goodbye, gloria.









I’ve been writing as “gloria” at for three years now and it’s time to bring this part of my story to a close.  An awful lot has happened since April 9th 2011. I started this site because I needed to find my voice again (not that I knew that then).

When I registered the domain I had no idea I had three tumo(u)rs in my throat or that I was about to go through a five and a half hour surgery to remove them. I just knew that I had lost my way.

Writing helped me walk away from my job, and life, in Manhattan and start again on the West Coast. Hay House published my book, “How To Stay Sane In A Crazy World”. So many people have written to me saying the book helped them. I am truly grateful – and very moved – by these responses. It certainly changed my life. When I got sick I searched for the book that would help me walk through the misery of illness, surgery and a painful medical leave. I could not find it – so I wrote it myself…….


Back in Los Angeles, after 7 years in NYC, I went back to my original career as a writer (I started as a journalist on The Independent in the UK in 1992). In the past year I have worked as a foreign correspondent for Red (UK), Good Housekeeping (UK), Esquire (Mexico), “Los Angeles, I’m Yours” and ELLE (China). I also started my own consultancy business, went to South Africa as an international judge for the country’s digital awards and have taught many wonderful people how to launch their businesses in the international digital arena.

It’s been an incredible journey.

And now I’m ready to start my next chapter. Sadly “gloria” cannot be part of this new life – it just wouldn’t be appropriate. By the Autumn I hope to be in an entirely new career. I’m thrilled to be able to start again – not many people get the chance to do this. I’ve done it several times, actually.

Maybe one day I’ll write a book about that ;-)

But for now – thank you for being on my journey – you’ve been brilliant company.

Much love, sophs x


28 thoughts on “goodbye, gloria.

  1. I came across this sad message while making my blog rounds – so long after its posting! You were one of the marvelous new ‘friends’ I made after stumbling onto WordPress: TeamGloria was such a shining star on my blog roll.

    I will miss your wisdom terribly, but do take comfort that your leaving is under rather wonderful auspices.

    (and if you ever visit the Miracle Mile district, do let me know!)

  2. With all my recent travel, I had missed this post…

    I was thinking of you this evening, and our last exchange…and wondering how you were, and suddenly I had to know! A few clicks on the keyboard, and now I understand why.

    Thank you for sharing. Everything, really. Your delicious sense of humor and play.Your gorgeous photography. But most of all for your story, and all the honesty and courage that came with it. I was truly delighted to have you share it with my own readers.

    I too am preparing an official “wrap up” of the whole Killer Bees project. It was amazing journey, but I’ve moved on for some time now, and seems a shame to let it wither on the vine after all it did for me. Know what I mean?

    Anyway Dear, it would seem (metaphorically) that you’ve been everywhere…
    But now you’re going places, Kid.
    Take the glass bottom boat.

    To your health and happiness!

  3. I’m late to this news. Not terribly late, but late nonetheless. Please do stay in touch, love. So thrilled to see you take off and achieve what you had as a twinkle somewhere in that very clever mind of yours. Sending love, as always. xo SLM

  4. sSo sad to read that that you will no longer be writing your blog. I stumbled upon your website after reading ” How to stay sane in a crazy World” . I will miss reading your daily post with the beautiful photography. You have inspired in my daily life to look at everyday things in a new light.

    Sad to see you leave, but I wish you the best in in the next chapter of your life.

  5. Dear Sophia,

    I will miss your posts here and on Instagram as well. A few minutes ago, before I saw this post, I asked a guy to use the hashtag #weadoreachandelier. So every time, I see one, I have to think of you.

    It’s sad you’re leaving and it makes me feel blue, but you’re moving on into another chapter of your life. And I’m sure this will be a glorious one!

    From the heart I wish you all the best. Hope we’ll stay in touch, Miss Chandelier! ;-)

    Hugs from Berlin to glorious L.A.


  6. Teary-eyed to see you exit stage left as Gloria, but thrilled to see you, and to know you’re on to wonderful new ventures.

    Sending love and appreciation for the way you’ve inspired so many of us.

    #wavingwistfully but #smiling .

  7. I am very, very sad to see Gloria (and Sophia) leave this space. I wish you a mountain of luck on your new path. Well done on all you have managed to do so far with your life and I hope you do write the book you refer to in this post.

    Enjoy life, enjoy LA or where ever you go on your onward journey, and take care.

    *Waving with sadness* for the last time from the Emerald Isle towards LA.

