quiet moments while waiting.


such a lovely 24 hours.

and even more precious because we are Waiting (sort of patiently) for Responses to Requested Ideas and so we *thought_hard* about new things to write about and carefully typed them up with references and everything and “hooks” (if you’re not familiar and not everyone Is with this term it means Timely which is Everything in journalism circles) and sent them out Into the World.

and now we wait. for a little while. because we are aware that we are Very fast when it comes to Ideas and the careful-typing-bit and so not Everyone (or even Anyone) expected our emails so soon.

plenty to do in the meantime – – – – –

fear not.



we got up before Dawn this morning and drove East to see friends for breakfast and take a walk and enjoy the mellow sunshine (being not too naughty to gloat when there are snowstorms – brrrrr – in Many other places around the globe right now)20140121_190735

and last night we snuck down using the goods elevator to admire the pool at The Beverly Hills Hotel because our dear friend Barry (who had escaped the snowstorm on That Coast) was in Town with his niece Miss. S and he had invited yours truly as well as Mr. Chris and Mr. Victor and we had the MOST delicious time in, you guessed it, The Polo Lounge (note to non-existent sub-editor: chk: Polo reference? no horses or small mints with holes in them that we could see at all).

now we couldn’t take Photographs (it would be deeply frowned on by the hangers on surrounding their Talent charges which, we are happy to tell you, included a man-with-black-fingernails, a Movie Mogul and Miss. P. Anderson last night – all True) but we can tell you that the lobby is a symphony of beige (the good stuff, not a lack-of-imagination) softly intertwined with the Most flattering lighting for anyone over the age of 12.

and there you have it.



the slightly decadent life in L.A – as shown here by a stag (that is a stag, right?) atop of a Rather ornate surround that reminded one of a faded Estate in Tuscany that has been abandoned by the son and heir because he wanted to go and make pop videos for MTV in the 80s and is now lived in by the aged aunt who reads Dante and weeps into her tisane.

in other news:

we Tidied up a lot and threw away three bags (some of “trash” as the Americans call it – the others to be recycled into something New by the paper mill people, not us, and a bag of books to leave downstairs by the washing machines for another resident to Enjoy) not that we had any clutter to begin but it’s amazing how Invigorating cleaning and tidying can be while one is Waiting. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

who-we-are-in-RL has a Very important call on Monday morning with someone Abroad so we decided to re-frame some of our work so we can have an extra nice background to the call (yup, it’s a video call, which usually she can’t cope with but the backdrop is such a Nice talking point that All Will Be Well). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

there’s also lots of magazines to read and take close-up pictures of for our friends on Instagram. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


even as the light fades slowly and rather beautifully like a Vermeer (or do you see another sort of light going on? it does feel Nordic actually, non?)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

oh good!

this week’s column just came out. 
Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 12.42.33 PMso lots to do.

but what do we do a Lot while we Wait?

drink a lot of coffee.


a193b61a82f111e3ab4012f602fa8bc2_8thank goodness for sweet baristas who amuse us with the pictures-in-foam.

small mercies, darlings, small mercies.



9 thoughts on “quiet moments while waiting.

    1. but excellent if one Knows one has a Response at some point and there are cafes to linger in and Consulting Calls to be partaken of.

      so different to our 20s in London.

      before the interweb, los angeles sunshine and cafes.

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