moleskines, magazines and more: an entirely subjective guide to deliciously small shops in #losangeles

darlings we were inspired (greatly) by @missjulesberlin who posted this morning – from berlin (how glitteringly gritty and inspired-a-place) – about her favo(u)rite places to shop.  so we thought we’d do the Same (especially as we are trying to recall from our previous sojourn Here where to buy Essential Supplies like moleskines and magazines and […]

where is everybody? #moleskine

so we joined moleskine “world” – or “myMoleskine” as they call it (if you want to have a look for yourself, dear moleskine-lover – it’s at – you guessed it – but we seem to be the only entity with the desire to upload a picture (ironic, non?) how sweet we look. not sure […]

contemplation, with coffee cup and moleskine #124

ideas. morning contemplation. dreams. Capote on Beaton (not literally, figuratively). teamgloria has Every Intention of visiting these places in 2012 to shoot a small digital promo in homage. although we detest skiing and snow, so that might be bought-in stock footage for that bit ;) moleskine 124 has been our constant companion this past month…… […]

sleepless in manhattan: european movies, a new moleskine and Veronique Vienne’s “The Art of Being a Woman” (never too late to learn, darlings)

darlings! the Best thing about sleeplessness (see – we Always attempt to look on the bright side, as You Know) is the joy of watching and reading and writing and listening to such glorious cultural artifacts as these: here are the movies we watched: our review: naughtiness north of hollywood boulevard, music industry ravages, late […]

going back to moleskine #1.

team gloria is engaging on a personal treasure hunt this morning…………….. going back to moleskine #1 (april 2003). attempting to trace a storyline back. going to tell the truth. before we create fiction. one HAS to use what one has experienced, non? otherwise it would all be too much. you know the saying? writers live […]

mitford sisters and moleskine journals.

glorious people: something terribly important to team gloria is the word: ————mitford ———– it sends a tiny little shiver down our spine in a most delicious way ;-) – the mitford sisters were be-bobbed, horribly un-educated (mitford pere didn’t believe in it – for girls) and yet utterly charming, witty and rather smart. yes – a […]