it’s going to be a long night:

but in 16 hours it’ll all be over and healing begins. so – hmmm – not much point getting an early night – we are so wired and awake and, surprisingly productive, everything’s packed. here’s how tomorrow looks (as they say in Los Angeles): up at 4.30AM or shortly thereafter (and a panic at No […]

hello from 17J: off to the Other Coast.

darlings! we’re in the air once more. bliss. first, some pictures. this was from the friendly 1 train last night (but as much as we wanted to click and comment, there was nowhere to respond to the lovely question as to our well-being…) then this morning we awoke (a little puffy of eye it has […]

perdu en route

dearest reader send a soothing bubble bath, a warm blanket (preferably in the softest camel hue of cashmere/wool mix) and a pot of tea and a proper china cup and saucer………… ………….for we are perdu en route. or at least our tired soul and sense of humour/humor is most definitely missing…………. we missed our flight […]