I started my career at the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) – as a small child (yes, really). I wrote – and sang – the jingles for Des Lynam’s show on BBC Radio Brighton, before he went up to London to present Match of the Day for BBC TV.

When I became a journalist on The Independent, the national broadsheet newspaper, then off Fleet Street, I was back at the BBC from time to time, commentating on arts and technology programmes. Sadly I can’t find those links online, as that was pre-BBC Sounds era, but one memorable night on BBC Radio 5 Live involved Rev. Richard Coles, formerly of The Communards, as I recall.


As Head of Mobile for Hearst Digital USA, I was interviewed by Aleks Krotoski on Guardian Tech Weekly

David Essel interviewed me for his radio show when my book How to Stay Sane in a Crazy World (Hay House, 2014) was published.

Jane Garvey interviewed me on BBC Radio 4 – about reinvention, with Rosie Boycott (separate reinventions, we didn’t regenerate together).

During the pandemic, I felt hugely nostalgic about the BBC and appeared on both OJ Borg’s Midnight Mastermind and Gary Davies’ BBC 2 show Sounds of the 80s.

Novel Extracts

During the pandemic, I got creative.

Wrote 4 x novels (yes, really) – hired a design agency in Zurich, and published them.

Then I set about adapting excerpts, working with voice actors (remotely), and taught myself to use the software to build soundscapes, importing FX, visuals and collaborating with composers.

Yes, it helped.