recipe for a sunny day when one would prefer to languish in naughty navel gazing instead


we take our Role here very seriously (with a great deal of light-heartedness-and-whimsical-Joy) of showing Bright Things.

because (truth now) we Often don’t feel like it in the RL aspect.

but when we come here, to write, and share photographs, and wait for the laundry to finish its cycle in the dryer, and take a thirty minute walk to the postal receptacles and hope the email communications come in thick and fast later with commissions and people requiring our services, stopping to pat a dog (black lab mixed with something a tiny bit more ferocious that gave it such spirit – name? Kennedy – love that) or two (small terrier called Romeo) and nod to the others taking a morning constitutional behind dark glasses (all of us), hair unbrushed (or hastily pinned up and smoothed back – all 3.5 genders here, some with caps, again non-gender specific on the usage of a hat), and then the Editors respond with notes (so we can chew a pencil and Think on a Different Way of Saying That – always fun and rather Intellectual as a pursuit)……….

(gosh, that Was a long paragraph without a Culmination point….)


where were we?

ah yes.

when we come Here…..none of that (awful hideous panic inducing worry) matters…..because we pick some lovely Pictures from the day before and some completely Charming Wedding music (love the music, not that keen on the Institution, but the Ceremony is very pretty if both people at the front of the church or local village hall are somewhat Attractive themselves – if not, good to look around the church to find someone who Is, to then flirt withsuch occasions lend themselves to naughty Hugh Grant type diversions)…..then All That Worry evaporates like bubbles in a very deep hot yummy bath.

shall we do that again today (it might be a good idea, you see)?

Firstly, we shall need some music:

and then a Quote or two from a much beloved (fellow Pisces) author:

It is necessary to write, if the days are not to slip emptily by. How else, indeed, to clap the net over the butterfly of the moment? for the moment passes, it is forgotten; the mood is gone; life itself is gone. That is where the writer scores over his fellows: he catches the changes of his mind on the hop. Growth is exciting; growth is dynamic and alarming. Growth of the soul, growth of the mind.
– Vita Sackville West

and now for the piece de resistance – a Visual Feast (one hopes, said *modestly*)


I look back as through a telescope, and see, in the little bright circle of the glass, moving flocks and ruined cities.

CUE SOUND: ping of alarm on digital device


the dryer has finished its cycle.

we must continue about our day and bid you adieu – in, like, a totally Modern way of course.

with a few more delicious SIGHTINGS!


1st Sighting in SEATTLE!

this one is very special – it’s nestled on the Shelves of our Cousin Amanda at the Royal Central School of Speech & Dramasightingbrooklynlisa

this copy is enjoying a nap at our Literary Agent’s house (such a lovely phrase). VickieLesterStudioBungalow

this copy is helping with the tea ceremony mid-writing-session over at Miss Vickie Lester’s Bungalow on the Studio Lot

and of course we have our own copy with its special lilac ribbon here at our house….

ourhouseoh we DO feel so much better now.

thank you for listening.

you see Action is very much the key, really.

now we must empty the dryer and get back to writing more cards and generally being Rather Productive over here.

Keep Calm and Carry On (beautifully).

it’s how we stay sane in a crazy world (did you not see that coming? *chuckling*)

15 thoughts on “recipe for a sunny day when one would prefer to languish in naughty navel gazing instead

  1. I LOVE the colour of the sky in the skyline photo. Gorgeous! A sky like that is like a small gift, no?

    The flowers are heavenly, too. What are they? What do they smell like?

  2. What a lovely lot of photos, and didn’t I hoot (sorry, yes…literally) when I saw that teapot! I’m going to pretend I’m the Queen of Sheba and kick back and pick up #howtostaysaneinacrazyworld again, much needed after #howtostaysaneaftersocialnetworking ;-) .

    1. Social networking is weirdly isolating as there’s very little that’s actually social and one is never sure how much is working.

      But at least one doesn’t have to go to the office to do it ;)

      And it Does Sell Books in the most delicious manner.

  3. I did not see that coming! Gave me a giggle too and all of this gave me a smile. My goodness, the wedding music is rather peppy, isn’t it? One would have to fairly jog up the aisle and back… ;)

  4. The visual feast does warm my chilly bones here in Massachusetts where the temperature is now hovering at a very-generous-for-March 55 degrees fahrenheit. So maybe I won’t need the Sorels and down coat to slog out to the mailbox for your book this week. In fact, it is possible that if it is big enough, it will appear on our porch, dog biscuit firmly attached with a rubber band — an offering from Allan, our mailman, to the lovely Karina.

    1. Karina looked so very happy taking a nap beside the book (which had its own virtual satin eye mask on, it travels with nothing less) – thank you ever so much for ordering it and being so Kind and lovely!!

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