returning to normal light programme transmission.


we had the Most delicious time down south in the further south, that is, of southern california and have returned to normal transmission.

the mood is lighter.

the chiffon is floaty again.

thank goodness.


the blooms are blooming. df749768b09811e399c112c443c9c71e_8

the sunsets are magnificent.01cd6348b08b11e3baae12c7a759b495_8

the craft paper is patterned and congenial. 930bdbe6b06311e3b6410e220c1cbd61_8

the pinks are rosier than before. 73b3590cb09711e3a9531209f41f76b1_8

the signs that say: “Historical 1883 Schoolhouse 3 blocks this way” are followed, as before. dianeray

radio hosts ask us to stop by their Studio and sign copies of the book.


delicious people buy their mothers copies of our book and send them parcel post to switzerland (glam!)f9ae2308b10911e394660e186c330be7_8and all has returned to the lightness of Touch that you came here for previously….bb4abc38b10a11e395c00eb547b2ae3d_8

in many different treatments of filter/shade/theatrical-gel-on-the-lens.

are you having a delicious spring equinox?

we do hope so.

they are so useful at changing the mood in a sunny hopeful sort-of-a-way.

17 thoughts on “returning to normal light programme transmission.

  1. I read the past couple of posts and felt a bit sad, but was unable to think of anything to say that would be cheerful or helpful. I could identify, though… and whether your blog is light or not so much, every bit of it is wonderful. When I come here, I feel as though I can catch my breath – if that makes any sense?

    1. oh that is a lovely, LOVELY thing to say.

      yes, we’ve been feeling very sad – but the clouds have parted.

      and now we’re looking (hopefully) into the Future (again).

      you are very kind to be so honest and also to keep returning – it’s truly appreciated.

      _tg xx

  2. Well, all of this was beautiful. Although I come here because I like it, not that I am expecting any particularly mood themed program (or -mme as you might say). :) But wheweee, that sunset photo is especially amazing. No, all of it is. Welcome back, so to speak!
    And thanks for the kind words – yes, it is a time to let hope grow a bit.

    1. it was a very lovely evening as we passed through, buying snacks at the whole foods and dropping into that soul space bookshop to see if they have our book (not yet, but on order apparently – hurrah!)

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