3.31AM meltdown at JFK

darlings it had to happen. one flight too many (flight 10 of 10 is due to leave LATER THAN EXPECTED but at least it is DUE to leave….bear with us)…… (this was flight 9 of 10) an arrival in Manhattan (well, JFK is strictly nowhere near manhattan but we digress) at 10.25PM last night. and […]

judging. in a good way.

darlings while who-we-are-in-RL is judging (in a good way, because The Bookmarks national digital awards of SOUTH AFRICA asked specifically if she would, you see) we’ve met some Fascinating People and made a few Tiny Alterations* to who-we-are-in-RL’s speech for Tuesday – in Johannesburg (hurrah! flight 5 of 10!) – as she’s giving a Workshop (most […]

autumn in brooklyn with mr. auden.

darlings we’ve had a Lovely few hours in Brooklyn and now we pack our simply silver surprisingly lightweight samsonite suitcase (with wheels) and wait for the Town car to take us to the Airport and back to the Other Coast once more. but first – some pictures – because it was a truly glorious day […]

to the revels of 17th century Paris!

darlings a delicious evening’s entertainment at the sumptuous Clark Memorial Library for a new iambic pentameter (as opposed to the tougher-to-make-amusing-in-english Alexandrine form, of course) translation of Pierre Corneille’s The Liar hosted by the UCLA Center for 17th and 18th Century Studies (yes, we felt Most at Home). the email (how modern) arrived a few short weeks ago […]

hanging the exhibition at #snice #soho

darlings tis strange and surreal to be back Here (where we lived for 7 years if you’ve just joined us – and Welcome if you have *winninglooktocamera*) and rather Glorious, of course. we had a coffee and a bagel at the counter of a 1929 coffee shop on Fifth and it all felt very teamgloria […]