shhhh……at the Algonquin

Oh bliss.

We Do adore a (very grown up) Business Breakfast at a proper hotel.

Bonus move – we’re at the Algonquin.

*yes! Dorothy Parker and the round table chaps (sigh, of course she was practically the only woman/lady/hard-drinkin’ broad to be withtheboys )

The best thing about breakfast is that it was not only thought-provoking and a Decent Discussion but our guest turned out to be a like-minded feisty spirit and we were Tickled Pink.

More later, darlings.

respite at the algonquin

was at very grown up conference all day and ran here (Algonquin) for a quick pot of tea, to re-align my aesthetic sensibilities again (lots of biz-boyz-speak at conference and god knows a potted fern, soft-spoken waiters and a piano player does the trick after such an experience)………then there’s a dinner (ah! the grandfather clock just chimed – how lovely) shortly…..

still – learned a lot (for the day job) so time most-well-spent.

ah – tea pot coming towards me – earl grey – fragrant bergamot delightful.

btw, just felt like one of those ladies in a magazine as I did the quick change of top – spritz of Chanel #5, brush teeth and a moist wipe (lavender since you ask) to freshen visage.

feel all capable and sorted once more.