    B xxx

  8. Sophia — I’m sorry that I’ve missed commenting on your posts of late. 2014 began and has continued as a whirlwind. Related, I haven’t purchased the book yet but will soon! I’m disappointed but understand and totally support you in your decision to move ahead and let go of teamgloria. When I first read this post, I instantly heard Billy Joel’s Time to Remember lyrics in my head, “This is the time to remember, cause it will not last forever.” I’ve heard it said before that all beautiful things, like magical bubbles, must touch the ground and come to an end. Know that you have touched others. Know that your teamgloria idea was magically beautiful and will be remembered fondly. ALL THE BEST to you as you move ahead. If you want to reach me, please visit and shoot me an email. Also, if you ever have the chance to fly into Raleigh-Durham, please reach out. You have a friend here in the Old North State, forever waving hello, not goodbye. :-) Ruth

  9. It’s been almost a year since I’ve become a TG fan. I was out furniture shopping I believe, as I had just moved to my new apartment, or was in the process of moving, while trying so hard to fit in at my corporate pencil-pushing job and then questioning myself for why I never felt quite satisfied. I came across a photo—one of the many soothing photos on TG’s Instagram—of blankets and bedsheets, and right then and there, in the middle of an overcrowded department store in the middle of Seoul, I felt a sense of calm, a sense of rootedness. The pictures, and the blog, inspired me to begin thinking in earnest about what I wanted, instead of just being frustrated by the status quo. And it helped me to take the jump, to work at the chance of living the life I want to lead. It’s been such a comfort to have TG there, much like a fairy-godmother-on-the-web. I will miss reading the latest updates here, but also I’m cheering you on in the new direction you’re taking, because you’re showing us that dreams do grow and the fun and the reward is in chasing them in their ever-changing form.

    I will miss you dearly, fairy-godmother-on-the-web. I hope to be able to come back one day and to make you proud.

  10. All the best in your future endeavors. You have been inspirational. Go Girl!!!

    Blessings and have a wonderful Easter.


    Sent from my iPad

  11. Ooh! But with such wit and magic, we should have known Gloria has had something of Ms Poppins (with quite a bit more glamour I should add). It probably suit Gloria to skip elegantly from the scene to let Sophia getting some light too.
    I wish you all the best and success in this new journey, wich will great and gloria-ous!

  12. I only discovered “Gloria” recently but I loved reading the blog. You sound like an inspirational person, whatever you do next I bet you will be a big success. Good luck.

  13. Sad to say goodbye to Team Gloria, have learnt so very much in such a short time. Thank you for sharing and caring so much, was such an inspiration reading and receiving the posts everyday, TG will be missed but happy for you Sophia! You are amazing and inspirational! God bless in all your future endeavors! I’m sure it’s going to be exciting!

  14. Not sure how I feel or know what to say.
    Adore Gloria,
    And love you very much

    Supporting you in all your incarnations and all your voices and all your endeavors, XXXXX

  15. Dear Gloria, I miss you already very much and I joined you only recently. All the best wishes are with you, strong and courageous Sophia.
    Please just don’t disappear. Oh, so sudden…
    Take your time and please come back, we’ll embrace happily any of your reincarnations.
    Good luck!

  16. And I was just getting to know you! I will miss reading your posts, but I wish you all the best in your next chapter. This decision, which must have been difficult and painful, makes me admire you all the more and gives me much to think about in terms of bold moves and new beginnings.

  17. Let’s say au revoir, and yes please, we look forward to another book, with more stories some time in the future. You have so many more adventures to enjoy and then share.

    Team Gloria has been so important and welcomed by so many. People have found entertainment, solace and inspiration from walking a little way in your shoes, and from hearing how you found your way.

    Your writing and your photography are such amazing gifts, make sure you always use them.

    Bloody well done and good luck.


  18. Oh, I am crying as well. This just took me so utterly by surprise and I know how very much I will miss hearing from you, Sophs and gloria too. We all will. But oh how I will continue to wish you the Best as you move forward. How far you have come and how much more there is to go. If there is a way for us to follow along with you in another form, that would be wonderful. You have inspired me so very much, in countless ways. Thank you so much and yes, there will always be a cup of tea for you in the South of France as well.
    With much love and a farewell wave to gloria,

  19. Oh WEEP! But you will tell us somewhere how you have reinvented yourself, please? But it’s wonderful news that you have something exciting and new to look forward to, plus a lovely summer in between, I hope. And you know that ,if you do get to little old Christchurch, there will be flowers and a cup of tea waiting.

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