beach pillows, daisies on the lawn, mr. colin farrell and ms. anjelica huston (not together but seen on the same day)

hello darlings

oh how Lovely – a SATURDAY!

now what can we tell you about Yesterday?

let’s see:

at a local cafe in Venice, California (called Local, rather confusingly although we guess Not if you really are Local), we saw a lovely bag and struck up a conversation with the owner (of the bag, not the cafe, he was very busy) and found out it was Emily Best and she’s deeply involved in the movie-making-artistry-world and we might well have to interview her for Where Shall We Meet at a not-too-distant date in the future.


then we drifted (purposefully) down Abbot Kinney to take photographs for this week’s WSWM – no, not at this lovely beach pillow emporia – you’ll have to wait until wednesday to find out…….OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


then, not far away (probably about a 15 minute drive if the traffic is good and if you find out when That is, do let us know)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

we saw a field of daisies. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and – *lookstocameraforhelp* – cherry blossom? or some other pretty planting of spring anyway. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

then we just Happened to be rather near a Barnes & Noble (this one in fact) and we persuaded who-we-are-in-RL to pop in (even though she’s rather Overwhelmed by the whole experience surrounding the book so we are Treading gently).

while she wasn’t looking we did a Search on the Terminal (how clever) and found out Where the book lived in this part of the bookshop planet. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


yes, we popped a copy here.

don’t tell anyone.

and then we met Gretchen who is very nice and works at this particular Barnes & Noble (very near the self-improvement section, yes, on the top floor – sort of cerebral and high in altitude – not Gretchen, per se, but the books).

we got talking (because we talked to Everyone) and we just Happened to Mention that we had written this particular book and suddenly there was a PEN and a requirement to Autograph and a copy was about to be placed on the Autographed by the Author Table (we didn’t take a picture because Gretchen was searching for the Stickers that say AUTOGRAPHED BY THE AUTHOR before she placed it on the table you see).

so we grinned all the way down the down escalator and into the early evening.

we had Plans at 19:30 hours (7.30PM for you Americans) and so we had some time to fill and we spotted a lovely neon-lit cinema nearby. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

we chose Winter’s Tale but – confusingly – it was NOT by Mr. Shakespeare but seemingly by Mills & Boon but Mr. Colin Farrell was awfully Dashing in it (we stifled a giggle when he rode an actual White Charger).

after that?

well, let’s see.

we went to hear Ms. Angelica Huston talk about her life and work and memories and see clips and it was ever so delicious!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

that’s Mr. Joe Morgenstern on the left, he writes for the Los Angeles Times and asks Very Good Questions.

do you see the DVDs around them?

that’s because it was at Vidiots – and was actually Postponed from an earlier date which we wrote about for Los Angeles, I’m Yours if you recall (if not, we’d like to be helpful and here’s the link)


that was a busy Friday after a very busy Book Launched Week.

we’re taking it slow today – mostly sleeping, making nutritious food (on the good Conran white plates with proper silverware) – reading helpful books – watching British movies (more on that tomorrow perhaps).


and more reading.

we’ve had a Rather busy life, in fact, not just a busy week.

and took a moment today to look back at 2009, when we started coming up with the tips from the central section of our modern book of hours – the stuff that might help You get through that part of the day where one is Working or perhaps – like who-we-are-in-RL on stage at some conference……(can’t quite recall our fellow Panelists but one was from Playboy and the other from Vogue): march3rd2009

YES! that’s what it looks like when who-we-are-in-RL is *thinking* about the future book which will come out in 5 years after this shot. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

oh look at the era of the iPod (bottom right) – you can date it to 2009 from that alone…

this is who-we-are-in-RL at one of the offices she had while working in Manhattan (there were about 4 over a period of 7 years you see).

this office is VERY SPECIAL.

in the 1960s it belonged to Carrie Donovan.


and we were pretty convinced she still inhabited the office when who-we-are-in-RL inherited it too.

funny how that happens.

when you need a guiding hand, the right person (dead or alive, in book form or some other ethereal-ness) often just Shows Up at Exactly the right moment.

well, that’s our experience anyway.

have a beautiful saturday wherever you are.

see you sunday.

back here?


16 thoughts on “beach pillows, daisies on the lawn, mr. colin farrell and ms. anjelica huston (not together but seen on the same day)

  1. I am quite behind in the tg world but I will just add that I liked the RL desk shot and the pot of tea in the background, having heard about how that made everything go easier in stressful times. Nothing like tea. And movies. And sleeping. And reading.

  2. Oh my dear, that Colin – that haircut – and it’s a MAGICAL white horse too!
    You had a very full day from the sounds of it. Well done.
    Trying fitfully to pack, meanwhile I’ve got farewell engagements and don’t know what I want to take with me to wear. What to take with me to read I’ve already got sorted out though, so there’s that.
    Leaving Tuesday, back mid March. Unless I meet some elderly gentleman with an enormous family fortune and no family to leave it to who wants me to stay and keep him entertained in his villa overlooking some lavender fields and perhaps a glimpse of the sea as well. La Mer! Bisous, G

  3. YUM! I love the Bright Idea tote bag. Must do some online searching for this.

    Also, I think it’s terrific you put a copy of your book on the “Must Read” table. I hope you left a few on there. :)

    AND! Seeing Angelica Huston?! That is très excellent.

    1. *looktocamera*

      it was So Ridiculously healthy that one could almost picture the menu by saying it was the sort of repast that one might enjoy (?) at a commune in the mid-70s somewhere deep in the english countryside where the horse is allowed to nuzzle through the open casement windows and various dogs slump happily in front of the Aga.


      that’s a true story.

    1. you would have enjoyed it slightly less in RL as it was a very busy day in santa monica and a tiny bit gloomy with the marine layer.

      somethings are much better enjoyed at a distance ;-)

  4. You most certainly will! See me back here, that is. I am going to tell you a funny story to distract from your feeling of being overwhelmed (in RL) even though some lady authoress I know would say something like, have a cup of tea, darling! And enjoy! And she has the most adorable bob, just like… Anyway! As you know the Kid is studying at a very fashion forward school in Antwerp. His first year project: design a skirt for a disabled entity (not necessarily anthropoid, probably, off-world) with more than the usual appendages (they didn’t specify which). I have sketches. Can a skirt look like it has multiple pontoons? Perhaps these appendages can be stowed in pockets and when unfurled… Well, the mind boggles. xox, V

    1. gosh.

      Angular in Antwerp?

      it’s really thrilling to think of how the Kid will change and grow and develop and make Things that matter and some that are just beautiful (or Structural, considering the locale).


      1. As long as they are baggy and have pockets I will be very happy!

        As to o-i-w-h I prescribe morning walks and many visits with Mr. 1904 before he hightails it for the lavender fields ;-)

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