darling noel.


a Night at the Wallis to see Brief Encounter with Mr. George Snyder!



with the deeply talented ensemble all the way from England (so dreamy to spend an hour ninety minutes or more surrounded by the voices from the country of our birth) called Kneehigh.

the Performance of Brief Encounter was exquisitely and delicately performed with baited breath of tired settled-for-lives-broken-out-for-a-moment-of-love and oh so terribly Heartbreaking.

the Production was gloriously innovative – back-screen Projection, breaking-the-4th-wall, almost a tiny bit Brechtian (if one can be so and god knows these Times probably do lend themselves to Mr. B. Brecht) in its pared down staging and then there was Physical theatre and movement and stagecraft and a lot of engendering of “gosh!” from the audience.

note to the english cast (we should say UK cast for there was a small Scottish vowel sound at one point which was rich and dangerous and rugged and most welcome) – yes, the Americans clap after everything clever.

it’s hard to get used to (or rather nice, in fact) – perhaps we should say – hard to go back to northern european audiences who wait until the end (to be polite).

americans though, will clap and show their appreciation Throughout the performance in an engaging and very Lovely way.

one of the reasons we’ve stayed.

people are so Friendly.

whether they are, or not, is really not the point.

they Appear so.

so it makes for a smoother life in L.A.

now where were we?

ah yes.

kudos to the fine director – a Lady Director – always chest-puffing up proud to see a woman at the helm (of anything).

let’s have a little Master Class about Noël Peirce Coward himself :

do you have a cup of tea and a throw on the chaise?


close your eyes and let these vowels caress your inner ear:

In other news:

c6d00d1296af11e38cbf12396517bfeb_8Some people have asked if we’ll be doing a Book Signing.

As you know, who-we-are-in-RL is rather shy.

so we’ve Persuaded her to do just a few book signings – mostly Private ones.

and last night she signed books (we prepped the pen and admired the chandelier in the main room overlooking the Hollywood Hills because #weadoreachandelier) at the Home of Mr. George Snyder, just before we left for the theatre.

it was lovely.

we felt emotional. it was delicious.

moving on swiftly.

especially because we poured tea not-so-long-ago while Mr. Snyder himself signed his own novels, for us, and, in a lovely occasion for a Friend visiting From Berlin (one must have such a friend in one’s group – it’s fitting)

do you remember this? we made a short film about the experience.

let’s leave you with another moment from darling Noel.

here’s the original trailer for Brief Encounter, the film, with a link to purchase should it not already be in your (extensive) cinematic home delights.

Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 8.10.34 AMoh, you’re welcome.

enjoy the rest of your Sunday and we’ll see you on the other side – Monday (not literally, the Other Side, not quite yet at least, we hope).

18 thoughts on “darling noel.

    1. oh! sadly who-we-are-in-RL had some (nice) consulting to do across Town so we missed it! so glad you were listening all the way over the other side of the World.

      1. It was actually a re-broadcast. The first broadcast was probably when I was asleep. But I set my timer to remind me to link in to the show at 4pm. Very exciting; almost like the days of the BBC World Service ;)

        1. oh gosh.

          and you Know how much we would like a show on the BBC World Service (circa 1931 – then we could have used a Crisp accent “Hello Empire, this is teamgloria reporting in from London.)


          and thank you ever so much for listening.


  1. everything so lovely and delicious.
    but I particularly loved this part (aside from book signing and lady directors and a great play):
    “people are so Friendly.
    whether they are, or not, is really not the point.
    they Appear so.”
    YES. europeans taking pride in being aloof (or downright rude) “but honest”. oh, Whiskey Tango Foxtrott, for crying out loud!

      1. yes; there’s a certain linguistic structure in it that helps you keep your countenance. non? and I adore a vast vocabulary. that’s where size matters! *silly cackle*

  2. small black dress and three rangs of pearls… how convenient and chic… :-)
    oh, it’s a sweater… and pearls are not real… well, nevermind darling it’s LA after all and Hollywood: the important is not what you are or even how you look, it’s the impression you give/make that matters ;-)

  3. Had to share that Peter Greenaway won an Outstanding Contribution at the BAFTA awards and according to the Guardian blog:
    “Helen Mirren wafts on to the stage like a breath of fresh air. She’s the perfect emollient at the end of a hectic event, a vision of elegance and refinement who strikes just the right. She thanks her late teacher, “Mrs Welding” who first introduced her to art and literature, and encourages everyone in the audience to applaud their favourite teachers too. She rounds off her speech by quoting from The Tempest – and she delivers the lines beautifully. “My little life is rounded with this Bafta,” she says.”
    I thought you’d like that!

    1. oh that is delicious!

      HM is a true Credit to Her School.

      (while Mr. Greenaway was the strange boy in the corner drawing in his national health specs in a racing green exercise book)

  4. Dearest G
    Oh. Brief Encounter.
    Never has a station buffet been so romantic…. except, wait… in Jacques Demy’s Les Parapluies de Cherbourg, with la Devine (Deneuve). Kneehigh did that too on the stage.
    Oh that ‘O’s were as round as when Noel spoke them today.
    In a world where we’re all a little poorer the one thing we could afford to make rich without spending a single penny is language.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

  5. Well between this Brief encounter trailer and Ms V’s Fred and Ginger clips over at Beguiling (and please DO go see the current post with a video featuring my friend Wesley, it is amazing), I am ONE happy girl this afternoon.
    You looked so lovely in your pearls. Wish I had been there.

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