky that we did not previously know – in the space of a few  h o u r s.

now that, ladies and gentlemen and undecided gender warriors, is The Future of storytelling and communication.

right here.

a m a z i n g.


we must tell Arianna – she’ll love that.

(more) questions from berlin or weitere Fragen aus berlin @raptorapid

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwe were at George‘s for tea this morning – hopefully we can show you the portraits that we took (but only if we get picture Approval because we’re That sort of a kind photographer, darlings, as many of you know.)
Now – back to the matter at hand!
our newest friend via the interweb, Beautycalypse, responded to Our questions here and then turned around – in Berlin (such a glorious city) – and said, “Answer these, in return, please.”
and so we must *bowing_humbly*.
because we started our career as a journalist and so Questions and answers are integral to our very thrilling experience of  life itself.
someone said, “are those Your answers, or gloria’s?” and we looked all confused and to be honest, we’re not entirely sure.
do we have to decide today?
we thought not *small_smile_to_camera*
so here goes!
1. What tourist places – anywhere in the world – would you love to see out of hours?
2. Name a menu you would set up and be able to cook in order to impress a new love interest.
we don’t really cook, per se. 
but we love to arrange the following on our beautiful set of pure white plates from clever Mr. Conran with heavy silver cutlery: figs, camembert, apricots, avocado, chicory, walnuts and olives. 
3. Animals are property – by law. Is it slavery or absolutely normal because we are the crown of creation?
we know many a willing slave in the guise of a black labrador willing to be subjugated in return for Love and walks and a regular meal. 
4. If you could ask for ANY fine artist, graphic novelist, fashion illustrator, sculptor, or photographer, dead or alive, who should make your portrait and how would you be pictured?

black and white portrait, just a key light, by terence donovan – always wanted to meet him – distraught when he died – stood outside his studio that day near berkeley square, london and wept. 

5. What’s your guilty pleasure?
guilt is a useless emotion ;-)
6. What advice would you like to give your 18 y.o. self?
that pink lipstick from Miss. Selfridge really doesn’t do you justice, sweetheart. 
7. When did you last lie and why?
a few days ago. to avoid repeating a bad situation. it was necessary. 
8. What was the book/fairy tale/short story that moved you the most as a child?
the lion, the witch and the wardrobe (we still climb inside, just to check) 
9. Who scares you the most: Dr. Moreau or Dr. Frankenstein?
Dr. Frankenstein. 
10. Who’s your favourite James Bond villain? Explain.
Javier Bardem was extraordinary – properly shivery and with some excellent up to the minute geek gadgetry and smart intellectual concepts. 
11. Since it’s the LIEBSTER (“beloved”) blog award: What is your favourite old-fashioned word that you actually like to use?
“splendid” is one we do use on a very regular basis – especially in a text message when it is unexpectedly enjoyed. 
btw (as the young people say) Ms. Beautycalypse has some Deeply Splendid answers to our Questions – including this one:
7. When writing, I wear my writing cocktail rings.
8. Do you identify with any of the characters in Pretty in Pink? If so, which one? And – still?
Oh I’m so sorry, but I can’t answer to this. It’s The Breakfast Club for me.



now we’re intrigued…….which character in the Breakfast Club do You identify with?


we’ve been all of them (even, briefly, on just one shining afternoon when we were Finally told we HAD to participate in sporting activities, the Jock, because we surprised everyone with our prowess – hey, once a competitive person, always a competitive person).

but secretly we always wanted to be Judd Nelson.

how about you?

guten tag, julia stoepel! @missjulesberlin came to visit.


a day of delicious Visits from Abroad (and the Other Coast)!

guild was in NYC from Los Angeles(bleary eyed but always cheerful and Extremely Tall and gentlemanly) and met us for an early breakfast on carmine street.

Then tonight one of our favor(u)rite muso-vinyl-men is in Town from London so we’ll be having supper and then hopefully heading to bleecker st records to see what’s on the turntable. ….

And late morning we had a Treat indeed…..

julia stoepel was in town from BERLIN!


Don’t you?

