putting on our radio voice.



it was delicious!

we were on the RADIO this morning.

switchboardcall sign: WBLQ

(which is in Rhode Island all the way across the Continent on the Other Coast)

and here’s the programme – it’s not yet tied up with tape and popped onto the interweb for re-broadcast (if you listened Live, we’re very grateful, thank you for doing so) but it looks like it will be soon….


we were lying back on the (many) pillows and cradling the princess phone to the ear of who-we-are-in-RL

of course, being on Talk Radio, reminded us (deeply) of Tim Curry (although our voice is not Quite in his deliciously deep register) in Times Square.

tumblr_mdvfafo5bi1rhzr0co1_500of course dear Karen Hager – the beautifully melodic voiced Host of the Radio Show – was much lighter in tone than Mr. Curry – but there is something about the Radio that encourages vulnerability and whimsy and a sense of place yet not and a healing vibe (it was entitled transformational talk radio so we stuck more to that storyline and only mentioned how much we ADORE chandeliers once).



THAT was so much fun.

we’d LOVE to do it again.

oh wait.

(come on, you knew that was coming)

we will be joining Diane Ray on February 17th…..

quelle vie!

now that was ALL about us.

we do apologize.

how’s your wednesday so far?

sunny? cold? is there a long-running British television marathon on later with a late supper of scrambled eggs on a Terence Conran white plate in front of the fire?

if not – consider it – sounds nice, right?




22 thoughts on “putting on our radio voice.

  1. Oh my goodness. Well, of course I am teary-eyed after listening to that truly excellent interview. You are amazing and beautiful and of course, Glorious. I am so proud to have been a part of this community since…Hurricane Sandy, so…2012. But in listening to WHYAinRalphLauren speak I “got it” more than I ever have. And will eagerly await my pre-ordered copy to wing it’s way to France. As I have said before, you will be helping people all over the world and there is not much more that one can hope to achieve than that in a life, no? Bravo and keep spreading the bright light of hope.
    Bisous from Provence,

  2. NOW, that is what I call an interview. Isn’t radio wonderful? A real interview, not just a 2 minute soundbite on the small screen. Yay. And seriously moved to tears that you mentioned Gallivanta. Sigh, tear drops; it was glorious.

    1. we were SO shocked we were the only guest.

      you’re right – it was like an evening-with-sort-of-an-occasion

      so glad you liked the *wave* to you in NZ.

      _tg xxx

      1. Dear Gloria, Well darling I made a huge steaming pot of tea and put the wireless show on, settled in a comfy big chair and spent an hour with you and Karen Hager. What a delicious treat!

        I so enjoyed the show and hearing Who You Are In Real Life tell about the book, about you, about everything that has made the two of you so special to me. Who You Are In etc. and I have so much in common in how we approach life. I have “Pajama Days” all the time. (since I was a very little boy in fact) They are so restorative. I find something in everyday that makes me say to myself “What a gift my life is. Aren’t I lucky to be me?” No matter what happens in the day there is the realization that I am having a ball here on Earth. And I appreciate the odd turns in life that lead to unexpected things, like coming here and meeting you. So I am so very much looking forward to my copy of my “Book of Hours” and using it as a handbook of inspiration. Also, I too find my characters through some kind of muse or whisperers. It is less writing than dictation. I just listen and tell their stories as they tell me. You know what? I never know where they are going so that makes it fun for me and often very surprising.

        So Gloria, just wanted to tell you that you have enriched my life and I know that the book will be a personal treasure to me.

        Much love and loads of “Pajama Games”, and “Pillow Talk” but “Please Don’t Eat The Daises!” as you ride though this amazing life in your “Glass Bottom Boat.”

        1. darling mr. laniersmith

          you are a DELIGHT for sitting down to listen to us on the wireless transistor set!


          and lots of Doris Movies back to you.

          _tg xxxx

          1. Parking is so bad in San Francisco, you know what we say if we get a parking spot in front of the place we are going to? “Doris Day Parking!” because in the movies she always parks right in front of where ever she is going.

  3. I have often wondered what it would be like to do a radio show – I think it’s much more entertaining and interesting than television. I fear the time difference means I won’t be able to hear you live, but I’ll certainly enjoy listening to you!

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