#howtostaysaneinacrazyworld having a delicious book tour – works well with small people and friends-with-fur


this is the MOST fun that one could have on a book tour – while staying at home in one’s satin slip.

firstly – a note from the Old (Boys – and now fully co-ed) School:

We’ve ordered a copy for the library!  You must sign it next time you are here!! x

*blush* Rather! *throws_beret_in_the_air*


so that’s Brighton, England.

where else has the book appeared this week?

let’s see



gosh, well, everywhere!


diego had a moment by the fireside after reading his copy. dublin

Just Add Attitude gave us the 1st sighting in DUBLIN, IRELAND!georgesighting

George even took a copy to La Belle France on his recent trip to keep a copy of his own novel company (3rd in the series, we are not-so-patiently-waiting-for-the-4th)jamieequinox

the book got a workout with a Top Trainer at an undisclosed (although quite clearly overlooking the Ocean) Location here in Tinseltown.


because it slightly overindulged in a delicious High Tea at The Marguerite beach hut in Whitstable, created by sophiekarina_judithARoss_sighting

and then took a nap with Katrina at Judith’s house on the East Coastsightinginportugalwithapricotblossom

while Xana (the lovely stepmother to who-we-are-in-RL) held up a copy in a rural part of Portugal while shaded by the apricot blossoms. sightingMsDebb

we’re also very popular (it being mostly a Picture Book you see, and we did think of That when we made it) with small children – this small child is a delightful Resident of the East Coast too and her full name (because we were given permission to share it – is Marlo Paige Knowles and she is scrumptious. 

and here it is in Switzerland today where it just arrived on a Cross-Continental Flight wearing dark glasses and a suspiciously expensive overcoat and just hand luggage because it has a full set of clothing duplicated in the cedar-lined wardrobes over There.

What an incredible world tour the book is On!

sometimes (because who-we-are-in-RL has one of those “familiar” faces) she gets asked:

are you somebody?

and the other day she smiled (sweetly) and said:

no. but I play someone online.

we Preened in a rather ego-puffed-up (but still pretty) way.

Back to the Post for today.

In Other News!


there has been a bit of gazing-out-to-sea and dreaming-of-the-future going on….OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand being silent at sunset. 


mixed with some Deeply Practical work sending out (100 to date) handwritten cards for The Digital Check UpOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand actually walking (not fast, but meaningfully) to the postal receptacles (there are two side by side not far from teamgloria towers and we split the pile into two each time, just for luck or something like that).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand then our latest article on Tara Kolla and the Silver Lake Farms came out in Los Angeles, I’m Yours which was ever so nice and well, fragrantly beautifully.

there you have it.

a world tour while we stay safely in Los Angeles (until April 3rd when we fly to meet it in London, Deia/Majorca, Ibiza and London again with Whitstable – yes, with William on the Way Back) when we go to Meet the book and see how it is enjoying the world.

the world is a very lovely place.

is it lovely where you are today?

do. tell.

and is the book happy in your house?

it likes ribbons.

just so you know.

and close proximity to roses.

Miss Vickie Lester has the right idea

about so many things, actually.

24 thoughts on “#howtostaysaneinacrazyworld having a delicious book tour – works well with small people and friends-with-fur

  1. If these sightings make ME so happy, I can only imagine what they must do for WYAIRL! I believe that Marlo is the most charming – but with such a pretty name how can one not be? Alas, that is no insult to the furry friends and non-furry adults. And that cake…*le sigh*…I don’t even like cake per se (as I live in France I am much more of the cheesy tendance) but that one? Yes please.
    Also very happy to see Leslie and Judith here. Two wonderful ladies with great hearts…

  2. We’re having a lot of fog, there was one point on the train home yesterday when it appeared that we were suddenly under the ocean, as we went through such a thick mass, most eerie. Followed by a blu ray presentation of Stoker, which I enjoyed very much. Can’t stop thinking about Sophie’s cake, as I am on a cake restricted diet (self imposed). Apart from that, all is well from this end. The Herne Bay Suite is looking forward to seeing you, as am I. Off to Canterbury Cathedral this weekend to hear some lovely singing. And, Praise the Lordy Lord, it’s Friday.

    1. gosh. next time we must come for longer so we can go to Evensong. sure we’d both be in Fine Voice.

      Stoker was jolly good wasn’t it? chilling, too.


      _tg xx

  3. *tg* I am loving the adventures of the book almost as much as the book itself. And I loved the Tara Kolla visit so much I had to Facebook it, something I rarely do. Waving from Christchurch on a perfect autumnal day.

  4. Sadly, the book in my house does not have a ribbon, but it is sitting beside “The Intellectual Devotional: Modern Culture”. You read a page per day and learn about all kinds of things, including Ella Fitzgerald, Elvis Presley’s 1968 Comeback Special and Sandy Koufax. While this is a completely random pairing, I think it works nicely.

  5. After seeing how much Diego likes your book, I’m going to have to get it for my Golden Retriever, Henry. In the meantime, I’m hard at trying to get the Multnomah County Library to obtain copies of it. Beautiful day here in Portland, Oregon, Leslie

    1. for Work Too!

      who goes to Ibiza to work? only Us *proud_smile*

      and we’re pretty sure we’ve never actually been there – plenty of places nearby but not the actual Ibiza…..still, one never knows, it’s the sort of place that one might forget one had been to if one went circa 1988 *askance_look_to_camera*

      _t g xxx

  6. Now that I have read ‘the book’ I have many thoughts bubbling up about my own tumor experience twenty years ago, when there was a full-time job at a famous yet infamously dysfunctional business journal, two young boys, and, fortunately, a helpful husband. It was back then that I learned how to pamper myself — how I would have loved to have that book and this online network back then — almost as much as I love having it now!

    1. Judith

      This was such a lovely comment.

      We read it (at the stop lights) in very much stopped traffic and had to take a moment to *blink* because there are so many of us who once had tobias-and-his-sisters and Lived To Tell the Tale (eventually).


      thank you ever so much for leaving that lovely note Here.

      _tg xxx

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