All those semiotic classes at university, rilke, das kabinet Dr. Caligari, Bowie, iggy (can we call him just Iggy?), Mr. Reed, sunken cheekbones, late night cabaret (and Cabaret, of course), paintings in abandoned buildings with full floor studios and black coffee with a slightly world weary half smile.


julia was splendid.

It’s her story so we cannot tell it but oh – Quelle Adventurous and brave hearted and utterly glorious she is…….


As befitting her short stay in this city from her city, we walked around and took black and white pictures and talked about Life and Love and……..los angeles where we do believe we will see her next.


Did we tell you (almost) our most treasured factoid about julia?




julia is the voice of Hello Kitty in germany. 

As well as an accomplished actor, voiceover artist and Lover of Adventure.


she is also completely enthralled (as you know We are) by a chandelier.

thank you, meine freundin julia, for the Visit – and the precious flowers.


See you in Hollywood, dearest one.

tea and pictures and a lovely conversation @tag collective


after breakfast-with-friends – we picked up the grown-up camera and headed East – past the Bowery and the restaurant supply shops (always makes one muse on parallel lives and imagine purchasing round aluminium table and chairs for a small italian frothy-coffee bistro or a Popcorn machine and a noodle maker) and then, further down, the Chandelier Stores (#weadoreachandelier) – we might well spend a little of the Advance (such a beautiful word) for the Book on a Chandelier of Our Own – we kept walking until we arrived at the Design Studio for our new friends Jason and Becca at Tag Collective.

after we had our Tea and Conversation we snapped away while they returned to their Macintosh (computers, not traditional Rainwear) and airily let them know we’ll be transposing all the shots into B&W as befits their profession.

don’t they look Deep in Thought and very clever and Inspired and Smart? we think so….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

plus the B&W reflected our mood – we were feeling a Tiny bit Berlin (NYC, today, is rather grim and gray/grey/Dior-shade) – but it’s good to know there’s an undercurrent of deep creativity down on Chrystie Street………

as we walked back down into SoHo, we spotted quite a few lost-in-Brooklyn types in heavy knit with impressive beards and pretending they didn’t see Gabriel Byrne in the cupcake shop on Prince – no, darlings, he wasn’t eating a cupcake – just lustily downing a large cup of coffee and frowning elegantly over a hardback book as if adapting-it-for-screen, no doubt – we didn’t ask – we just sipped our coffee and wrote in the moleskine (- #142 if you’re curious).

it’s going to be a splendid day.

when one starts with B&W photography at a design studio, you just know it’s going to be chic.

cafe crush in berlin and marmite in manhattan


it’s been a Long Time since we had marmite.


so we were thrilled that they had some on the menu at the glamorous private-members-club this morning.

of course we chased it with a carrot juice (shades of the Other Coast) and a Large pot of English breakfast tea, for two (shades of the Old Country) and there was an extraordinary view over manhattan from upstairs and a lovely long conversation.

are you in town for Fashion Week? so many glamorous types have arrived – all unfeasibly tottering-on-heels and frowning delicately because they won’t take out their glasses to read the embossed invitations.

of course they were still asleep this morning while we breakfasted.

and That Crowd isn’t known for loving marmite anyway.

or toast.

especially not toast.

oh! almost forgot.

we have a new cafe crush.

we’ve not yet seen it in RL yet (but we hear excellent things about its frothy coffee and its Vinyl and sparse yet elegant Norwegian, Irish and German roots – what a delicious combination).

so if you’re in Berlin soon (oh wouldn’t that be utterly delicious? sadly we cannot travel out of the USA for a little while until Everything’s Sorted with the International Paperwork #sigh)

but if You’re in Berlin.

why not pop to our latest (virtual) cafe crush: Oslo Kaffebar


no marmite.

in fact no food, as yet.

just coffee.

ah, the dark embrace of caffeine.

in all its most purest, freshly ground and gently steaming in a mug with the seductive slight hiss of vinyl as the needle hits the groove.


oh for a day in a cafe with a novel-to-write and a subtle amount of flirting with a knowledgeable barista.