what do you think? #coverdesign


we’re going to “self-publish” book 1 (while we remain anonymous…..tis not time, as yet, to be who we are in RL…..)

mainly because we love the pictures. and also because we love to show the dummy (what special publishing people call the “mock up”, it’s not a judgement statement, love) and see people’s shoulders drop and a small quiet smile and a deep exhale transpire.

feels good.

so – will you help us?

vote for the one You like. 

we think this is our contender for today……but let us know, darlings, let us know. 

especially as you come and visit us from so many gorgeous places and have a lovely Eye on the world (from the Other Coast to the windswept eastern seaboard to Paris, Madrid and even – down under – and over to the bits of Asia that are allowed to see WordPress blogs….)