sundown on sunset boulevard, lights up on the #JackRyan marquee at the cinerama dome


SUCH a glorious sunset last night – thanks to the Duke who invited us over for Parisian tea and an elegant conversation on the rooftop at El Royale.

d i v i ne.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwe talked and smiled and thought a Lot about what-has-happened-this-past-year as the twilight descended over the sunset strip….

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAbecoming pink and fluffy just above Mt. Olympus (yup, in L.A they have a Mt. Olympus, taking the dying-days-of-ancient-civilisations-and-their-gods to a new height of Irony)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAsoftly falling over the penthouse Terrace in quite the most lovely way.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAbefore falling into the now-lit-up-helicopter-pads atop of the skyscrapers in what the young people (and marketers with amusing reading glasses) call #dtla.


and it was all So lovely that as we drove down Sunset we thought “oh! we really Must see the opening weekend of THAT” as we passed the Cinerama Dome.



let’s see.

what did we Think about the Movie?

(or Film, if you’re a european visiting here and welcome – that black polo-neck-jumper really suits you – what’s that? cashmere mix? s m a r t choice of textile).

where were we?


ok. here goes: Mr. C. Pine was using the movie to audition for Ms. Broccoli, Mr. K. Costner was clearly hoping that he can take a Directional Change and become either the ironic-and-yet-still-appealing slightly grizzled male lead in the next Ms. N. Meyers blockbuster or Perhaps the next Ensemble piece from Mr. B. Willis and his team (and btw, as the young people say, if you see Mr. Costner and his sleeves are rolled up – RUN! fast. something global in the world of terrorism is happening). Weirdly Henry V was in it and yet he was Russian and something-big-and-bad-in-global-Finance and he was also Directing Elizabeth from Pride & Prejudice.


you will be.

but it was a terrorism-with-a-twist in that the terrorists all worked inside large corporations and had very elegant suppers and used a lot of biometrics eye scans which are frankly useless if you can just bribe someone to look away from their Monitor at the Reception desk at the Right Moment.


then you’ll love it.

sweeping views of Moscow to the surprised murmurs of cineastes near us “it looks like Paris, Marge, doesn’t it?”

they’re certainly glorious.

but what seemed to make the rows and rows of men with great haircuts who clearly work out and use moisturizing products and perhaps own a condo in Chelsea go Very Quiet at one point was Mr. Chris Pine on a Ducati Diavel Carbon (of course we know our motorbikes – who-we-are-in-RL has worked in emerging technology for 17 years – we listened, occasionally.)


because we’re sure none of them actually ride a motorbike.

perhaps they have a very large collection of coffee table books featuring Italian engineering.


so after the Film we always like to pop next door to browse the aisles and people-watch at Amoeba: mostly for the people-watching, especially at the witching hour – fascinating. 


this was one of the Collages by the Exit. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAthis was also by the flyers-looking-for-new-drummers-to-form-a-band.

isn’t it amazing?

it’s a COMMERCIAL product from 1959 which was included in a magazine from advertiser Remington (for the Roll-a-Matic shaver)!


that’s the sort of thing that we are sure Mr. Jack Ryan (the character – we’re being Post-Modern) would have in his vinyl collection (because all the hip people have Those) and it would certainly be a welcome audio pleasure to a sunset over the Strip.


LAArtShowour Review of this weekend’s closing days of the LA Art Show went live

AND somebody very lovely wrote a Terribly Kind piece in New Zealand…..

it’s still oh-8-hundred-hours over here in los angeles and we still have an ENTIRE sunday to go – during which there will be tea and conversations and quite possibly roses on the Other Side of Town.


quelle #laviecashmere

8 thoughts on “sundown on sunset boulevard, lights up on the #JackRyan marquee at the cinerama dome

  1. Your movie review had me chuckling away, particularly the bit about Kevin Costner in rolled up shirtsleeves. I remember the time when the length of his hair used to be a good indication of the quality of the movie. Short was encouraging (No Way Out, Bull Durham). The longer it got, the worse the cinematic experience: viz Waterworld.

    1. oh god, that’s a good one – we’d forgotten about Mr. K. Costner’s barnet fair (hair).


      thank you for taking time to write.


      _tg xx

  2. I think someone is being terribly kind, not only to me, (thank you :) ), but to Jack Ryan, too. And I am not sure how safe it would be to shave to the songs of Rosemary Clooney, aunt of dear George, who sometimes prefers the unshaved look. *tg* would you mind checking the link to the LA article? It is not working for me :(

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