clandestine columnists

we’ve suddenly descended into the sunday twilight blues – and yet wanted to remind ourselves of all that is beautiful to pierce melancholy’s sad slumber with the anecdote of connection and smiles-across-the-interweb.

our friends – new and longtime – real and virtual (including those we only know as personas who, if we imagine they are anything like us, might be more real as their covert self than who they have to steel themselves to be in Real Life) – are much needed and much loved.

Just saying.

Saying what?

Thank you.

That’s it.

Thank you.

we met a fellow clandestine columnist today and it felt Utterly Delicious to talk about our secret selves and who we are meant to be Out There and who we Desire to be Next.

whenever Next is.

feeling a bit sad about immigration and it really isn’t being ameliorated by the use of sugar #sigh

but we Were in the Swimming pool as soon as it opened today so (as the supermarket brand in england says) Every Little Helps.

plus the blue-blue water soothes our soul.

and we have a restless uneasy soul for so many reasons.

but then we come across street art like this and we stop In Our Tracks to imagine the wistful story behind it and that makes us smile again

the east village helps once more.

as did the Clandestine Columnist.

and the beautiful people on Instagram.

what do you do when you get the sunday-twilight-blues, darlings?

dreaming of a double espresso at bar italia (because we’re getting the surgery date tomorrow).

wanted to do a cute headline but settling for the truth instead. finding out tomorrow when the surgery will be. am going to do that excellent self-care notion and not argue with the medical establishment (a first) but am traveling/travelling for work (then pleasure) most of the summer and am desperate not to be stuck with my neck in agony avoiding opiate pain-killers until at least the end of august. as you can imagine…..

so – in the spirit of avoiding reality and dreaming of another location – we would rather be here!

team gloria whiled away many a splendid morning-afternoon-evening at bar italia (from the late 1980s+) because it was where you could see (and studiously ignore in a deeply cool london-way) the beautiful people (see below, helpfully annotated by us with links to nick kamen’s 501 commercial and ray petri for those who want to know more like the fabulous H near the beach in santa monica).

quelle memories!: rushing through the rain-soaked streets of soho, via old compton street, down wardour street, to the 24 hour professional photography joint joe’s basement (sigh – another RIP – just found out it closed…) to drop off rolls of film (yes children, history lesson) from our first (and last now we come to think of it) gig as a photographer on a pop video shoot (heady days).

here’s a little cultural commentary from bar italia’s site


This is where the cafe culture of the 80’s began. Soho went through a huge renaissance in the 80s and music played an enormous part. Ray Petri of the Buffalo organisation, along with people such as Nick and Barry Kamen, all used to use Bar Italia as their office.

Ray Petri actually used to have his castings in the Bar.

Adam Ant did his record cover Vive Le Rock at Bar Italia. A great guy.

Nino was actually in the video for Sade’s Smooth operator video along with Antonio.

…………………more here