armistead wrote to us *blush* #divine


we were trying to have a Very Serious grown-up conversation with someone vaguely important at the Day Job (luckily on the phone – and not a new fangled video recording cellular device either ;-) and we had to Gasp (we were multi-tasking, as usual)….

Armistead Maupin wrote back to us.

oh. how Delicious.


just lovely. truly overwhelmingly gorgeous.

and we were having Such a Blah Day.

no longer, darlings.

and there’s a lunch at one of those Fancy clubs in midtown for an interesting speaker in Our Field.


feeling So Much Better.

thank you, Armistead.

(and thank you William for sending us the CDs of Armistead to keep us company during you-know-what)


we are smiling ever such a lot right now.

oh! yes – of course – we forgot to share this with you….today’s entry for the #photoadaychallenge on instagram – today’s tag = #somethingyouwore

yesterday’s was #letterbox.

yes, we enjoy the sheer randomness of the competition too.

but back to the most important News: Armistead Maupin wrote to us.

happy sigh.


medical leave day 8: tired. and a tiny bit grumpy.


a bad night.

we’ll leave it there.

but a delicious friend (So yummy and late-summer-tanned from Provincetown) came to get us this morning so we could get some air and be a tiny bit social but then we had to ask to be taken home again, carrying the blue pashmina and a fan (just can’t regulate our poor body temperature – ah – a future indication of the mid-life-of-ladies-moment – ok, we’re not going to Go There right now ;-)

*weak wave of humour/humor from sick bed and a cough and a silent chortle and a shake of the head – carefully – with taut neck covering still in place*

will report back post-surgeon-check-up later but we had some lovely moments yesterday and wanted to share them (btw, someone from the Day Job sent a bouquet – relief – a Kind Man).

so medical leave day 7 started with a visit from mC – we did a few errands (clearly the words “ran errands” would be rather erroneous) – namely posting letters (we are Very Old-Fashioned), buying a glossy magazine (she carried our parcels as we cannot), quick trip to chemists and then the deli for cheese (a slice of cheddar is the only way we don’t – um – throw up – post calcium pills).

KATE came at 2pm! it was a truly delicious visit. she looked very chic in these tortoiseshell glasses and a lovely crisp button-down shirt. she offered her arm (so gallant) and walked us round the block and then read Armistead (it would be breaking a confidence to say there was a Very Good Anecdote regarding the provenance of aforementioned SF tale – trust us – it was an excellent one).

the downstairs bell rang several times yesterday – we rarely answer unless we know we have a lady/gentleman caller – and our friends know this (Love Being Understood) so they txted us to say “open up later, we are sending roses” – so we checked the little two-way monitor and sure enough various delivery chaps with arms of delicious fleurs were there at intervals.

we are blessed.

mP sent white daisies (so hopeful a flower, non?) and george sent these elegant roses – and several more arrived throughout the day. we are feeling Very MovieStar dressing room around here, tis true.

JST came for the evening stroll and read to us by a low lamp as we curled up on the sofa in our Noel Coward celestial blue robe (winter weight for evening chills) and warm wool socks. he brought news of some sad nature and we can’t mention it here but if you’re reading this, we are sending you Much Love from Our Sick Bed to Yours, dear one.

the POST arrived! and – with it – a splendid CD “mix-tape” from dZ – a very inspired, clever and well-rounded list of tracks. we just imported it into our iTouch thingy – here’s how it looks……don’t you agree? inspired….


alright, darlings, we have to lie down gently on the sofa again and listen to dZ’s playlist from a more prone position – this weak illness crap is Not Fun.

more later………..don’t forget to write. (and we apologize/apologise for not responding as we like to do – the flesh is weak even if the spirit is willing……YOU know how it is.)


convalescence companions: bedside tales.

in preparation for our bedside vigil at the witness of the slit throat people keep asking (which is VERY thoughtful) “what can we do? ” and we think about the person offering and come up with answers.

sometimes we ask for a mix-tape (or whatever young people call a bunch of tracks to get well to), or a list of their favorite/favourite movies so we can feverishly have a good excuse to use the commercial interweb. we saw a friend recently whom we might ask to take us for a ride in their car to see the east river if we are mobile enough.

and then there’s d.

who has the Best Speaking Voice.

“will you come and read Tales of the City to us?”

he threw back his head and gave a deep fruity-rich laugh. “yes!”

Convalescence might not be so bad.

It’ll be nice not to ride the subway for a few weeks.

sometimes it feels like the jaws of hell.