Emerald at Boarding School

It’s 1982: 13-year-old Emerald Katz is suddenly orphaned and sent to a very British Boarding School. But Emerald is not like other girls. She is devoted to Noel Coward, Janet Flanner, Sybille Bedford, and Cary Grant (none of whom are on the syllabus at Harcourt Hall). How will Emerald survive? It will not be easy. […]

emerald goes to see #DepecheMode (29 years later)

darlings we’re off to a Musical Concert this evening. and suitably attired. in black. because the Concert will be given by our delightfully leather-clad friends called Depeche Mode (as an ensemble they are called that – they have individual names too like Mr. Gahan and Mr. Fletcher and Martin (he’s very much a Martin and […]