sleepless in manhattan: european movies, a new moleskine and Veronique Vienne’s “The Art of Being a Woman” (never too late to learn, darlings)

darlings! the Best thing about sleeplessness (see – we Always attempt to look on the bright side, as You Know) is the joy of watching and reading and writing and listening to such glorious cultural artifacts as these: here are the movies we watched: our review: naughtiness north of hollywood boulevard, music industry ravages, late […]

medical leave day 7: afraid of the wound beneath.

so we see the surgeon again tomorrow. and – if all goes well, he’ll remove the white gauze and steri-strips (as we believe they’re called) and the wound will be revealed. we’re terrified. our throat is still agony (and voice-less) and it feels like swallowing razor blades (especially when taking the mammoth 14 x calcium […]

vampiric in manhattan.

we are feeling a tiny bit vampiric today. well, not directly – but at the mercy-of-a-vampire. you see we are Off To The Hospital to have MORE blood* drawn for the following tests. CBC w/differential & platelets PT, PTT (INR) Calcium Beta HCG Quant TSH, T4 Anti TPO Vitamin D Total, 25-OH, 1,25-OH these are […]