plotting. #delicious


We’ve been Plotting. With mP.



No details as yet.

But Delicious.



Ah yes.

Tea and a blog Lesson for ABM.

Yes. Of course there was tea.

And subtle and calm lighting. Always.

Talking of divine illumination….

Have you been to shabby chic couture recently? Oh! ’twas glorious.


We purchased a winter star to hang at chez teamgloria.

Isn’t it delicious?

We do like starlight. And stars. And Plotting.

A Lot.


How about You?

Do Tell.

a very mellow meandering sunday.

such a delicious day.

tag cloud alert: ABM, photos, tea, smiles, squeaky, divine feline, L’Amour (details of a certain acquaintance who has had a Few delicious adventures rather Recently, virtual erotic conversations (teamgloria is being wicked in prose ;) no! No details. #giggle), central park, brunch, cafe au lait, Noel Coward, Cecil Beaton – we could go on………..









at ABM apartment by this point – isn’t this exquisite?



see what ABM is reading…..

Squeaky (in repose)

we took a constitutional in central park (ABM and teamgloria – squeaky stayed home, darlings and watched the BBC DVD of Private Lives, again)

We saw a small street market (the market was small, the street was Central Park West, love)

Perhaps this is our future supplier of lavender for teamgloria kindness kit

Did we mention our corporate seals have arrived?


And a Tiny Bit Terrifying too.

exquisite embroidery: a trip to Penn & Fletcher, Inc. #divine

We happened to have an excuse to drop by Penn & Fletcher, as our business life allowed a small trip out of manhattan (we didn’t go far – long island city – but manhattan is a state of mind so the change was Most Refreshing, darlings and Much Needed).

It was the lively and lovely ABM (whom you will know from his delicious comments as well as a prior evening’s engagement or two during our medical leave) who invited us for tea and gave us a tour with the similarly Most Elegant EAS.

Just Look at these pictures!

The fine embroidery work – on the most ravishing of silks, satins and glorious fabrics using patterns, some that date back to 1878, on a vast range of both vintage machines (we swooned at the collection of Singers and others from Paris) and up to the minute computer powered design-rich huge networked devices (we had a sneaky geeking out moment with their gifted illustrator/operator chap).

Just marvel.












such a dreamy day.

we were floating as we left after spending a delightful time among the satins and silks and elegant embroidery designs and inspirations which have graced the stage and screen from Broadway to Hollywood as well as vintage picture palaces in the deepest South where restored velvets will envelop those beautiful people watching a Louise Brooks matinee on a twinkly night in midsummer.

greenwich village diner. After a Most Creative day.

spent the afternoon listening to David Sylvian (Japan and post), Dead Can Dance and Strawberry Switchblade while madly decoupaging.

It’s all still drying so just a ‘mood’ shot, for now.



And then we headed out for supper with ABM at a Most Classic diner while he gave us entrepreneurial guidance for our Next Chapter.



and there was a girl with a pearl earring there too (shhhhh)


We feel most Uplifted and Hopeful.


The thing is, the Day Job is so much more pleasant if one is also living one’s dream, darlings.

Tobias taught us that much with his tumor/tumour lessons. Painful. But necessary.

Noel Coward, Yoda, C3PO, Asterix the Gaul – the many secret loves of an Executive.

such a delicious surprise!

a parcel arrived (and you know we Adore a Parcel)

and our executive assistant (because we are supposed to be an Executive during the daylight hours that is….) came in and we whooped when we saw it was a gift from ABM of delicious Noel Coward (at the BBC, no less) plays – Too Kind!

this made our day.

which, we have to admit, was Almost Ruined, by a thoughtless person who saw our poor slain neck and said (hold your breath for a second):

oh, that’s not so bad.

yeah, right, we nearly hit them too.


we managed to extract ourselves without committing homicide (although we are well-versed in how to clean up a mess after watching the quite lovely Maria Bello #deepsigh in Prime Suspect – yes, after a few moments, one *almosts* forgets Helen Mirren as Maria makes it her own, completely) and told them in no uncertain detail about the five hour surgery and the painful glands growing and the calcium pills nausea – and then we carefully backed into our office and faked a phonecall (it was the best we could do at short notice and not enough caffeine).

you may have guessed – we don’t always Act like an Executive, with the whooping and such like (but people appear to enjoy our exuberance anyway, darlings)* especially when we ask them to blow bubbles (see below) before we start a “meeting” to discuss Very Important Things (that require sketching diagrams and such like – thank you jw1).

