mozart, blue shirt, pearls and a literary companion for a long drive south.


we’re about to get into the car and drive s o u t h as who-we-are-in-RL has a work meeting or two and we just wanted to get Out of Town as yesterday with the radio was ever so lovely but now we’re feeling a Tiny bit exposed and some quiet would be a Very good idea.

so we’ve packed the blue shirt and pearls.


and the Mozart import (from JAPAN) played by a deeply talented group from Berlin.


and the scrap of virtual paper with the most delicious sentences all put together by Mr. D. H. Lawrence:

Terra Incognita
There are vast realms of consciousness still undreamed of vast ranges of experience, like the humming on unseen harps, we know nothing of, within us.
Oh, when man has escaped from the barbed-wire entanglement
of his own ideas and his own mechanical devices
there is a marvelous rich world of contact and sheer fluid beauty
and fearless face-to-face awareness of now-naked life
and me, and you, and other men and women,
and grapes, and ghouls, and ghosts and green moonlight
and ruddy-orange limbs stirring the limbo
of the unknown air, and eyes so soft
softer than the space between the stars,
and all things, and nothing, and being and not-being
alternately palpitant
when at last we escape the barbed-wire enclosure
of Know Thyself, knowing we can never know
we can but touch, and wonder, and ponder, and make our effort
and dangle in a last fastidious fine delight
as the fuchsia does, dangling her reckless drop
of purple after so much putting forth
and slow mounting marvel of a little tree.

isn’t that Beautiful?

we will make like the fuchsia today.

now – sadly – we can’t take you with us – we need to Concentrate and so won’t be posting until tomorrow evening, late’ish.

so here’s some music to be going on with:

we were Most Particularly inspired by the tale over at Beguiling Hollywood this morning in which Ms. Vickie Lester discusses satiny slips and Ms. N. Simone and so instantly popped back to our Playlist and added in some lyrical-loveliness from the aforementioned goddess (Ms. N. Simone – but if Miss Vickie Lester has released a CD of classical or jazz music, we would be Utterly Delighted to add That in too).

we are also packing a slim volume – because we do like to take a literary companion with us on any sort of a road trip – or a Trip by plane, by sea – oh! for a sea voyage – like our good friend The Sophisticate.

we’ve just finished Annemarie Schwarzenbach’s All The Roads Are Open……..


and now we embark upon Death in Persia.

because when one is setting out (in Life) on a journey that has no course, no map, few directions, perhaps not quite enough provisions or courage it Truly helps to take (as one’s literary companion at least) other Adventurous Women who have Gone out into the Unknown and lived to tell the Tale.

the magical aspect (and there are many we’re discovering) about Ms. Schwarzenbach is that it is only fairly recently that we could have read her own words.

thanks to the gifts of the bilingual and the poetic like Ms. Isabel Fargo Cole and Ms. Lucy Renner Jones.

and now we set off once again.

the sun has come up.

it’s 0757 hours over here in this part of the world.

and we have Mozart, a blue shirt, pearls and a Literary Companion in Ms. Schwarzenbach.

an adventure awaits, we feel sure *shivers*.


40 gorgeous literary and brave and out there #feminist years @viragoBooks


we heard that our friends-at-Virago (in London, England) are celebrating their birthday – and it’s a Significant One (40!)

Virago at 40

the Guardian has covered this lovely event here

if you can receive this Transmission from the BBC in your own territory, there’s a Splendid Desert Island Discs* from the vibrantly brave founder: Carmen Callil

*as you may recall we Adore desert-island-discs

when who-we-are-in-RL was a Student (and thus Lacking In Funds), the distinctive green jacket of a Virago book was a Beacon in the back of a secondhand bookshop off the charing cross road or in the nether regions (don’t ask) of kings cross or sometimes in a genteel part of chelsea off the kings road.

it said FREEDOM.

Virago celebrated (and continues to do so but when one was Young it felt so Important to know this) women who had BIG LIVES.

we missed this (because we had already left england) but there were some Special Covers done a few years ago of some of our favo(u)rites:



we would Swoop in on the Virago books in a secondhand bookshop and take them home to nourish our fevered imagination of What Might Happen when we Graduated (a Lot happened but that’s another story).

isn’t the Delafield a pretty cover?

we thought a Lot about her when we wrote this post here as we were starting to write The House On Church Row (now wouldn’t THAT make a delicious Virago book? *farofflooktothehorizon*) and the Lovely Jilly Cooper wrote about her here:

such intertwining is only possible on the interweb, darlings – such fun.

we Thrilled to Virago’s tales of the domestic travails and the hidden-writers-in-the-back-room while the Laundry was being done and children-slept – it all felt Possible.

if you’d like to Immerse yourself in a Virago tale today do stop by their Ms. You Tube channel (how Modern! as william would say)

here’s current Publisher of Virago, Lennie Goodings, talking about their Book Club (we adore a book club, don’t you?)

and the final word must go to Fleur Fisher who writes a wonderful blog post here

because in the end, it’s about those of us who Love To Read.

happy birthday, Virago!


have you read a Virago today?

do. tell.

guten tag, julia stoepel! @missjulesberlin came to visit.


a day of delicious Visits from Abroad (and the Other Coast)!

guild was in NYC from Los Angeles(bleary eyed but always cheerful and Extremely Tall and gentlemanly) and met us for an early breakfast on carmine street.

Then tonight one of our favor(u)rite muso-vinyl-men is in Town from London so we’ll be having supper and then hopefully heading to bleecker st records to see what’s on the turntable. ….

And late morning we had a Treat indeed…..

julia stoepel was in town from BERLIN!


Don’t you?

All those semiotic classes at university, rilke, das kabinet Dr. Caligari, Bowie, iggy (can we call him just Iggy?), Mr. Reed, sunken cheekbones, late night cabaret (and Cabaret, of course), paintings in abandoned buildings with full floor studios and black coffee with a slightly world weary half smile.


julia was splendid.

It’s her story so we cannot tell it but oh – Quelle Adventurous and brave hearted and utterly glorious she is…….


As befitting her short stay in this city from her city, we walked around and took black and white pictures and talked about Life and Love and……..los angeles where we do believe we will see her next.


Did we tell you (almost) our most treasured factoid about julia?




julia is the voice of Hello Kitty in germany. 

As well as an accomplished actor, voiceover artist and Lover of Adventure.


she is also completely enthralled (as you know We are) by a chandelier.

thank you, meine freundin julia, for the Visit – and the precious flowers.


See you in Hollywood, dearest one.