gosh. guess who is in good housekeeping tomorrow?


such exciting news!

who-we-are-in-RL is going to be on Newsstands TOMORROW (not literally we hasten to add, but inside the glossy pages of a Very glorious British Magazine) in GOOD HOUSEKEEPING.

GHUKMarch2014the Lovely Editors at Good Housekeeping gave us a preview of our piece and we popped it on our other site and (due to the miracles of the h y p e r l i n k i n g properties of internet protocol) it’s here for you to read.

but – we hasten to add – do (if you’re in England tomorrow for business/pleasure) – pop into a newsagent and buy a copy just so we keep the print business flourishing.




gulp. on the UK’s newsstands now!



whispers….: – – – – who-we-are-in-RL has written a Cover Story (blimey) for a lovely UK magazine called Red.


what’s that?


would you like to read it?


we’re Not entirely sure if we’re meant to be sharing this – so do consider buying a subscription so the magazine doesn’t get cross at losing a potential sale (but we know many of you are very Far away from an English Newsagent so might not get a chance to see it all)



Red Magazine Nov 2013 sophia stuart



it’s out there now, isn’t it.

we didn’t mean that as a pun.

or m a y b e we *did*

she looks nice though but we have to admit we did NOT recognize her with the lack of Doctor Martens or black clothing (is that CORAL?!) – well.

here we go.

and so it begins…….


did you like the bit about – oh – let’s see – we’ll go and get it….

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 1.44.10 PMyes.

that bit was for you.


just so you know.

Unfinished Song, the beautiful gardens @NHMLA and writing in a car park in culver city


do you recall when we went to visit Richard at the Natural History Museum gardens?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwell who-we-are-in-RL wrote a piece for the lovely Los Angeles, I’m Yours which just went live a few hours ago (not a Column – this was more of a deliciously expanded News Piece – which in Newspaper speak used to be called NIB – news in brief – but we – well – it’s Not Brief, put it that way but it is News-y)

Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 10.26.53 PM

the rest of our day?

oh it was lovely.

plenty of blue skies and palm trees and feeling Uplifted

and then we went to see Unfinished Song (which is called Song for Marion outside the USA – not sure why the Americans wanted to be all metaphysical about it – they usually like a nice direct title – maybe Marion, the name, didn’t “test well”, love)

if you can see this transmission in your territory it’s very affecting (not affected – affecting – as in Engendering Feelings – yes – we W E P T in the cinema, in a very good way).

and may we say how beautiful Mr. Terence Stamp still looks? – his performance is wondrous. truly.

1357206878_song7 UnfinishedSong-tease

why yes – we Did write about it more Fully – for the Huffington Post in fact –

isn’t life delicious?

especially on days that look like this………… *sighs*


how was YOUR monday?


Is Mercury Still Retrograde?

that explains a Lot.