*the other Clue to our Not-quite-being-a-proper-executive (apart from the bubbles and whooping) are these, our workplace gods – the divine trinity of Yoda, C3PO and Asterix the Gaul.

we had several Very important Meetings today (with people who went into speaking Russian and German at crucial points during which, you’d probably be amazed to know, we didn’t get flustered – oh no, we are used to this) and we couldn’t quite meet Yoda’s dignified gaze as we said (with no sense of irony at all, just a broad smile and a head to the side charming-ness):

well, of course, as we said in Milan, earlier this year……

we Almost giggled.

but we didn’t.

because we are meant to say stuff like that at the Day Job.

we know. Quelle Glam.

a delicious night chez ABM: The Women (original), 1930s decor, tea and a black cat.


a truly delicious evening.

If you watch The Women, you would feel instantly better (and we felt prettier and witty and tres glam watching it at his beautiful pied a terre sur le upper west side of this crazy town).


powder puff clouds.


tea set – and a black cat with dainty white paws called squeaky.


Very Elegant Swellagant 1930s decor.


white roses, artfully arranged. and a vintage candlestick (heirloom? mais bien sur, cheri)


a final word from squeaky.

goodnight darlings, today was a great day.

We forgot!

It started with a Lovely Conversation with lady-of-letters over tea chez nous, with mint from her own terrace garden. So Chic.


medical leave day 13: german films in the dark cinema while waiting for our glands to grow back (and the Divine DV)

the doorbell rang – not early – but insistently and suddenly there was a very nice man from the FedEx company with a parcel (as you know we Love a Parcel).this was from the elegant, erudite and downright delicious ABM (who has the most flowing script and writes a Very Good Card).

Oh! quelle delight! the package contained the new book about DIANA VREELAND!

we left a croaky (a little more voice everyday) and highly emotional (this cannot come as a surprise to you darlings) voicemail on his machine (which we suppose is virtual these days) to say thank you and will be writing a lovely card (we bought some more from the stationery shop yesterday and love to post letters as you know #smallsimpletasks) first thing in the morning.



is truly divine.

we hung the red ribbon from ABM’s parcel in ceremony on the Scavullo portrait (not the original – alas – but a Very Nice Print – well-framed) of Diana Vreeland (on a vivid red mat, naturally) in our main room (we hesitate to call it sitting room as we don’t sit a lot – we lounge and living room sounds silly when one lives in such a small and yet lovely apartment – plus we “live” in all our rooms).

two lovely visits – earlier today Jonathan (took us for a stroll – a lot further than before and happily the rain had stopped as we walked through Washington Square) and, this evening, K took us to UPS to pick up some post that was too big for the mailbox or something of that sort or needed a signature we can’t recall – our mind is a whirl (we’re secretly reading the DV book as we type, looking left occasionally and turning a page – yes! the multi-tasking brain is Back!) and then we went to supper by candlelight very close to the house. it was All Too Much being out as we faded (hopefully gracefully) and came home.

and now – hours later, of course, we’re Wide Awake.

oh – we forgot to mention – on the way back from our walk (like a small black labrador) with our lovely companion Jonathan – we thought we’d see if we were strong enough for the cinema. in the mid-afternoon there are very few people about and we are a tiny bit bored of our apartment as you can imagine after 13 days and so we ventured in, telling ourselves we could always leave if it got too much (the cinema is one of four about three blocks from our place).

we stayed. and we’re so glad we did. we saw Drei (3) (a Foreign Film, yes – we do speak a tiny bit of german) and enjoyed it immensely. the ending was a bit ho-hum to be honest. but the whole effect was a beautiful portrait of three, entwined, 40 (?) somethings who were lost and found each other and then themselves. plus it was european so very duo-chrome and stark and east berlin style housing and vintage paperbacks with curious covers and good art director glasses and unkempt yet well-cut hair and Very Intelligent People. worth seeing.

sitting in the cool darkness of the cinema we had this sensation of our glands growing (because, as you probably recall, they were removed during the 5 hour surgery as they were twisted and sore and destroyed by our tumours/tumors/Tobias and his sisters). it was kinda nice. the idea that while we sat quietly in the dark. bits of us are growing back. and soothing and healing and getting ready for what’s next. whatever that is.

***we DID write to you this morning, darlings. but “something happened” with the laptop. we’re not sure what it was. but it was sort of magical and made us giggle. you see we woke up in something of a Fury. and we made a cup of coffee (after a Decent Interval post the pills we have to take) and we wrote (and Cried a Bit) and wrote and wrote – quite furiously – all about the glass closet and corporate america and homophobia and immigration and sexism and Getting To Be Too Much and What Happened When and there was even some dialogue (very carefully disguised as to Person and Place) and our reaction and their lack of it and there was more. Lots More. and we took a deep breath and felt Very Proud for being all Out There (ahem) and revealing and So There and we PRESSED SEND and went off to run a bubble bath and listen to Radio 4………..

and when we got back there was an error message. the Post had not been Posted.

fancy that.

sometimes darling one Has to Say Something. But the world doesn’t necessarily Have To Read It.

too funny.

it’s never happened before.

we are protected by angels.