eiderdown heaven with edna ferber (in book form) and a burst of evening birdsong


we felt a little under-the-weatherness creeping or rather Descending upon us.

many have been ill (around here and, we hear, in Other parts of the world) so we Knew it might arrive at teamgloria towers – actually, it hasn’t quite Yet – but that’s because, after our Very Early appointment across town this morning, we have spent the Rest Of The Day In Bed. eiderdownheaven



we did write the book about returning to the boudoir to rest…….after. all.

so we took our own advice (not Always a good concept but today, an excellent one).


luckily we had Edna Ferber for company.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAonly in book form, although it might have been fun to let her have the other set of pillows as we both read into the afternoon, drowsing gently to BBC (*doffs_cap*) Radio 4 (rather good serial of Miss Austen’s earlier works around tea-time).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMs. Ferber had Such a good Attitude to life:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand there it IS that lovely phrase: “eiderdown heaven”OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAhow we long for a house with weekend guests and soaps that match the towels.

we used to have one (not a house but an apartment) – with four bedrooms if you can believe that – and a Terrace and dinner parties and – well – that’s for Another Time (or a novel, probably safest, darlings).  



now that the sun has gone down (and a vast FULL MOON arisen in the night sky), we feel a lot better.

especially because a (Bright, no doubt) Young Thing said she picked up the book and felt better (after some tears which are to be expected if one is also on medical leave, as young Harriet was).

harrietmost amusing to find out that who-we-are-in-RL knows her boss (the Editor in Chief and terribly smart Lady of a slightly Saucy magazine for young women) who hasn’t (until now) read the book herself.


but is going to do so now.

and has said so publicly. Screen Shot 2014-03-15 at 8.24.57 PMthat’s great.

wonder how many books have been bought by lovely people and Taken Home to be enjoyed in the quiet surroundings of their own boudoir?

sightingduomomilanoa copy was spotted at the Duomo in Milan courtesy of the Very Chic Elisabetta Ferrari (yes, the one that writes for Vogue Italia)

sightingfreebirdbureauthe book took a nap after arriving in Hamburg and met a kitten at Freebird Bureau


while catching a few california rays, closer to home (thanks to Kate for this one!)sightingKoreanAir

it needed all those cat naps because it had also taken a Very Long (14 hours?) flight from Washington to KOREA (the Southern part) with our good friend Seoul Flaneur sightinglanie

and here it is with Lanie Denslow’s own book (which is a highly recommended read if you are in International Business and we know that many of you Are these days).

yesterday was also a lovely day – and a very long one – and coincidentally – involved an actual In Person Breakfast with the aforementioned kind Ms. Denslow herself. 

we set off (by car, but wouldn’t it be lovely one day by Carriage?)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

the sky was an incredibly uplifting sight.

we had breakfast at a Quirky HotelOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwe then decided to take a walk (always frowned upon by uniformed Officials in Los Angeles but we throw caution to the wind as you know)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAbecause it’s virtually impossible to take photographs of roses by the kerbside from a speeding (not that fast but sometimes tis true) car.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAor interesting Scaffolding and posters and nice vehicles unless one is walking and Looking (the looking bit is extremely vital) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAso there you have it.

well, there was another bit that we can’t really talk about but it was a Chance encounter with someone of very advanced age who also, like us, grew up in another Land, and happened to be downtown yesterday and after we had waited (in the shade) for a little vegetarian rice bowl (jolly good) at the Thai food trucks by the Department of Water and Power (a nicer setting than one might expect) we sat and ate our lunch with him and Listened because sometimes that’s the nicest thing to do on a sunny afternoon in downtown los angeles.

do you know the other nicest thing to do on an early evening-time-in-southern-california during mid-March?

listen to birdsong.

and, due to the magic of digital devices and uploading and inter-titles and a bit of shaky camerawork – you Can Too.

oh you’re Most welcome!

14 thoughts on “eiderdown heaven with edna ferber (in book form) and a burst of evening birdsong

  1. Ah…..sighs….eiderdown heaven…only, here, it is the light cotton blanket heaven of a gabi http://www.hanina.ch/gebeya/product.php?id_product=52 because after a wet and chilly weekend it is now 30C. And just so you know, I am going to be on the computer less until April http://silkannthreades.wordpress.com/2014/03/16/4384/ because I have house guests…need to put pretty soap and towels and lovely sheets in the guest/spare room. (and, of course, with How to Stay Sane by the bedside)

      1. Naughty me…I am not supposed to be here. But concerned you have had an earthquake experience. However, you have your emergency kit and all will be well.

        1. we thought of you as soon as we saw the number.

          gallivanta had over double of that.


          still wondering how you survived emotionally intact at all.

          scary stuff when the earth breaks.

          1. I have..but…a part of me has gone because the earthquakes smashed what was left of my daughter’s fragile spirit…and she left for Australia. Which reminds me; I asked the book buyer at our local bookshop about the order I made for How to Stay Sane in a Crazy World. The book shop has ordered via Penguin via Hay House Australia, and Penguin is telling my local bookstore that the book is not yet available in Australia. ?????? The kind book buyer is making more enquiries for me.

            1. *thoughtful_pause_look_into_middle_distance*

              that must have been very VERY hard (your daughter leaving with a poor crushed spirit).

              and no idea what’s going on with the book Abroad and publishers. we did the hard bit (writing it). and saying thank you to everyone. sort of given up on how and when it arrives anywhere now ;-)

              hopefully Mr. Penguin will sort it o u t ….

                1. we had not heard of Miss Jennings until You mentioned her! quelle wonderful an Obit: especially this:

                  “A familiar figure on the bus to Stratford-upon-Avon”

                  and you are very blessed (we are convinced) for buying Another Copy. truly. truly. grateful.

                  off to read more Miss Jennings.

                  a welcome distraction.

  2. The Mister is still wrapped in eiderdown heaven, but some of us are up and plotting an excursion to see a flowering vine that covers an acre, and ate a house in its way, and is covered by over 1.5 million blossoms… Will check in with you by mail later.

    1. how lovely!

      we felt sure the bird outside the window here had a very good agent, it sang so insistently and beautifully as if reaching for stardom in the hollywood hils beyond….

  3. Ahhh, thank you Dr. tg because this was just what I needed to hear today. So after taking the dogs out and running to the store, I came back, took a hot shower (there are cold mistral winds blowing today) and promptly changed back into my jammies. I stacked a pile of books by the couch (preferred to the bed as I can snuggle with afore-mentioned furry friends there), will make some more tea and there we go…
    Et Bon Dimanche (sending good energy for the interview too)…

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