en route once more: Madrid to Lisboa

after a Most delicious desayuno and a quick teaching-someone-Very-glam-and-Spanish-to-set-up-a-blog (welcome to the interweb new Clandestine Columnist!) and a swift’ish walk in the (surprising but sadly covering Much of Western Europe or The Continent right Now) rain – we set off for the airport and for the Next country (literally – turn Left for Portugal – if one is facing North, of course, and one Often doesn’t have a Clue which direction one Is facing and we Rather enjoy it, darlings).

beyond Tired.

and rather grumpy and feeling non-body-love (the new word for fat, apparently) or Rather generously curvy due to sitting on bottom for DAYS and not swimming and………


Eating cake.

got to get off the sugar again.

Oh god.

we just don’t have the energy to detox.

Maybe (once we return to the USA) we’ll slip some Ridiculous amount of cash to the juice people and they can have those bizarre re-fridge-a-rate-Or bags at the ready so we can weep and wail in the comfort of our own apartment while Reducing.

This is turning into one of those Lady’s blogs about increasing/decreasing bottom size.

Not Happy.

We’d prefer to go back to the Scar.

Which says hello, by the way.

It’s an awfully polite scar.

Unlike its Disgruntled owner today.

And we Must get a better attitude because – at the other end of This Flight – members of our Family of Origin will be waiting.


As our colleagues from the New New world might say.

One must Be Prepared.*

*we were never a scout. But we did get asked to leave the Brownies for an incident involving our jealousy and apparently unwarranted accusations of nepotism – yes – we had a Large and vibrant vocab even at 8 – of Brown Owl’s daughter’s amassing of Badges at a more Rapid pace than teamgloria. There were insults thrown (guilty) and perhaps a Tantrum Thrown (not much change there then). We resolved never to submit to Wardrobe Inspection again – outside of a dimly lit nightclub in Sarf’ London or was it the East end of the East End? No matter. You get the idea, darlings ;)

flying to the Other Coast.

another airport – another monday.

and this time it’s for (pure – or, ahem, maybe not so pure……..and no we’re not telling ;) pleasure!

sadly team gloria bought her own ticket with her own money so – sigh – we’re turning right, not left, on this flight. and unless we do the hustle, we’re in a Middle Row (gulp).

practicing humility.

tis good for the soul – we heard.

btw, vast disappointment – the lovely publisher who expressed an interest in our delicious photography book called:

how to stay sane in a crazy world

sent us the loveliest note.

but “passed on it”

apparently she’s written to our lovely literary agent too.

we are a little sad.

but also a tiny bit relieved –

a. depending on outcome of surgery we may have to start writing our cancer memoir (everyone has a book in them but not everyone is chosen for that genre ;) but we think we could write a good one. seriously. we have quite a special take on life.

b. we would have had to tell the day job people-in-charge that we’re team gloria and we are not-quite-ready-for-that.

but ALMOST………………

gosh life is deeply interesting, non?

will report in from Los Angeles darlings.