(surprisingly serene) monday.

was it the wearing of the patent leather shiny shiny Doctor Martens?

or perhaps it was the prototype of the Kindness Kit – freshly painted and glazed (love that glitter glaze) waiting for us as we woke up this morning?

maybe the arrival of the lovely BP for our first meeting and taking a snapshot of her very pulled-together-lady-visiting-manhattan-look?

or the fact that we bought perfectly lush roses last night at the two dozen for twelve dollar outdoor stand as it closed at twilight?

or perhaps it’s just that we are relaxing into our new way of life. taking it easy. letting the glands grow back. taking the calcium pills. putting our Day Job in its correct perspective. taking a proper lunch break. and a walk in the park. and checking in regularly with our friends on instagram.

whatever it was – so far – it’s been a surprisingly serene monday.

there’s a potentially manic meeting in a few minutes but hey, we’re chilled.

and our hair is Really Working today.

and we smell Really Good – must be the love butter