harpsichords and chandeliers, labyrinths and ocean views

darlings we felt so (wonderfully) conflicted today. firstly there was a sudden urgent desire to hear a harpsichord: and then there was a need for chandeliers and foreign films and beautiful dresses rustling silky-sharp-with-wit and wisdom and the dark nature of desire….   (thank you to miss jules berlin for the adorable card!) but then […]

taxes and chandeliers: sic transit gloria

have you done yours yet? you know. Taxes. gulp. we went today. but They weren’t there. at the place we said we would be – at 9AM – holding a (very small) bran muffin and a (not-so-small) coffee. so we went somewhere else (thank goodness for national Chains of Accountancy Firms) and tried not to […]

shoes and chandeliers. #madrid

Not Doctor’s Orders to do three night-time-day-job-engagements so we fulfilled our commitments today (two speeches, both went Very Well, we thought Modestly) and showed Up to the fiesta this evening (long black dress, ballet shoes, sleek hair, pearls, pashmina – black one tonight, scarlet went down Rather splendidly Last Night) albeit Briefly. and then took […]

putting on our radio voice.

darlings oh! it was delicious! we were on the RADIO this morning. call sign: WBLQ (which is in Rhode Island all the way across the Continent on the Other Coast) and here’s the programme – it’s not yet tied up with tape and popped onto the interweb for re-broadcast (if you listened Live, we’re very […]

christmas prep in cinema and song.

darlings we don’t celebrate christmas in RL. but we ADORE it at the cinema and in Song. so we’ve been doing Lots of that. to start off this piece of “post” with good cheer and a rousing Voice – ladies and gentlemen and those as yet in transition or of the 3.5 gender classification – […]