who-we-are-in-RL just built a new site and we went and liked ALL the pages to be encouraging


who-we-are-in-RL got Very Busy at a Terribly Early Hour (when the Ponds Cold Cream was still making its way into our skin below the satin sleep mask).



she is s w i f t.

the digital check up

that IS interesting……

jolly good.

all this business enterprise is keeping us in artisan coffee over here and that’s a delicious thing.

plus we heard that she’s been Commissioned to write about All This for a British magazine sometime in (checks calendar) June so no wonder there’s now a Whole New Site of its own.

as long as the digital check up doesn’t get ideas.

teamgloria.com is the Original site under the teamgloria inc company name.

just saying.

oh – what’s that?

yes, you’re right – we did go and “like” all the pages.

the poor thing needs encouragement on a regular basis, it can be exhausting but ultimately rewarding to make her smile – giggle, even. she likes that.

off to straighten her skirt now.

she’s going to a hollywood museum with a lovely friend – we’ll report back – off to Prime the grown-up camera now.


7 thoughts on “who-we-are-in-RL just built a new site and we went and liked ALL the pages to be encouraging

  1. The digital check-up is a fabulous idea! May be contacting you in the future for a check-up myself once I’m further along on my transition and I’m ready for the Big, Official Reveal. :) For now, working on translating the mood/vision board from my mind on to an actual, physical board!

  2. Absolutely phenomenal. Am sending wishes for great success!
    And ps. I liked all of the pages too, it wasn’t a challenge as the idea is brillllliant…

    1. putting Lots of Energy (as they say here) that who-we-are-in-RL gets Booked to come to AU and then onto NZ to see you in RL! wouldn’t that be delicious?

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