shyly emerging from beneath the cloak of anonymity.




two pieces of news –

1. we bought some sparkly shoes for our new life post-corporate America – surely perfect for the Other Coast in 2013, non?

aren’t they utterly delicious?

and we decided it was time (post-corporate America and indeed in good and timely order for our literary agent to Take our lovely book to market) to emerge from beneath the cloak of anonymity – just for a sweet second.



there will be a better headshot soon (this one, we Have to admit, was taken 6 years ago upon entering NYC and the skyscraper-world and has not taken into account the amount of stress, tumors, surgery and, ahem, cake-eaten-since)

and here’s the bio.

there’s even a whole Other Site.

and now we won’t be mentioning it again.

because it’s not the one in the picture doing the writing – as everyone knows (she’s merely the vessel, the typist) – the words are Most Definitely coming from ME, darlings.

no matter what She says ;-)