hello frankfurt! hello new zealand! hello cross continental flight! and *shhh* OM to the sighting on a meditation cushion in berlin

darlings we are so very VERY grateful for all the delicious sightings. here are today’s. THRILLED! darlings – oh look……..*proud_smile*……doesn’t the book look so very Pretty in New Zealand at Gallivanta’s house wearing two simple (and very beautiful) strands of pearls, on a soft cushion, fragrantly lounging next to some best-wishes-from-bay-leaves? and here it is […]

gosh! 인증샷 ! #sightings #howtostaysaneinacrazyworld #london ! #southafrica ! #austria #silverlake !

darlings the 인증샷 are pouring in now (yes, we had a quick vocab lesson from Our Contact In KOREA, the lovely Seoul Flâneur). what’s that? oh. gosh. sorry. 인증샷  = #sightings (or more correctly in KOREAN “evidence shots”) shall we proceed? lovely. *sighs_happily* @_coeurdepirate – who also writes beautifully at herzpiratenblog ordered the book and had it sent […]

1st sightings in Continental Europe!

darlings look! the book has made it to La Belle France! Heather sent us glorious photographs (and boy, aren’t those glorious? – Tres Chic!). the book does look very happy…. thank you dear Heather! and further into Continental Europe we had a virtual congratulatory wave from Beautycalypse who lives in Berlin (but is originally from much […]

proper stationery shops in venice, the 1st video review from san francisco and a Sighting at The Essex Street Pleasure Gardens of #howtostaysaneinacrazyworld

oh, darlings, look! a Sighting of the book at William’s house in Whitstable! we’re ever so excited because the book was Hoping to see the newly dug and laid out The Essex Street Pleasure Gardens (therein). doesn’t it look at Home? talking of at home – an elegant home is never without a goodly supply […]