twice over lightly.

in 1972, Anita Loos and Helen Hayes (then both in somewhat Advanced ages of life but having had a Most glorious set of Lives between them – Broadway, Hollywood and the odd “cure” in a Swiss Clinic to boot – we cast no aspersions, anita was doing Research for Hollywood) wrote a book called: Twice […]

deciding Not to start all over again.

we woke up at 2AM. hasn’t happened for a while. not since we stopped travel(l)ing for La Vie JetSet. perhaps there was something about not wanting to be as devil-may-care about the move (back to Los Angeles if you’ve just joined us, darlings). we are Tired of starting all over again – again – so […]

snow melting in tribeca

darlings we took a little trip to tribeca and picked carefully over the soaking wet pavements/sidewalks as the snow melted and looked up to the not-so-tall buildings (few skyscrapers here) to admire signs-from-the-industrial-past. may we share a few of our B&W photographs with you? too kind. pause to look into camera and smile (sweetly). *yes, […]

roses, books, @2paperflowers and a train not taken.

darlings firstly a mention for your aural/visual and imagination’s delight – may we present two very talented singer-songwriter-ballad-delivery-muses and then a gift (exchange) from Miss Vickie Lester given at Tea yesterday. signed copy – SIGNED COPY! of #TwiceOverLightly that we wrote so Extensively about (and from) during our last few months before Leaving Manhattan (not to […]

where is the Hogarth Press of today, darlings?

we need to share. will you listen for a moment? we Really want to do book 1 = “how to stay sane in a crazy world”. we have a Most Delicious cover, courtesy of our design competition on 99designs. we have an introduction: I used to make my living from writing. And then it all […]