wilde in the gardens at the library


a most divine evening.


our (newest) friends at the Chalk Repertory (doesn’t the word Rep make you think of Penelope Keith as a young Thing in some Restoration Comedy-esque in the outskirts of Manchester? Oh, just us then) were performing Oscar Wilde’s Lady Windermere’s Fan in the gardens at the Clark Library.

the play was delightful – pleasurable to the ear, pleasing to the eye and full of those Wildean Witticisms that make the lady behind one turn to her husband and repeat them (a tiny bit too) loudly.

No, we are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.
(Sits down at C table)
We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the
stars? Upon my word, you are very romantic to-night,
Too romantic! You must be in love. Who is the girl?
The woman I love is not free, or thinks she isn’t.
(Glances instinctively at LORD WINDERMERE while he

Ah, what a fascinating Puritan you are, Lady Windermere!
The adjective was unnecessary, Lord Darlington.
I couldn’t help it. I can resist everything except
You have the modern affectation of weakness.

we went with George – who brought the most delicious Picnic (it was terribly glyndebourne, actually).

the roses were in the early August stage of slightly wilting but ready for summer’s end. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

George brought the family silver. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

the balconies at the library are very romantic – one Ought to be inside with a first Folio and white archival gloves and a wistful expression – non?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

the Chalk Rep makes clever use of surprising spaces – like the Grecian statue infused anteroom for Lord Darlington’s personal chambers *shivers*. WSWMClarkLibrary2 WSWMClarkLibraryalas the Library itself was not used in the Performance (we were all outside on blankets and seats and wandering between sets from Act to Act which was delightful and felt very Modern, as william would say)

but we could peek behind the blinds (or use an earlier photograph from the last time we were at the Clark).

such a lovely evening.

only in Los Angeles could one have an evening approximating a drawing room comedy under the stars (In england one would need to carry a Macintosh Square).

Mr. Beebe had lost every one, and had consumed in solitude the tea-basket which he had brought up as a pleasant surprise. Miss Lavish had lost Miss Bartlett. Lucy had lost Mr. Eager. Mr. Emerson had lost George. Miss Bartlett had lost a mackintosh square. Phaethon had lost the game.

It was of drawing-room people that Miss Bartlett thought as she journeyed downwards towards the fading sun. Lucy sat beside her; Mr. Eager sat opposite, trying to catch her eye; he was vaguely suspicious. They spoke of Alessio Baldovinetti.

9610_viewyou’re right.

in the end it Always reminds us of Miss Bartlett and the naughty novelist Eleanor Lavish.

which makes life odd in L.A – but different, certainly.

are you having a divine (no pun intended – or perhaps we Did) Sunday?

do tell.

what news from your part of the world?


up at dawn and off to the flower mart.


we got up at 0530 hours and picked up george (whose idea for an Adventure this was) and  talked all the way into downtown as the sun came up over the skyscrapers and peeked into the low slung buildings bursting-with-blooms.


and Most Fragrant.


now we Adore flowers (well most specifically creamy white roses, to tell the absolute truth).

but we fell Breathlessly into the floral-accessories-shops en route back to the car and wandered happily up and down the aisles of ribbon and bows and vases and glass votive bud jars and grecian columns (3/4 size and most intriguing *lookstocamera*) and bought a small packet of corsage pins (there were black ones too but we edited those out for the shot)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

we have never worn a corsage (having not gone to an American High School or appeared as a walk-on actor in the movie Footloose or one of those films by the intense Mr. Tyler Perry – these are the only places we have seen corsages), and so were most curious to see a description of How To Pin here:

Using corsage pins can be a tricky process. For young gentleman, offering a corsage before a dance doesn’t necessarily mean you should be the one to pin it. In order to make sure you pin the corsage only to the dress, and don’t poke the skin, you really should insert a hand behind the pin while you are pinning. When young ladies wear strapless dresses, this may be impractical and inappropriate. Instead you might want the young woman to pin the corsage herself, or get another lady in the house to help her with the pinning.

so now you know, darlings.

why did we Purchase corsage pins with no interest in wearing a corsage?

for the Bulletin Board, naturally!


and now we know where to go when we want to buy some 3/4 size grecian columns too.

awfully tempting.

have you ever worn a corsage (or pinned one on someone else, carefully?)

and do you have 3/4 size grecian columns?


do invite us round.

we’ll wear a corsage (pin) or two in celebration.


a night with angels who have fallen, in pasadena, under twinkle lights, with george.


we Just got back from the Farmers Market with an armful of roses and swinging bags of fruit and vegetables (and marinated olives from the greek lady) and need to get ready for Brunch (most definitely pictures Later – there’s a garden Visit as well – glorious).

But here was last night’s delight.

Noel Coward’s Fallen Angels at the Pasadena Playhouse – with George who also wrote about our evening here – and a smattering of courtyard twinkle lights and elegant conversation.


the theatre was built in 1917 and has seen Many-a-Noel-Coward Production – and this one was SUPERB!

we expected it to be Good.

but it was bloody-good (as Noel might say).


lots of farcical and Amusing behavio(u)r and a snappy sense of Fun. url

and a Lot of confused and silly-adorable-ness antics. 

one usually doesn’t need to talk about the Set if the production was excellent (because it’s often all one Can talk about if it Really isn’t) but this one was a delicious chocolate box of a drawing room with painting and blue-blue-satin fabrics on the pert sofa and a baby-grand (complete with german-bar-room-singing-maid-smoking-furtively at one point – always wry and genius.)

the evening was a dream.

a lovely drive East to Pasadena as the sun set in the rear view mirror – Handel on the audio system – george in the passenger seat providing elegant conversation.

and we got the Time wrong so we were a full Hour or so Early and could even drift into a second-hand bookshop and find a stack of 1989 – 1990 H&G magazines for a steal which we spent several hours this morning pouring over while eating strawberries.


quelle blissful sunday.

how’s Yours?

do tell!


did you have a delicious sunday?


Do. Tell.

A delicious sunday?

We did.

In fact it was one of those sundays where we had to Stop for a moment and *giggle* because it was Exactly the sort of sunday that we Imagined when we were very small.

Not as small as this (we are 2.5 in this one)


But maybe not long after…..

The sort of sunday where we woke up with the sun – prepared Tea and Strawberries for a fellow Writer friend (this being George.)


And he arrived bearing incense from an ashram (naturally – this Is California, darlings and fragrant gorgeous incense it is Too).


Then we both sipped tea, delicately enjoyed the fruit and talked a long while…


Before heading off to the Farmers’ market where we purchased salad greens and more delicousness for Later.


And en route au Casa once more, we saw a chandelier!


Now the reason we had a picture to hand of us as a small person is because there’s a Meme going around.

No – this isn’t some strangeness – it’s an idea/concept/interestingness going around the interweb where people tell #5curiousfacts about themselves and then “Tag” others to take-up-the-baton (small sporting reference – rare, for us, we know So little – it took a phonecall with Barry on the Other Coast – for us to find out why everyone at the supermarket last night was frenzied in Buying Of Potato Chips. Apparently they go down well watching large men in vast shoulder pads pass a ball back and forth while someone sings the national anthem – curiously enough)

We digress.

The Meme.

So Here Is someone We tagged who shared her factoids + most excellent they were too.

And Here are ours.


Would you join us?

In the comments or tag us on instagram and we will come and say hello over there.

But if you put your 5 Curious Facts below we would be Thrilled.


We adore Factoids.

Don’t you?

They are particularly appreciated on a sunday.