dawn to dusk with anne scott-james.

darlings in between writing articles and chasing up consultancy tasks, we cooked and listened to Mr. Robert Elms on the wireless, popped out to meet friends at lunchtime and then decided we’d Done Enough. and settled down on the sofa, with the pashmina over our shoulders and another throw near the feet, for comfort, and […]

christmas prep in cinema and song.

darlings we don’t celebrate christmas in RL. but we ADORE it at the cinema and in Song. so we’ve been doing Lots of that. to start off this piece of “post” with good cheer and a rousing Voice – ladies and gentlemen and those as yet in transition or of the 3.5 gender classification – […]

to tea with the duke at el royale.

darlings such a delightful treat. our friend – whom we must only refer obliquely to as the duke – has moved into rooms-at-the-El-Royale! well – we *sighed* (prettily and deeply) upon hearing this – we could not Resist the invitation to tea while taking in the sunset (all 360-degrees of it, from the roof terrace) […]

hello, london.

darlings we’re here! and quite MAD (in a funny way) from the overnight flight from NYC to London in 51H (don’t ask) with probably not-exactly-2-hours-sleep but the Virgin Atlantic staff were splendid – all perky british essex voices and a kindly way about them – especially when dispensing tea or hot chocolate (nobody was allowed […]

the under-the-weather day.

darlings must be deadlines and the change in season – or perhaps something more mystical and metaphysical – who knows – but we felt a little “off” today – and, in fact, had to take the morning to dose ourselves with Vitamin C and P G Tips and a long nap. perhaps the bright bright […]