The Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast Club


beyond frustrated (and can’t go into the Details) so we looked around for some blog-ness-respite and found two delicious places to dream:

1. The Perfumed Dandy went to the coast and took such ever such nice pictures and, as befitting the nomenclature of his place-on-the-interweb – told us about the Fragrances that such images brought to Mind (which is awfully clever and Tremendously Chic actually).

2. And then we heard word of something MAGICAL called the The Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast Club

and so we’re going to join (if they’ll have us – so we’re posting our Responses below and adjusting our cloche hat and waiting patiently with our gloves on our lap outside the door while the Board deliberates).


Sandy over at the delicious place called “Another Lovely Day” sets out the Idea:

If you would like to be a member of the Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast Club, simply:

1) Make a list of six things you’ve basically given up on or that more often than not seem impossible/improbable.

2) Look at the list every morning before breakfast, “seeing” yourself being/doing/having each one.

Sandy has written her 6 impossible things if you scroll further down the page here:



without giving too many intimate details away ————-

1. How To Stay Sane In A cRaZY World becomes a best-seller in 2014 (when it comes out – because it wouldn’t be possible a moment before but we hope not too long after ;-)

2. We find a movie agent and he/she (or a gender warrior of both) sells all our movie screenplays (and do let it be someone who happens to like our literary agent in NYC because then they can Plot together because we’re a Tiny bit exhausted by doing all the Writing bit).

3. Our weight returns to pre-surgery (and – ahem – pre-cake-eating) levels of 2006 (without the drastic measures we took to get there Then – yes, we’re asking a Lot but you said Impossible made possible – voila)

4. Emerald gets published and a lot of teenagers get to say “blimey” (if they’re actually British or have a British-fetish) “that’s Exactly how I feel.”

5. A famous gallery owner sees our exhibition at ‘sNice and then buys a lot of work at our shop on Redbubble (yay! Australians!) and makes a decision to Launch teamgloria as a poster brand so regular people can have beautiful images (just like the Athena Posters we had on our bedroom wall when we were small – they enabled us to Dream Big – and here we are).

6. (ahem). something about Love. (no details). maybe. perhaps. at some point (cough).

We almost put down Really Impossible things like Time Travel, being the next Doctor Who (wouldn’t that be fun, we’d be ever so good at it), Living in Positano while making a film starring someone from another planet – we do think about these sorts of things.

But 1 – 6 feel impossible right now.

we had a frustrating late afternoon into evening (something with trying to put together a “talking head” thingy which was horrible and we Trashed the whole thing – Most Depressing) and to be honest, it really helped writing these 6 impossible things down and sending them out into the interweb by clicking……………Now.

Let it snow.


and so Athena (the storm, not goddess from ancient Greece) is upon us in the land of the east(ern seaboard)and snow Has Fallen.


the rain preceded the wind and Snow followed.


thank the god(s) we started our day early with a strong cup of coffee and cooing over couture at BuyMyCloset.



followed by Being Helpful over brunch in midtown and generally frowning (prettily) over new Concepts until they were embedded in the frontal lobe cortex (behind the subtle cowlick from new hair do).


no. Darling. Not us. Suzy Parker. But sort of the general wave-cowlick-fun.


Do stay warm.


We have tea and cold milk and fresh European glossy paper dreaminess.

Strongly suggest you do something similar.

It’s wintry out there.

*well. Not for our friends Down Under who are prepping for a toasty beach existence. (with lashings of sun protection, possums.)