guten tag, julia stoepel! @missjulesberlin came to visit.


a day of delicious Visits from Abroad (and the Other Coast)!

guild was in NYC from Los Angeles(bleary eyed but always cheerful and Extremely Tall and gentlemanly) and met us for an early breakfast on carmine street.

Then tonight one of our favor(u)rite muso-vinyl-men is in Town from London so we’ll be having supper and then hopefully heading to bleecker st records to see what’s on the turntable. ….

And late morning we had a Treat indeed…..

julia stoepel was in town from BERLIN!


Don’t you?

All those semiotic classes at university, rilke, das kabinet Dr. Caligari, Bowie, iggy (can we call him just Iggy?), Mr. Reed, sunken cheekbones, late night cabaret (and Cabaret, of course), paintings in abandoned buildings with full floor studios and black coffee with a slightly world weary half smile.


julia was splendid.

It’s her story so we cannot tell it but oh – Quelle Adventurous and brave hearted and utterly glorious she is…….


As befitting her short stay in this city from her city, we walked around and took black and white pictures and talked about Life and Love and……..los angeles where we do believe we will see her next.


Did we tell you (almost) our most treasured factoid about julia?




julia is the voice of Hello Kitty in germany. 

As well as an accomplished actor, voiceover artist and Lover of Adventure.


she is also completely enthralled (as you know We are) by a chandelier.

thank you, meine freundin julia, for the Visit – and the precious flowers.


See you in Hollywood, dearest one.

final day of medical leave: 21 days later: so many feelings, no more time.

hmmm. this is a hard one to write.

our last day of medical leave.

we have mixed feelings, to be honest.

a sense of relief (no cancer). a new perspective (god, we have Great Friends). well-rested (not a lot else to do even if lots of the sleep happened during the day and we watched movies and read during the small cruel hours of sleeplessness). well-read (see previous point – the small hours are good with a hot tea and a pair of glasses perched on our nose while snuggled under the covers against Tons of Nice Pillows).

we are also aware that Everything Must Change.

not sure how that will happen.

but we’re ready for it, whatever It Is.

and we have some ideas – including a book and a “kindness kit” business and lots of other hopefully brilliant “gosh where did they come from?!” concepts and the movie screenplay about Holly Hart and her tumors/tumours – hell, yeah, of Course we’re going to fictionalize this Whole Experience – and we’re geared up to write a second movie starring Gloria (see here for more about that)

here’s where it all started…….after the initial “lumps” found back in April 2011, and then the ultrasounds and biopsies and then the Hideous Line: “WE FOUND A MASS AND NEED TO OPERATE” (yeah, it felt like shouting)

Posted on June 17, 2011 by teamgloria

so team gloria has a date for the surgery –

september 9th –

and the rather hideous diagnosis of:

“thirty percent chance of cancer”

and – shocking –

we have three tumors/tumours, not just tobias.

this isn’t the realm of the unwell – it’s a veritable breeding machine inside our throat.

(the rest of this post is here)

and ever since then, we’ve been through So many Feelings (btw, we just deleted a whole bunch of spam in the comments and got Very Cross with one – that may have been an auto-generated-response-bot – that said we were WHINING. huh? our response was unprintable. and thankfully un-typed. isn’t Hitting the Delete Button a blessing, darlings?)

for any reason, if you’ve just joined us (perhaps from Instagram? hello! we Adore Instagram) and wonder what the hell all this talk is about it starts here:

and now we attempt to return to the Day Job. (ahem, no, they don’t know we call it that ;-) #giggle

let’s see what happens next. when this blog returns to documenting our search for glorious people, places and things once more (and our La Vie Jet-Set).

so here are a few pictures from our last blessed day of healing from all-that-has-happened-so-far.

final look at the view from where we take our fake thyroid hormone pills and then the calcium a bit later and have to steady ourselves for the nausea.

we met jT for tea at 10AM (before we had our hair cut to look presentable for Corporate America tomorrow) and he was wearing a magical god from the Incas. it spoke to us so we asked if we could take a picture (we asked jT, not the Inca god).

we then (post haircut) took a walk to meet Jonathan and talk a while and rest at ground support (we wish they had a web site because we’d link to them then but if you’re in the neighborhood/area/locale they’re on west broadway just south of spring).

then Jonathan’s phone rang and his AGENT CALLED (we love these kind of moments) and HE JUST GOT A NEW ROLE ON A TELEVISION SERIES! (isn’t that fabulous). despite his great excitement we persuaded him to pose for an anonymous style shot of the actor, resting, who has just marked down his start date for shooting – he was Very Kind and did this (see below).

we then spent a little while resting (as we Have Been through Surgery just under three weeks ago and our strength is not yet returned) and, after his Day at the Office had ended, the lovely jW (of the CT jW1/jW2) dropped by and we had a brainstorm and a nice pot of tea and a walk (we are getting Lots of Exercise) and then we split some rather nice cheese from a local creamery (so chic and supporting local businesses as we have been doing for the entire medical leave as we couldn’t go anywhere).

and so – tomorrow – back to work. and a New Chapter.

(talking of new chapters – William sent us a final medical leave gift – too kind! of Roy Strong’s delicious book about England – chapter 1 is entitled “Gloriana” – we are Tickled Pink – and will be reading it tonight.)



hot and humid NY nights: late night bookshop browsing and reading alison bechdel..


team gloria slept through the night for the first time in what feels like months, due to traveling/travelling and general worries about tobias (which, thank you for asking, is noticeably larger in our throat – or are we just a tiny bit slimmer? anyway, difficulty swallowing and long telephone conversations leave us a little scratchy and hoarse – eek).

it was 90-degrees (“awfully terribly silly levels of heat” for our british friends) last night at TEN PM so we took a stroll around the neighborhood/locale and went to our favourite/favorite bookshop: mercer street books.


the thing about a good bookshop is its late hours: mercer street has a sign on the door which charms us every time – “open until ten – sometimes later” – just in case someone interesting drops on by – david bowie lives down the street, after all – and they play the best old vinyl – yes VINYL – which they also sell – so it’s a little like a salon experience. not a salon experience like ottoline morrell (although we’re sure she would have had a stunning vinyl collection if it had been available in her bloomsbury years) but a “hey, man, listen to this” and we all nod our heads as a very rare japanese import of joni mitchell unfolds under the turntable needle.

a true nyc experience indeed.

we took a while to browse (it does have air conditioning, thank god) and picked up a first edition of alison bechdel’s “fun house: a family tragicomic”. alison’s illustrations (and subtext and metatext and all the other bits that are words and meanings) are extraordinary. her site is here and some deliciously sophisticated and very clever french people did a thesis on “fun house”, our favorite/favourite one which you can find here: 

Drag as metaphor and the quest for meaning in Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic

Hélène Tison

Université François Rabelais, Tours

isn’t that just the smartest title for a popular culture treatise?

we thought so.

alison’s book was so absorbing that we sat at the counter (always at the counter – best light – best impression of a 1930s movie) at a late night coffee shop and read it from start to finish.

then we came home and wrote her a note of appreciation (because that’s what we do).

a perfect night.

and then we slept too.

who could ask for more?

off to make ourselves agreeable for the day job which is full of stress and verve and busy-ness and terribly corporate – comme tous jours as one might say if one was still in paris.

actually our delightful american actor friend jF arrived in paris last night – we can’t wait to hear the news…..(hint ;-)

have a beautiful day, darlings.